Daily Horoscope March 6, 2018


Love – You are full on charm and Aries are eager to start conversations and get openly more affectionate and effusive to those you find attractive, but you have to be patient as even if you sow the seeds, it may be a while until the object of your desire responds. They may be testing you to see if you can keep up that charm.

Career – A time to open up channels of communication, even in cases where relationships in business hit the wall or where there are deep divisions, take the initiative and try and get some new oil on those troubled waters.

Health – Aries are entering a phase where you eat more as you feel in a good and carefree mood; so make plans to get to the gym or do extra walking to compensate.


Love – Be careful of going so out of your way to impress a potential date or new lover that you forget what your priorities in love are. If your only priority is not to be alone, then you will probably find someone who fulfils you on a level that is skin deep and rather superficial.

Career – Taurus are rather extravagant and acquisitive, you are motivated by the ability money has to buy you fine things from fine wine to nice clothes or cars and so you stay motivated at work by keeping in mind what you desire to buy.

Health – If you are a lady choosing clothes make sure your decollate is showing and add some gold tinted power to add sparkle as the decollate is a very sexy area for you right now and can get you some attention. For Taurean men use your voice or even your ability to sing to impress a new date and get the love vibes going. Taurus need love and affection today and so do what you can to up the reading on sexiness scale.


Love – A time of flirting and flexing your sexual appeal; Gemini want to revel in what you have in terms of that ability to charm and enchant, you may not be looking for love, you may just be polishing up your tools.

Career – If anything in connection with a work party or social networking event was put on hold, you will now get it going again but even bigger and better. When Gemini bounce back you bounce back big and more colourful and more vibrant and you make a bigger splash than before.

Health – You avoid conflict at all costs even if you have to play dumb to side step an awkward accusation.


Love – You need to give yourself a shake up, right now you are underestimating what you bring to the table in terms of love and relationships – ask yourself where this doubt is coming from? Who is making you feel not good enough? Who is not appreciating what you do and who you are? Stop this cycle and redefine in your mind what you think about yourself.

Career – Nothing satisfies like achieving something that was a hard fight – Cancerians need to take the less easy option right now as if you tackle the low hanging fruit you just cannot get the same level of satisfaction.

Health – Cancerians tend to feed the emotions today and you may reach for chocolate, hot chocolate and sugary foods; it is hard for you to satisfy many needs and food is often the fastest, most immediate way to get a pick me up, but make sure you use that pick me up constructively.


Love – An excellent day for Leo in relationships with Gemini, Aries and Sagittarius as the fun flows and sex and romance are supa dupa; but there can be stubbornness and jealous tension with Taurus and Scorpio.

Career – Leo are known for their love of the lime light and yet there is no one who can support and encourage others like a Leo and right now as you have a strong positive self-image that makes it natural enjoyable for your to cheerlead colleagues or even competitors without jealousy.

Health – You may have a long day on your feet and so a good foot soak or a bath in dead sea mineral salts, Epsom salts or Himalayan salts is wonderful for circulation and relief.


Love – Virgo are not ideally placed to look for love as you are not happy enough with yourself that you can be 100% you, you feel the need to play a game or put up a mask and that will not get you where you want and need to be in love.

Career – A terrific day for PR and yet you have to watch out for getting into a tangle where you get drawn into impossible promises when you know that there can be no 100% winners and everyone will have to make a compromise in some respect.

Health – Virgo are one of the most authentic signs and you never stick with anything or anyone if it no longer feels right and so ask yourself what does not feel right at the moment and get rid of that.






Love – You have a choice now whether you want peace and calm in love or whether you want change, if you chose peace then you may have to put up and shut up for longer than you can bare.

Career – Libran determination to gain acceptance and to improve your reputation in life is strong and you will go all out to rebrand yourself and demonstrate a powerful new attitude.

Health – You need to be more open to input from others, other people have more to offer you now than you think and you need to be more receptive stop pushing people who want to help away.


Love – Scorpio may pass up on love opportunities in favour of spending more time at work or dealing with pressing issues, remember what they say about all work and no play Scorpio.

Career – This is a great time for Scorpio in art and design and also any element of fashion

Health – Time to click out of survival mode and start thinking about what you are doing and whether you are really satisfying inner needs and desires and so ill health right now is more about dissatisfaction with life rather than bodily problems.


Love – You will seek more regarding your interactions with other people, and you want those interactions to be on a deep level rather than mingling at parties for social butterflies.

Career – Feeling armed with integrity and with truth and justice on your side, no fight is too big, and you revel in causing blushes, bruised egos, and embarrassment or even downfall to those in power who abuse that power.

Health – Daydreaming becomes a vital part of life and escapism into your fantasy world where nothing has to make sense and where everything flows along at a happy pace is essential for relaxation and your general well-being.


Love – This is a good day for flirting and starting new relationships especially at informal work events ie. dinner parties, cocktail parties, etc. Business done alongside pleasure is highly effective.

Career – Reading reviews and doing your own internet searches on any investment scheme or product is important. Arm yourself with information, you will enjoy this as you are inspired by hunting for gems and nuggets of truth in a sea of misinformation.

Health – Capricorn is the Atlas of family life – you tend to be the one to carry the bulk of the responsibility or worry right now and that can be exhausting and so get more sleep and eat well without artificially boosting energy with coffee and sugar.


Love – The problem in new and older relationships is that there may be conflicts between your respective sets of friends – where dates for social events clash, and arguments ensue.

Career – Aquarians unhappy with their job or looking for work should redo your CV/resume and do a concerted blitz on employers. You do need a clear strategy of applying, following up, and preparing thoroughly for interviews. This is a great time to make a positive first impression.

Health – At times, you can act compulsively; it is almost as if something bubbles up from the subconscious and takes over you for a period compelling you to either say or do something.


Love – Love has a cost, a financial one and it is time for Pisces to weigh up the cost of a dating app, money spent at bars or clubs or money spent keeping up with a partner who has more than you – you may be splaching out more that a person or date seeking app is worth to you.

Career – Financially, you will need to do some careful juggling to make sure that all your bills are covered. You may have less money than you would like to spend on promotion, advertising, or enhancing your business – it’s all boring essential spends.

Health – Creative work is a great way to express yourself emotionally – writing poetry, music or painting can be the ideal way to get things off your chest in a manner that is very personal and private.