What can ARIES expect from Jan-March 2014



Arians are being cajoled and persuaded to do things this period – not that it is all bad for you or against your will, but you will need some outside encouragement.  Arians are doers, but only when they can see results quickly, they need an added push as the year gets going to put some more effort into those things which do not provide instant gratification or fast progress.  It is a busy time family-wise and your home will be a hive of activity perhaps it is a big family birthday or wedding which you are having a big role in.  This is a very positive time for Arians who are moving home or renovating their home; although there may be some battles with the builders to hurry things on.

Relationships with older family members are especially important and you are feeling a new bond with both the older generations in your family and a deeper connection with your family heritage.  Arians may research family trees or connect more frequently with more distant relatives.  There is a philosophical outlook based on a strong sense of rediscovering who you are and where you came from.



Single Arians are very sociable and may even meet a new love interest via a friend.  New relationships will progress quickly with the other person making most of the moves. Your new romance may not go down as well with your family who may be concerned about differences in either culture, religion, age or social class.  Marriages will need patience, Arians can only take so much bossing about until they explode and so both sides will have to be more compromising.  Family events and senior family members will help give you an outlet for any tensions within the marriage.  Your partner may have to adjust to the huge impetus you are having for change and new beginnings – it may take him/her time to come around to moving house or moving to where you can get a better job etc – be persuasive and patient, be sure you take their feelings on board.



A great quarter to make a positive impression on those in authority.  Arians will tend to get on well with their boss and so what a better time to put your best foot forward.  Arians in the artistic fields have a great chance at recognition or a rise in status.  It is not so much an artistic time, but a very productive time where you have the increased ability to harness creativity and produce results.  Towards the end of January there will be glimpses of exciting opportunities which will develop later this year.

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PISCES – How is 2014 going so far??




The frustration for Pisces this quarter is that you will not bear the direct benefit from the surge of activity and energy you are experiencing.  Your efforts will be directed towards the organisation or business administration of a third party.  For Pisces who work in stockbroking or finance this can be a very fruitful time for speculation and investment: hunches and personal knowledge can give you an edge.  In both cases the warning is to not take undue risks with property and investments which are not yours.

Concerned with inequalities and injustice you may find yourself in the role of advisor or champion of the underdog in some way.  This is a chance to use your relatively more superior social status, education or knowledge of the law to help some person or group achieve a fair result or a chance at improving their plight.  Emotional involvement may be cathartic on a level for you, but you must retain some detachment so that you do not become overwhelmed by the whole project.

On a personal level be careful that strong emotions which arise from deep seated or subconscious resentments do not lead to neurotic and erratic behaviour which could undermine work and social relationships.



This is a time when many Pisceans may make a firm commitment and so bended knee and marriage proposals should not come as a surprise.  In marriages, compromise is vital and there may be a need for a re-declaration of commitment after a betrayal of trust which may not be an affair, but rather a breakdown in mutual respect and drifting apart.  No relationship just flows like a steam, every now and again there must be a bend or a swirling weir which in addressing you rediscover element of the union which may have been neglected of misunderstood.

Single Pisceans may be surprised to learn that a platonic friends has carried a candle for them for many a year – give it a try, why not?



Work will tend to be behind the scenes and even though reward per se may not be forthcoming the goal is bigger than any one individual and that is where the satisfaction comes from.  Principles of justice, truth and the pursuit of constructive values is central to the work ethic.  You will be motivated to work hard as you are keen to make a good impression. Any criticism may be taken unduly hard and you must try and have a thick skin and rise above it if you are treated or spoken to unfairly as the focus is more on the goal than the individual, it is not personal.  In general relations with co-workers should be amicable and there will be a positive spirit of cooperation – or should I say mutual suffering at the coal face.  Your colleagues will give you moral support and some good advice.

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