Daily Horoscope March 5, 2018


Love – In love you can make a very distinct first impression and so if you are single, be aware that you are being noticed today more than you may be aware of for some time, but you are making waves.

Career – Ready to chat and eager to communicate, today is often more about discussion, errands and exploring concepts than making solid progress – you need to feel the lay of to land.

Health – You should limit the amount of salt you are putting on food, Aries love salt, so why not switch to pink Himalayan salt which is filled with essential minerals including iodine which can boost health.


Love – Taurus do not want to be tied down to anything said in the past, you reserve the right to change your mind and you want to maintain some flexibility. You may seem unreliable, but you are just in a mood where you must adapt and re-adjust to your own internal environment.

Career – You may have to deal with duplicitous co workers and so watch what they say and what they do and see if the two are the same as they may not be.

Health – Taurus are vulnerable to upper chest infections right now and these are often contracted in group situations and so avoid crowds and use anti-bacterial hand wash when using public transport.


Love – Gemini may not take everything you say that seriously and you may throw out comments and make promises that you do not intend to be taken seriously, but which may be. Be careful what you say.

Career – You are very good at holding back and not playing all your cards at once, you are patient enough to keep something in reserve and this gives you the element of surprise.

Health – Avoid all sweet foods including natural ones like honey, orange juice and molasses and eat more foods like asparagus, spinach, onion, cucumber, beets and cauliflower.


Love – In new relationships you have to be patient as it may take your partner a while to learn to read those subtle communications and the body language you use often as second nature.

Career – This is a very imaginative time and whether you work in finance or science you are able to generate worthwhile, novel and practical ideas to solve both technical and inter personal problems.

Health – Eat small meals and eat more often with a light dinner – avoid cocktails or hard liquor. It is best not to have alcohol at all. Drink sparkling water.


Love – You are happy to chat and yet you are not that good at listening, you can get carried away thinking your partner is just as into your interests as you are. Slow down and read the signs your partner is giving off that they have had enough.

Career – You are very curious right now and Leo tend to get drawn in by sudden events and information which can take over your life as you chat to others and engage about what suddenly seems vital and all consuming.

Health – Leo are highly realistic about your fears and this means that you can come to terms with those anxieties that often undermine your life in some way. Whatever holds you back is under attack with you seeing clearly wherever you dissipate energy.


Love – In love, what matters most is physical contact and affection, it is all about affection and the time you spend in intimate contact, rather than words and abstract promises.

Career – Virgo are very pro active and hands on right now and you get frustrated when others don’t see the logic and jump on board with your initiatives.

Health – You resist pressure and will not be put on the spot; you buy yourself time and release pressure buy cleverly using words and your superior grasp of the facts.


Love – You tend to make people around your nervous and your sex life and intimate communication may suffer as you are distracted and fidgety and cannot just relax and focus on what is a hand. Be more present in love if you want satisfaction.

Career – Today is a restless one for Libra who are attracted by anything new and bored with anything routine – you may neglect finalising one project properly as you are so keen and eager to grab a new opportunity.

Health – Avoid caffeine as you are rather jumpy and nervous as it is. While you enjoy bouncing ideas off others today, too many cooks spoil the broth and too much input is downright confusing and stressful.


Love – It is very important to watch what you say to whom, if it doubt keep it to yourself as keeping secrets is vital right now and you also need to be sure that certain sensitive or private information about your love life does not get out into the open.

Career – While you are eager to share your perspectives spontaneously, Scorpio make a better impression when you robustly think through what you want to say and make sure it is free of contradictions.

Health – Lack of iron may be a problem and this can lead to anaemia and low blood pressure and so eat more lean beef, lamb, eggs, oysters, beetroot, apples, grapes and lettuce.


Love – You may become very curious about a person and will perhaps check them out on facebook or twitter as you want to know more. You research people well before you start to date them, you like to be armed with information and so know more about them than they know about you.

Career – In speeches and important communications get more animated, use your hands, use grand gestures, be very visual in the way you talk to make you point and get attention.

Health – Sagittarians must be careful of friends, especially new one who are not what they appear to be and who may be just telling what you want to hear. Watch out for the energy you invest in those people who are just ships that pass in the night.


Love – A day when you tend to feel a winner whatever happens in love – you are pioneering and will take a chance by making an approach. You bounce back fast from any rejections or brushoffs.

Career – A day to have many things on the go, do not plan to just focus on one thing as you will be pulled into meetings left right and centre or get sent by your boss on new assignments unconnected to what you were doing.

Health – Tension can build today and you may lose your cool and throw out some ill thought trough comments, don’t be crass as something said in haste can take much energy to correct.


Love – In relationships your general approach is to take a step back and look at it calmly from an intellectual perspective rather than getting into a heated debate.

Career – Aquarians are often quick to offer advice, however, that might be in a high handed manner which disregards all circumstances and it not practical.

Health – Aquarians may not have a definite plan worked out but you have faith that things will turn out sunny side up. You like to aim high because even if you don’t get there you at least get some where.


Love – You cannot take anything on a surface level, you have this need to ask questions and yet if those question are just random will you get anywhere, know what you are trying to find out.

Career – You have very strong persuasive powers and you will be listened to and so you better be ready for that responsibility.

Health – You have to avoid overeating and drinking that extra glass of wine tonight; the key to health right now is a well balanced diet that is no so extreme measures or over doing it.

Daily Horoscope February 9, 2018


Love – You are inclined to speak direct from the heart and your communications with your partner (new or old) are much more effective as you have this inclination to blurt out just the right thing.

Career – While brainstorming is great you really need to take the first practical step no matter how small to get major missions going.

Health – Increase your Vitamin K intake with carrots, cabbage and other greens or eating good bacteria in yogurt, this vitamin may be your missing ingredient in bone, hair and nail health.


Love – You are highly conversational and yet not that keen to listen and so you start conversations or ask questions only to walk off mid way through.

Career – A last minute dot com kinda day when you can never quite say something is done, as just as you try and finish something, an new little piece of the puzzle crops up.

Health – If you are dieting or exercising more you may well need to supplement your B vitamin intake or nutrients like potassium and manganese.


Love – Gemini are rather idealistic in love and long for a feeling of specialness stemming from an intimate connection – reality can disappoint and the best romance right now can be found in a steamy novel rather than in your bedroom.

Career – A great day for debating and dealing with people as your reaction time is fast and you can take on new information and decide quickly what to do and how to use it immediately to get ahead.

Health – Have you ever heard of Vitamin P, it is especially important for Gemini, and can be found in tea, onions, cranberries and lingonberries. It is excellent for liver cleansing.


Love – Your ego tends to get in the way when you start discussions and so this is not a good time to talk about anything you are invested in in terms of your pride.

Career – A greater emotional awareness helps you respond to situations and people with a greater degree of confidence in your ability to read signs – meaning you can go just a little further than the surface facts would suggest possible.

Health – Gentle movement and exercises where movements are smooth and slow rather than fast and jerky are more beneficial and so chose swimming over weights or aerobics.


Love – Be careful not to give your partner the wrong impression just because you are sloppy about revealing details – if there is anything you feel needs clarification then make sure you are as crystal clear and do not leave anything to your partner’s imagination.

Career – A day where negotiations and discussions with other are stressful and energy sapping – you may be dealing with people who just do not know what they want and who keep changing the goal posts.

Health – Avoid Caffeine and try one of the teas which promote relaxation ie chamomile flowers, oatstraw, valerian, and passionflower teas. Stress may make you reach for wine and coffee, but you are better off with a soothing herbal tea.


Love – There is a great desire to trust right now – it is almost as if you need to trust rather than to be cynical because it makes you feel good about who you are. While this is a good thing, keep an ear open to others who try and ring a warning bell.

Career – A time when you need to have your head screwed on and to harness the creative energies of others encouraging them to be more structured about applying their skills. You have to balance encouragement with some stick (rather than carrot) or those you work with many not have enough focus.

Health – Are you getting enough Vitamin E – if you are on a fat free diet you may not be and so ensure you take a supplement as Vitamin E is vital for Virgo especially.


Love – Some careful planning is needed if you want to experience romance – love is last on the list right now and you have to be quite creative to find a window where you are both in the right frame of mind for affection.

Career – You may receive very important information from your boss or from a mentor and it is vital that you use it well as knowledge is power and you have the power right now.

Health – While you need to get away from it all physically this weekend; mentally you need to stay plugged in to what is going on at the office and so you may not be able to switch off even if you are technically ‘away’.


Love – An excellent night for a movie, theatre or music event – Scorpio are eager to have their right brain stimulated with images and aesthetics and so the more creatively you explore or engage you are the more sexy your feel.

Career – Those who criticise you will feel your wrath as you will strongly rebut any dissenting comments; you are not going to let anything fly and you will have the last word.

Health – If you are not eating dairy you need to increase your intake of nuts and legumes as Vitamin B and Vitamin E are essential right now.


Love – While you can be blunt, you cannot accept bluntness back and so Sagittarians should not throw stones while you are in a glass house frame of mind.

Career – Working hard and playing hard, Sagittarians have been running about all day and you are not finished yet, you are ready for a highly social night out.

Health – Increase your use of turmeric in your food and make sure you use it with some black pepper and olive oil to increase your body’s ability to tackle aches and pains.


Love – You are ready to trust the judgement of your partner, you are open to hearing a firm argument well put and can put your ego aside to change your mind.

Career – An excellent time to put together lessons, seminars and any lecture or presentation designed to educate and disseminate skills and tricks of the trade.

Health – Reduce sugar, sugar substitutes and also limit you intake of grapes and oranges – you are bets of with berries, root veg and lamb. The Nordic Diet could suit you very well right now.


Love – Not the best night for first dates unless you already know the other person rather well. You can be very nervous with strangers right now and so not a good time for cold dating.

Career – What you say can have a big impact right now and so chose your words carefully and use today to put ideas forward especially if these ideas are likely to be challenged. Even difficult subjects can be addressed right now and headway can be made.

Health – You need to increase your intake of Vitamin A – try foods like carrots, tomatoes, pumpkin and oranges but add these to meaty stews rather than to smoothies as you need to mix them with fats for more absorbency.


Love – A time when struggle and very difficult and demanding relationships are spiritually rewarding and the hardship actually gives your purpose in life definition.

Career – This is time to follow you heart and trust your instincts, however doing this may not lead to easy choices, but it will lead to correct longer terms ones though.

Health – Think about supplementing with zinc – the earth, as in the soil, is more and more zinc depleted in many areas and so to make the most your any vitamin C you may be taking to warm off seasonal colds and flu, take zinc.