Daily Horoscope May 4, 2018


Love – Aries can be more critical and exacting when it comes to what you expect in terms of dating and so potential partners really have to push the boat out to impress you.

Career – Loan extensions, other borrowings and also accepting investment from a silent partner or relative should be undertaken with caution or delayed.

Health – Aries have immense determination and energy, and so if you want to start a diet or a demanding training regime, this is the time however you may have great difficulty deciding how to go about things and what your goals should be.


Love – Taurus must deal with and quash interference from others, and that can be parents in law, your parents or other would be advice givers or do gooders.

Career – Taurus will embrace new policies regarding promotion, trade, publicity, PR and you can be quite ruthless in cutting ties with any organisation or company who you feel no longer works well in your scheme of things.

Health – Events which have created anxiety, tension, or mental disorders are the ones which come to the fore right now and can be resolved in the coming year and so pay attention closely to feelings that well up now.


Love – Life changes us all, survival needs adaptability, but how much of our true nature gets side-lined to play the role of tough guy, perfect partner, dedicated worker, socially acceptable neighbour? Are you losing sight of who you are and what you need to make you happy.

Career – If people we like and enjoy being with say things, we tend to believe them, even if we have not done our own research or checked the facts – today challenges you to get out of the echo chambers, cross the floor and see what the opposing side have to say and if there is any merit there.

Health – You are encouraged to confront this fear of rejection and realise that the world a great big place of people whom you can make friends with, who do want you to be yourself.


Love – Let your partner know where you are at emotionally right now; that can be even more important in new relationships where the other person may be putting on more pressure for deeper involvement just at a time when you feel confused and like you need some breathing space.

Career – In leadership, do not be obsessed with doing it all your way, bring more people on board to the decision-making process and revel on bouncing ideas about and taking their ideas and moulding them to something useful. You can engender more support this way and so embrace and do not resent input.

Health – Approving of yourself, accepting your own uniqueness and revelling in whatever happiness and success you have created is vital. Learn to look within for acceptance and approval.


Love – Love can be quite involuntary; you may not have control over your feelings which tend to keep drawing you in, even though logically the relationship may not make much sense.

Career – This could be an important time of year for stocking up, and you may need to anticipate trends and demand, and this is where again, you have to look carefully at your budgets and projections and make sure that you have done your calculations right.

Health – This is a good weekend to improve family relationships and extend olive branches to those members of your family you have had a beef with.


Love – Virgo who perpetually have interesting but superficial connections/conversations with others may find life dull and even depressing. If you have lost the ability to talk to your partner about the matters closest to your heart, then something vital has gone out of your life.

Career – Virgo like to be in control, and you monitor events closely with a watchful eye, ready to step in and give the vessel a steer when you detect an iceberg; this month, you are encouraged to have more faith in life and in the benevolence of the universe and allow yourself to loosen that white-knuckle grip you have on life’s steering wheel.

Health – This is the perfect time to deal with deep-seated and long-term problems, especially with forces (internal or external) which have in the past seemed omnipotent.


Love – You have to watch out for contamination in relationships, and that means taking out problems you have with one person on another. Is your anger for your partner about him/her or about your mother or your boss?

Career – While you are restless right now, the harder you push, the more opposition you seem to arouse, and so it is best to go softly softly and retreat briefly when you can see you are arousing some strong feelings. Lose a battle here and there, but keep your eye on winning the war.

Health – You need clarity on medical issues now, and you must not talk to armchair experts who may be alarmist and not especially helpful.


Love – You take great care to think about the domino effect of your actions, and you are mindful of long-term repercussions of an anger or ill thought out rants.

Career – Indecisiveness can make you put things off; you will tend to wait for emotions to line up behind a decision before you are willing to commit.

Health – Massage can be very helpful in breaking up knots in muscles which impair movement. Foods needs to be rich in vitamin B6 and 12 and omega three oils.


Love – You have to watch out that you do not become caught up in the various entanglements of your friends as these are like quicksand which quickly envelopes you and sucks you down and may impact on your own life negatively.

Career – You can achieve great success in any public role, in interviews or in stressful situations by envisioning many outcomes and developing positive responses to each.

Health – A positive attitude is catchy and so if you are the first one to get into this positive frame of mind you can spread it like a virus; a virus that has only good effects and which boomerangs back to you with interest.


Love – You are taking control of your love life as you are in a very decisive mood, and you make choices for better or worse and stick with them rather than dilly dally and drag out a problem.

Career – A terrific time for new inventions or innovations, even seemingly impossible plans can begin to take shape, powered by your unshakeable vision in them.

Health – Are you really sick or are you being poisoned – ask if your health symptoms are directly linked to additives and bad food choices rather than a virus or a bug.


Love – If you have been in a legal wrangling with an ex, this is a time when that can draw to a close successfully for you.

Career – You are more attracted to unusual ideas and are scientifically quite curious, and so if your work or hobbies involve science and technology, you are going to be very distracted as you delve through all the ins and outs.

Health – Regaining focus, nailing yourself down to some specific mental and physical tasks and cracking on with them is vital – this is also a time to be more scientific about fitness and diet and use charts and scales to monitor BMI, cholesterol, blood pressure, blood sugar etc more regularly.


Love – The level of give and take is improved in love, and relationships are generally relaxed and cooperative; you may both be too tired after a long week to tackle contentious issues and this is a good thing as at times it does pay to shove difficulties out the way so that you can enjoy the weekend.

Career – Your mind will drift to goals, especially those connected to educational achievements that you never quite completed or followed through with; this is time to review your skills and education and look for short and longer term courses to advance your knowledge or update it.

Health – Pisces must focus on restrictions both self-imposed and imagined. You are encouraged to re-examine that inner Debbie Downer; the voice that says, “You can’t,” “You aren’t good enough,” or “stay where you are!”

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