Daily Horoscope April 17, 2018


Love – Aries have the capacity to become very self-sufficient emotionally right now, and you can gain a deeper awareness of what truly motivates you apart from the relationship you are in.

Career – Uranus conjunct your sun at new moon means you need to embrace change even the disruptive change that comes your way right now can help you kick start a new phase and become more expressive and rediscover you individualism.

Health – Aries are hot headed and impulsive and you enjoy courting danger right now – you need to tackle taboos and almost push the envelope to discover new sides of you.


Love – In love this is a period where Taurus have a deep appreciation of how your life fits together, what parts are missing, and what parts really don’t fit and can be done away with – this enables you to cleanse your world of the people or attitudes that damage your ability to form better relationships and maintain positive communication in love.

Career – Something you initiated a while back may now come to fruition just when you are not quite ready for it or have forgotten about it and it can be quite a shock which leaves you wondering whether to act on it or just leave it in the past.

Health – It is hard to get enough quality sleep right now as dreams and images that come to you in either the sleep or partial sleep phase can release emotions that are confusing and also unsettling.


Love – Love life is filled with surprises right now and casual flings are possible; you should just enjoy things for what they are and have a laugh as this is a time for experimentation in love rather than commitment.

Career – This is a time of great motivation for Gemini, suddenly your dreams seem in reach and not only do you want to step up the pressure on yourself you also want to re-motivate those about you and let them see what is possible.

Health – Health is improving daily right now, your mental attitude is not only positive but also pro active which means you can tackle issues and get to the root of understanding health problems.


Love – Career decisions may mean difficult conversations in relationships however a new career direction could also mean love opportunities for single Cancerians.

Career – Sudden changes are coming which could alter your life course in the next few weeks and even months; there are many opportunities and yet those opportunities mean disruption o you current lifestyle and so will you be brave enough to take them.

Health – Cancerians are rather nervy right now, possibly because so much is happening and you are caught in a world wind – remember to have some quite time alone to centre yourself and try and focus on the inner voice which will guide you.


Love – Leo in all states of marriage engagement or single, prefer being independent right now. You want to be an individualist to such an extent that you refuse to cooperate with others, making relationships tricky. A great time to be single, footloose and fancy free.

Career – If you have a clear and set idea of what you want and you have been pursuing it already, then Uranus conjunct your ruler at new moon can provide a boost as you progress at a faster rate than before.

Health – While Leo tend to feel a boost of vitality and a refreshed aliveness, your efforts often lack consistency. While you will get things done in sudden bursts of confidence where you see the goal in focus, that focus can suddenly disappear lave you lost in md air.


Love – You cannot count on the support of your nearest and dearest and this can make you question the whole relationship and yet it may be only this issue on which there is disagreement and so do not overstate it in your heart or head.

Career – Uranus brings some confusion and also ambiguities or unexpected communications in connection with funds that you do not have direct control over ie insurance, tax, grants, alimony and benefits.

Health – Virgo may feel rather insecure right now and this should make you question whether your security was built on shifting sands and should have been built on something more concrete.


Love – A time of love affairs and flings. This is also a time to know the wold side of yourself better and that is why you can attract rather off the wall people as you need to access that rebel inside.

Career – While new business partnerships and new opportunities to work with others seem highly exciting and very promising they may not last as long as you are expecting and so the idea is to get the most out of them in the shortest time before it all falls apart.

Health – People will tend to lay things on you last minute and so make sure you have time to spare and are not overstretched as sudden events linked to people you know will demand your attention and you need to be ready.


Love – Scorpio are giving off a stressed vibe and you can be very intense to be with and so if your partner backs off it is not a rejection just a sign that you are full on and need to relax.

Career – Do not expect to keep to a routine. Scorpio should not run their work lives as if others are playing by the rules, they are not and so you need to account for that.

Health – It is vital to take Vitamin B complex especially Vitamin B12 and also magnesium right now. You are burning up energy and need B12 to help you body release maximum energy from food.


Love – Casual love affairs that have grown predictable may be abandoned now for more unusual even if unwise romances or romantic connections.

Career – Sudden new information especially from a technological point of view can take your work either creative or managerial in a totally unexpended direction and so do not be set in your ways.

Health – You can be careless with health right now as you feel invisible and have a very short term view ie more more more, excitement now please.


Love – A key to success in love right now is to separate the consequential from the inconsequential, emotionally and practically, so that you can concentrate only on what is significant to the exclusion of the emotional and psychological noise.

Career – The modes, methods and people you usually rely on can let you down and so you need to be flexible and regard any disappointments or let downs as a terrific way to dump something or some person ie a supplier and move on.

Health – The pace of life is fast and you cannot linger on any decision and so keep moving and keep moving forward even if you have to make some decisions that cause you guilt or regret it may be unavoidable.


Love – You are great fun to be with right now and yet for people who want reliability and consistency you may not ring their bells and so seek to be with free spirits who want to echo your need for adventure.

Career – The Sun conjunct your ruler Uranus bring great energy and power to Aquarius especially at new moon meaning this can be a breakthrough period where you see yourself and your goals with greater clarity than before.

Health – An opportune time for Water bearers to initiate steps to free yourselves from any lacklustre courses of action and redirect your aims toward what truly appeals to you.


Love – Time to throw out the rule book, in some ways you have become too rigid and judgmental and it is not serving you well in love.

Career – Opportunities may not be as wonderful as they first seem, but they are still worth considering or pursuing even if cautiously.

Health – Being more healthy need not be about eating boring food, just adding salmon, blueberries, Brussel sprouts, nuts and coconut oil to your diet could have a big positive impact.

Daily Horoscope April 16, 2018


Love – Do not be scared to speak to your partner about making changes, small changes are the key and so break down the bigger problems into small changes that have the potential to grow into something more substantial.

Career – With Mercury going direct and the moon waxing you are ready to put your foot on the accelerator and start really putting the team back into your projects. Aries can feel the momentum building and you are positive and energised mentally.

Health – You have to know how to use the position you are in to maximum advantage; don’t worry about where you should be or where you want to be, use where you are and make the best of it.


Love – Do not make promises now as even if you make them in good faith you may well not want to keep them down the line when you wake up to certain things.

Career – Time to review your information, the important information on which you are basing both personal and professional decisions and throw some of it out and add some new items that can take you in a whole new direction.

Health – Do not ignore gut feel as there are things going on behind the scenes that you cannot know, but you may sense it and so you have to be alert to very subtle signals.


Love – Know who your real friends are and do not be inured into confiding or oversharing with friends who are new on the scene.

Career – You only have disappointments right now if your expectations were ill conceived and so it is time to refocus the lens and chose a slightly different target, that is more realistic and more helpful to longer term goals.

Health – Gemini are very much aware of the weak links in your chain – this could be you own weaknesses, especially reliance on social approval and social acceptance. Be your own person and you will get more long term respect. Leadership often means being disagreed with.


Love – Do not be scared of being blunt as when you make things perfectly clear, that’s when the mist lifts shining light on confusion and clearing the air in relationships.

Career – An excellent time to put out a new PR plan and start reengaging with the public in different ways and on different platforms.

Health – Know who has your back and nurture your connections with others, but only others with a proven track record. You want to put your faith in people, but chose wisely.


Love – You should avoid workplace romance, even if it is tempting – too much familiarity or flirting in the workplace can arouse both suspicions and jealousy in others and can make cooperation even harder.

Career – If you are getting academic work ready or preparing a report for work, this is a time to clarify all facts, data, and sources and make sure that everything checks out and is verified.

Health – Negative thinking is so dangerous right now and so even if you cannot be positive you must not slip into negativity, check yourself and get busy or get distracted before destructive thoughts snowball.


Love – Often important conversations go in roundabouts as neither of you want to say what needs to be said; it is the elephant in the room syndrome and will Virgo be the one to point out that elephant, I think so!

Career – With Mercury direct now, the complexities and also the contradictions in financial dealings and money-related arrangements begin to come into focus, and suddenly they are not that confusing, and you can iron things out and bring about some closure.

Health – Sexually you need to be a little careful – do not allow any sexual games or sexual activities undermine your confidence or your position in a relationship.


Love – Communication is always a vital part of Libran relationships and yet recently communication has been marred by lack of understanding and clarity, but that can be put right now.

Career – Time to give someone a second chance, Libra need to review recent events and take a more charitable view of certain people’s role in them.

Health – People contact can be a double edged sword and right now too much socialising can be detrimental to your overall health in terms of creating confusion and upheaval in your life.


Love – This is a great time for a new page regarding presenting a new you to the dating world and so whether it is a new style, a new set of venues or a new dating site, it is out with the old and time to tackle your love life with a brave and fresh new set of ideas.

Career – Scorpio had felt rather in the doldrums with work, not in a bad way as you are happy with what you have achieved, but you have been waiting for a major new direction to kick in and that will start from today.

Health – Hectic days and competing priorities have lead Scorpio to fall off the wagon in terms of positive well being routines and from today you can click back into good habits and chuck out those recently acquired bad habits in terms of late nights and bad food.


Love – Decision making in terms of your love life is favoured – suddenly you can see so clearly what is working and what is not and you can make some changes or even cut some recently developed tied with confidence.

Career – A better time for applying for funding approaches; Sagittarians who are using crowd funding, Patreon or Steemit can begin to see results suddenly coming in after a time of uncertainty. Those who trade crypto or who play markets are about to have a more lucrative phase.

Health – You need more sleep and yet you feel you need more entertainment and you may stay up late watching films or getting hooked on series.


Love – With Mercury going direct, you will experience greater clarity and confidence and can be decisive about family decisions, do not be scared to take the lead as your input can help nail the argument.

Career – Capricorn will find that issues connected to your work direction and creative focus begin to resolve themselves and turn out to have been only temporary hitches, not fundamental problems.

Health – This period is ideal for addressing issues that are deeply buried or far in the past rather than in the more recent past, issues connected with the family or parents are especially relevant.


Love – The biggest problem right now in love is thinking that you have no where else to go either sexually or emotionally – this is a time where you need to get deeper and have more productive conversations.

Career – It’s not over until it’s over and so do not shift into coast mode; keep focused until the final moment of any project – place that cherry on top just as carefully as you make the cake.

Health – Remember that your thoughts have power: regret breeds sorrow and reinforced helplessness, likewise self pity further drains self confidence.


Love – Distractions of no value at all are causing you to loe a connection to your partner – communication is often the first thing to go and so arrest tha downturn now and save problems in the future.

Career – Mercury direct in your 2nd encourages you to be more money wise remember when on social media that influencers and beauty gurus are giving you a sponsored sales pitch with slick edited images and videos designed to get your buying stuff you have no need for.

Health – Reinvent your flask and save money by drinking your own healthy teas or organic coffees rather than massively priced coffee shop or café take away beverages with environmentally damaging containers.

Daily Horoscope April 15, 2018


Love – Aries are very responsive to emotional impulses and these can overpower reasoning and logic, meaning you act now and then wonder what you were doing meaning some backtracking in relationships.

Career – The new moon brings a boost to Aries who have a chance to turn a page – they say you never have a second chance to make a first impression and yet right now that is not true.

Health – While Aries must be somewhat coy about revealing all you emotions, it is important to act on your impulses and believe in yourself. Be brave and enjoy new experiences.


Love – You may have delayed reactions right now – something said or implied may not click until much later and you may wish you had reacted immediately, but perhaps it was better you did not.

Career – There is great fulfilment right now through service beyond your immediate needs or gains, so being empathetic and aware of other’s needs had an immediate karmic effect.

Health – Affection and physical touch are vital to the health of Taureans and so if you have had a guard up, time to let that down and engage affectionately and physically with family and also friends or your partner.


Love – Gemini are very impressionable which can lead to a state of flux in your emotional life which impacts on relationships making Gemini seem unreliable or unfathomable

Career – You need to detach your priorities from those of the people around you as networks and fellow professionals can distract you with their input rather than helping you.

Health – You can emotionally fulfil yourself via interactions with others and so both strangers who can become friends today and excising friends enhance your life.


Love – It is all about your personality and expressing yourself authentically, Cancer thrive in relationships where you partner fosters the growth of your personality rather than alignment with theirs.

Career – Your instincts in terms of what your clients or customers want right now are excellent and you are very responsive to any changes in vibe or mood and can capitalise on that.

Health – In order to keep positive and maintain momentum in your life it is vital that you have a little mid term audit in terms of goals for your career and you future – drifting along now leads to complacency and even energy loss.


Love – The grass does look greener elsewhere and Leo can throw away a friendship or a new relationship if the earth is not moving even if the fundamentals are still good.

Career – You are highly curious right now and are insatiable for answers and yet often you are too quick to talk about or tweet about what you find of interest without really asking if it has value.

Health – Leo have a craving for the bigger and the better and it is hard to satisfy yourself which means you could go overboard on food or drink if you are not fulfilled elsewhere.


Love – Knowing what others want and what their deeper motivations are is vital to the way you approach relationships – you cannot benefit from giving people what they do not want.

Career – With new moon in your 8th house it is a perfect time to start a financial plan, savings plan, take out a loan or consolidate debts.

Health – In some cases sexual dissatisfaction or an urgent need to seek greater sexual satisfaction or to challenge yourself sexually, may be a symptom of emotional insecurity.


Love – If you are just out of a relationship you could be tempted to rush right back into one and yet it would be better for you to be alone for a period and to confront the fear of being alone head on.

Career – The new moon in your 7th brings any negotiations and diplomacy efforts to fever pitch. It is a great time to begin new business partnerships or to re-define existing ones.

Health – You depend a lot on others for emotional support right now and yet you do not really want to acknowledge that, but if you are open to receiving that support and welcoming in advice you can thrive.


Love – Love may be last on the list as Scorpio’s attention turns to getting organised and feeling on control – control tends to overide social enjoyment or romance.

Career – A day to tidy up loose ends, make lists and look at the week ahead’s schedule to make sure you fit in all the make or break details that affect your work or your business.

Health – Although this is a great time for new diets and fitness initiatives with new moon in your 6th, you have to be super critical of the route you chose and have a very definite strategy for any weight-loss or get fit program to work.


Love – While this is a great time for romance, Sagittarians may put acceptance and fitting in too high on the priority list , meaning that you attract someone who is not a good fit for your true personality.

Career – The more confident you are the more bold you can be with creative and management decisions and you can make some trailblazing decisions.

Health – If you are insecure you can flit from thing to thing like a bee bouncing from flower to flower with a build up of frustration and so take a step back and decide what will be both fulfilling an worthwhile before you just head off on a wild goose chase.


Love – A perfect time to make long-range plans for your family’s future, from planning your home alterations, holidays, landmark family events or starting a family.

Career – Support your teams and get behind your colleagues both those above you and below you even if you feel they are not key players – treat everyone the same as you never know where they are going to be one day.

Health – Obsession and firm focus can be a healthy thing if it keeps you emotionally stimulated, but it may be a sign that you searching for a feeling of purpose which perhaps should be worked on from the inside out, not the outside in!


Love – Habit and reflex reactions are a problem in love and today you may make decisions solelybecause something “feels right” or because you’ve always done it a certain way and you are uncomfortable changing it.

Career – The new moon in your 3rd encourages you to beef up your communications by embracing new modes and methods and by making your message more current and more adaptable to changes in your immediate business environment.

Health – Keep busy and keep moving – remember that physical movement aids mental performance and s beat writer’s block with a good run or even cycle.


Love – A good time for turning a whole new financial leaf with your partner. In some cases Pisces should be careful of getting together with a person who is reckless with cash and debt as it may be catchy.

Career – A time to work on your collections or replenish stock – Pisces may pour over catalogues or trade magazines to make important purchases for your business and also for investment purposes.

Health – They say the tighter you hold onto something the harder it is to keep hold of it and so remember that.

Daily Horoscope April 14, 2018


Love – This may not be the best day for relationships and you are very headstrong and you desire to please yourself and act on whims rather than engage in discussions about what is mutually of interest.

Career – You are anything but indifferent today in fact you jump at opportunities, you jump forward to express opinions and you revel in any competitive situation.

Health – The worst thing you can do today is sit about and so get busy and chose yourself some physically intensive activities to get stuck into and work up a sweat.


Love – There may be some things you are not yet able to talk about to your partner, but you cannot just let these things fester in your head and so you must talk to someone either in person or anonymously to find make some sense of the emotions boiling or simmering.

Career – You are hanging back on some projects gathering information and doing the research and yet often you need to get your feet wet and start making some mistake out there where the action is to really learn.

Health – Meditation and yoga can be very helpful to Taureans and you have a great deal of unexpressed energy which can possibly only be released via deep relaxation and proper breathing.


Love – You tend to do things impulsively and then later think that you may have been a little selfish and then the guilt sets in.

Career – You may feel like you want to take control but as oon as you get assertive you worry that you may have overstretched yourself – you need to take small steps, rather than jumps, away from the comfort zone.

Health – Gemini may suffer worse from PMT or hormonal issues right now as you are very sensitive and your body is more reactive to natural rhythms and also to drugs.


Love – A favourable impression you make on a boss or superior could be connected to your charm and also a certain sexual element and so make sure you keep that sexual side of things in check.

Career – Venus brings success in any group endeavour or with your public relations efforts – you find it easy to be diplomatic even with people who are difficult and demanding.

Health – You have a sweet tooth right now and so avoid temptation; if you remove things like sugar or cookies from sight there is an out of sight out of mind effect.



Love – You need to please yourself and Leo thrive in open or very loosely defined relationships right now where you do not have to answer for yourself or explain your actions. Your motivations confuse even you today and so how can a partner understand.

Career – You often come across differently to what you intend as you inadvertently project supressed aggression and so deal with your emotions before you get into any situation where you have to keep your cool.

Health – Leo are restless today and you need to keep moving and keep busy with a variety of different projects as if you are tied into one long winded activity even if it is fitness orientated you can get very bored.


Love – Be open to people who come across as weird as their personalities can actually help you to develop some of that Virgo eccentricity that could liberate your creativity.

Career – Follow your heart and your instincts; listen to the inner voice and stop explaining away that inner yearning you have which is telling you what your logic sees as vital is quite superfluous.

Health – Virgo are positive about goals today and you can make progress in terms of improving fitness or trying a few new healthy recipes which can become staples and go to meals even if you are busy.


Love – Love does not always go to plan and yet often Libra expect it to; you have to be more willing to take the good with the bad.

Career – Use this weekend to rebuild a website or rework your CV – this is a good time to strip something right down and then rebuild or rewrite it bigger and better.

Health – Libra are very stirred up today, events both at home and in the wider world are grabbing your attention, not always in a good way, and so you need to know when enough in enough and you have to close the door or switch of the phone or TV.


Love – Don’t let matters drift, Scorpio often play it cool but that can place the future in peril if emotions are not dealt with as they arise.

Career – Your public relations and communications have to be short and sharp and so when thinking ahead to the next week focus on making your message full of impact and ready to compete in an attention deficit world.

Health – Scorpio, there is a difference between having well-being goals and wishful thinking. Goals should be realistic, measurable, have a time frame, and are sustainable. Don’t just hope for the best, pick small health goals and move towards them consistently.


Love – Stand by your man/woman Sagittarians; you need to show some backbone and some enthusiasm rather than just lipservice.

Career – Time to think more seriously about options and draw up some pros and cons, I know that such list making is more up Librans and Virgos street, but right now it could focus your mind.

Health – Sagittarians can benefit from bone broth and so whether you make your own broth or buy it in supplement form it could be the missing link.


Love – Love is all about action and so do not be passive in love – be affectionate, say I LOVE you, do practical things to help your partner and be willing to tackle issues honestly with no wimping out.

Career – No time like the present and so take advantage of Mars’ energy and use it wisely to kick start projects and imbue your creative initiatives and management with fire.

Health – This month is ideal for renewing an interest you had in a sport which you have let slip and so use today to dust off the tennis shoes or golf clubs.


Love – Your Aquarian need for change and ever more stimulating contact with people is in conflict with your need to sure up current relationships to make them more secure – so the theme of dull and predictable can work for you emotionally if not intellectually.

Career – Right now you do not have to be in the lead, as long as you are in the game you can catch up and so hang in there.

Health – Time to draw on that inner need to compete and go one up and yet you must use it for the better rather than for pointless dares and challenges which show how brave you are.


Love – Fairness means a great deal to you and Pisces are angered at any sneaky behaviour, underhand or seemingly devious actions – you will call out and question these.

Career – Even if you are working behind the scenes you are motivating others and injecting a supportive energy that can boost moral and keep momentum gong both mentally and physically.

Health – The most commonly omitted muscles the body are those that make up your pelvic floor. They are oft forgotten, yet so important to keep them in mind during exercises.

Daily Horoscope April 13, 2018


Love – Sacrificing and compromising are strangely therapeutic in romantic situations, giving really is better than receiving but it is not about gifts of material things, it is about emotional gifts.

Career – Mars sextile Neptune means that indirect and subtle actions achieve impressive results. Even though Aries are used to getting your way through independent efforts, you may realize the effectiveness of consensus based action.

Health – Activities like swimming and rhythmic dance are most beneficial, avoid high impact sports or fitness.


Love – Taurus are sharing more openly with others thanks to Neptune’s sextile to your ruler and you make friends, platonic and sexual, easily now since you are less judgmental about people and less particular in your choices.

Career – A great time to kick back and enjoy the finer things in life forgetting work and immersing yourself in what you most enjoy – forget the news and anything that stresses you out and get into wine, women, movies or comedy to thrust yourself into the weekend headlong.

Health – It is vital for your to be open to the arts and aesthetic influences as either as a spectator or a performer, this can lift your spirits, especially if you feel a sense of dis-ease or anger in any way.


Love – In new relationships Gemini need to watch out for over sharing, you do not want to come across as needy and you also do not want to look like you have may issues.

Career – Gemini may find it hard to switch off from work, you are either highly engaged in what you are doing, which is great, or perhaps you are feeling that there is more to know and understand and you cannot afford to have a break and let it go over the weekend.

Health – Over work and mental strain is an issue and so you really do need more sleep, less coffee and more fresh food free of sugar. Avoid rich creamy sauces and chocolate puddings and opt for melons, berries and pear.


Love – Cancer are in the mood for entertaining this weekend and you may be looking to welcome in the spring with a big get together of friends and family – emotionally you are up and you want to spread that positivity.

Career – There is a sense of relief right now; a ‘phew’ or a big sigh as you feel that you have achieved or overcome something and are looking forward to some smooth sailing.

Health – Eating healthy but having fun eating is key and so healthy brown breads or oat cakes with dips like humus, guacamole, egg salad or fish pate is excellent.


Love – Relationships right now are supportive and offer an anchor but not much excitement and so you will need to perhaps gain that spark from friends or from your family.

Career – Leo are caught between a rock and a hard place, you have this energy and you are filled with ideas and yet issues from the past keeping holding you in check unable to just explode onto the scene with the new wave.

Health – Leo are struggling with energy levels right now – your sleep patterns are mixed up and you are not eating regular meals. Regular meals may be the first place for you to get your life back into gear.


Love – Neptune’s happy little sextile with Venus brings some romance into your love life and even if things have been hard going lately, some humour and relaxation with a good bottle of wine is on the cards.

Career – This is a very good time for mediation and so you may be cast as go between in terms of you work or personal matters with colleagues.

Health – If you are on a detox or alcohol free period, you should avoid social events where there is alcohol as most of the places or people who want to hang out with you right now are going to be drinking and that could be a problem.


Love – Libra know what you need in a relationship, which makes it all the more likely you may meet someone who fulfils your dreams. Current relationships should benefit from a greater attunement to what makes each of you happy.

Career – An excellent time to decide on new designs for business cards, logos, websites or interior furnishings as your eye for colour and form is enhanced and you have the ability to pot what works and what will pop with your target audience.

Health – Libra must make room for fantasy and escapism, you are in need of diversions, a worm hole into another world of arts, music and moods which can help you to rebalance your life and increase inner harmony.


Love – There is the possibility of greater depth to your appreciation of the most urgent matters that are facing you and your partner and there is the positivity to deal with them.

Career – You really get the most out of yourself when you throw yourself into an activity head on – if you are engaged with something, go for it and do not hold back.

Health – Little meals more often are better than large meals and you should also take time after a meal to digest it before you start rushing about or dancing or talking intensely.


Love – There are opportunities to meet someone tonight and yet you need to be looking in the right place and that right place is in the future – yes, chose a new partner who represents a positive place that you need an want to be in your future.

Career – While you feel that success is just within your grasp, the last stage requires effort to reap the full benefits, you must keep up the gusto until the last minute.

Health – Circumstances right now will to give you the opportunity to create significant openings for change stemming from things than seem small, but which you realise are significant.


Love – You need to know what you are taking responsibility for and where you need to say hey, “Do not lay this one on me!” Do not be a fall guy for all the relationship woes.

Career – Be careful in press relations and also communications with people within your business world – be cautious about what you say and reveal about your difficulties or even future plans.

Health – Family gossip and unfair criticism can really get you down and you have to know how to shut yourself off from the unhelpful ‘noise’ that comes from certain family members.


Love – Aquarians want excitement in love and yet you are not quite sure how to power things up and so put your mind to it and think up some exciting ideas to get the romantic rev counter into the red.

Career – With Uranus hovering in the last degrees of Aries, Aquarians may feel like they are waiting for the next show to drop, you just need things to fall into place before you will know what your next move should be.

Health – You are being totally thoughtless about fitness and diet, in some ways you are just muddling along hoping for the best and you need to get more proactive about health.


Love – With Neptune happily at the midpoint of a mars venus trine Pisces are going to be attracting your fair share of fun and romantic attention and so get on your party outfit and dancing shoes and ring up all your Libran, Taurean and Aquarian pals.

Career – A highly creative time and excellent for all performing art – you are able to project in a particularly pleasing and effective way that is entertaining and attention grabbing and so assume centre stage with confidence.

Health – Pisces should embrace the day and enjoy the moment as you forget regrets and realise that sometimes troubles happen for good, and dreams are not fulfilled for the better.

Daily Horoscope April 12, 2018


Love – If you make a stand when it comes to red lines in relationships and you can pave the way for better understaing later on, but if you fail to set the tone now, you will regret it in 3 months’ time.

Career – A very energetic time when Arians can take advantage of a Mars burst of energy which enables you to get a great deal done, although you tend to start things and quit for something more interesting half way through.

Health – Good intentions and good beginnings mean that plenty of calories get burned but specific targets may not be reached.


Love – Everything is better with two today and so even if you are single seek out a pal to hang out with after work and if you are married time to get a table reserved at a nice quiet restaurant with a good ambiance.

Career – There is a strong desire to create today and that energy can be used to be artistically creative or just in terms of creative new environments, new methods and setting in motion new collaborations.

Health – A great day for health as you feel more at ease within and yet you are more likely to want to relax and luxuriate than do something physical.


Love – You are rather independent right now and are likely to wish to pursue your own interests away from the relationship – a time when you need to press the boundaries and resist in control in love that may be encroaching.

Career – You are highly conscious of your objectives right now and that means that you can work with great productivity and you can also motivate others as you lead by example.

Health – Gemini are vigorous and you have high energy which is great not only for your fitness goals but because you can energise any sports team you are part of and ensure success.


Love – A favourable impression you make on a boss or superior could be connected to your charm and also a certain sexual element and so make sure you keep that sexual side of things in check.

Career – Venus brings success in any group endeavour or with your public relations efforts – you find it easy to be diplomatic even with people who are difficult and demanding.

Health – You have a sweet tooth right now and so avoid temptation; if you remove things like sugar or cookies from sight there is an out of sight out of mind effect.


Love – Leo are in the mood for love and you are also in the mood for sex – you are itching to go dancing or do some physical activity that arouses you and gets you feeling sexy. You can be highly flirtatious and spontaneous affairs are possible.

Career – You are more willing to compromise today and so you will be less inclined to fight for what you want and yet if you go too easy on the competition today you may regret it later.

Health – Although a Mars trine to your Sun brings energy, the Venus square with your Sun inclines you to put that energy into having fun or pursuing things that make you feel happy and relaxed.


Love – Love, intimacy and affection all get a boost especially if your partner is an earth sign; but you may find that after the initial advances you just fall into bed and have a good kip rather than a major bonk.

Career – This is an excellent time for both working alone or in a team; you are very easy going and are able to apply your skills in many different spheres with ease – you can switch between roles seamlessly. An excellent day to pass a test or assessment.

Health – If you have been struggling with motivation, today should see a positive surge where you begin to believe that greater and better things are possible for your health and also for your lifestyle and work life balance in general.


Love – Single Libra are impatient to get into relationships and so may choose the first guy/gal that comes along rather than waiting and testing the waters.

Career – If you have colleagues or even clients whom you have to organise, it can be challenging, and you will have to give them tight deadlines and targets. Keep communicating and ram home the agenda.

Health – Eat like a peasant – no, not too little but focus on root vegetables, slow cooked meals and stews rather than modern meals like pasta and sauces or spicey exotic dishes.


Love – Today is about restoring intimacy on the deepest levels via quality sexual and intellectual stimulation. This, however, cannot be rushed; you need to make the time and turn down all the distractions.

Career – You can get the most out of today by doing things you really enjoy and being with people you really want to be with, rather than socialising or networking with people you don’t like just for some perceived advantage

Health – Being constrained by the speed or attitudes of others will feel frustrating, and yet being part of the group can help your own motivation and keep your energy high.


Love – You are very sensitive right now, and certain criticism may feed into your self-doubts and insecurity – you must repel any feedback that is negative or unhelpful and take on board anything that can take the relationship foreward.

Career – Crunch the numbers and pay attention to any rebates, allowances or government subsidies you may qualify for on a personal or professional basis – you could be missing out if you do not stay abreast of what is available.

Health – A time for new routines and for finding ways to fit everything in while allowing time for harmonious and quite meal times as well as at least 10 minutes a day for physical activity where you get your heart rate up.


Love – This is a highly idealistic time for relationships of all types and a time that can be richly rewarding or very disappointing. It will be disappointing if you allow your expectations to become unrealistic as getting carried away is a part of this phase. It can be rewarding if you can relax, let your hair down, go with the flow and have a no strings attached, wild abandon style of love.

Career – Creatively you tend to gel with people and yet when it comes to dealing with suppliers or caterers it can be a massive headache and so if you are holding events make sure the people who can make or break the event in terms of the logistics and supply are prepped and ready to perform.

Health – One in four people are very sensitive to everyday household products – you may be one and so tail back on fragrance rich cleaners.


Love – It may be a case of having to put your pride in your pocket when it comes to an individual dispute you have within your family for the greater good of the family as a whole.

Career – This is a good day to deal with real estate sales and transfers, investment in real estate or investment in geological research. Take note of environmental law and regulations and make sure you comply if looking into new development.

Health – You may feel a little irritable and ill at ease and that can make you you quite snappy, but you will be quick to apologize. You may need to let off steam by doing something like boxing or shouting at a sports team just to get that inner frustration out.


Love – Pisces’ desire nature is stimulated by Mars and yet you will have to compromise to get what you want and after all the compromise you may be more ready for sleep than sex.

Career – They say you have to spend money to make money and yet you have to really know if what you are spending on will have the desired results and so do not shell out impulsively hoping for the bets Pisces.

Health – Aromatherapy can have terrific effects and so if you need lavender for calming or basil and ginger to pep you up do not underestimate the power of smell.