Daily Horoscope April 24, 2018


Love – Aries are very specific right now and you can be rather pedantic and fussy which makes it tough for you to perform well on first dates as you come over as tense and anxious.

Career – Mercury square Saturn means you have to be cautious and also somewhat conservative of circumspect in communications – do not push people’s buttons willingly.

Health – This is not a good time to push yourself in terms of long hours of mental work, reading or looking at a screen – your eyes are subject to strain and you need to take break every 20 minutes where you stretch and go outside in the sun.


Love – Taurus are stubborn right now an you battle to let things go – words said or fallout from any arguments can linger in your head going around and around and causing you to build up a head of negative steam.

Career – Financially things can be slow – clients are slower to pay and fewer orders come in, which means your cash flow is limited and you have to curtain investment of spending.

Health – Family members can frustrate you and bring you down with their anxieties and fears which they insist of projecting on you – often without accepting advice in return.


Love – It is hard to find intimate time; there are so many demands on Gemini right now and there is not much you can delegate, your 100% attention is demanded and that leave less energy for love and affection.

Career – This is a time of self doubt and so as long as you have a good technique or craft to fall back on you will be fine; but if your plans are built on sand they may fall like a pack of cards.

Health – Resistance exercise is very beneficial right now and even if you are not very mobile you can still do resistance exercise with hands, arms and feet – this can get the blood pumping and improve strength.


Love – This period brings out the commitment phoebe side of you and you can run from situations where a person is clingy or demanding.

Career – This is not the best day to set about a journey – you may experience delays and frustrations and even if you do travel to trip may prove unproductive.

Health – Could paranoia or suspicions be draining your energy and positivity – take a long hard look at how rational you are being and adjust your sense of fear to fit the facts not wild imagination.


Love – Friends can be quite demanding and you may find your partner is perhaps envious of the time you are spending with a friend, but you may not be having fun as such, you are father performing a service to that friend.

Career – Your approach to money issues right now is both sensible and cautious, but not incurious, you are very interested in money issues, but you may do more research that jumping in the deep end.

Health – Yes you can find the time and money for a new sporting activities, do not waste money elsewhere and they say you cannot afford a sports club gym.


Love – Remember that your wounds are your wisdom – all experiences should be learned from and if you do not learn from them that was pain wasted

Career – Sticking to principles can cost you in terms of your career and yet in the long term you will garner more respect for having standards and not going with the crowd.

Health – One simple addition to a salad can change your life – if you think that is crazy, consider celery, a SuperFood rich in vitamin K, and packed with folate, vitamin A, potassium, vitamin C and a source of fibre.


Love – Libra have to make an effort not to lecture right now; you can get caught up in a tornado of expressing opinions in quite a forceful and dominating way.

Career – Libra are stuck trawling through details and this can feel like you are missing out on bigger and better things and yet detail is more pivotal than you think right now and cannot be ignored.

Health – Longer term and endurance fitness goals are very successful right now and this is a good time to commit to a gruelling regime that needs mental and physical stamina.


Love – In new dating situations it will help Scorpio to set some clear boundaries especially when it comes to sex – doing what makes you uncomfortable may help in the short term, but sows sees of destruction in the longer and medium term.

Career – You need to review money strategies – you cannot save or reduce debt effectively if you do not have goals and clear targets rather than vague ideas and a hit and miss attitude.

Health – Scorpio often suffer from digestive issues as they invariably experience negative emotions as a stomach issue – eating in a calm environment and eating more freshly cooked (as opposed to preserved with vinegar) beetroots.

Love – Relationships need effort right now – you have to keep the ideas, the advice and the support coming and you cannot get away with a passive nod and a detached, thoughtless reply.

Career – This can be a great day for the sure-things and also for the long shots. Your long shots may not come off completely, but they can still yield promising results.

Health – You are never too old or indeed too young to swap to a more healthy lifestyle and so do not think you are ‘passed it’ or that you are invisible as you are still young.


Love – There is so much energy now that if you do not find an outlet from DIY to family fitness goals, you may end up fighting each other and bickering over nothing.

Career – Remember that by nurturing the ideas of others in your sphere and encouraging their hopes, you inject energy into what you value, and in turn, you can draw on that energy and the value (materially or intellectually) it creates.

Health – Sports and physical outlets are vital as Mars sextile Jupiter your ruler, brings you a boost of energy, you are a high power sports car itching to get out on the open road so that your engine can roar.


Love – Your ability to adapt and quickly recognise the subtle signs that means someone is interested yields opportunity; love is all about grabbing those little chances that can slip away if you are shy or reticent.

Career – Any unpaid, voluntary or pro bono work experience that helps you get noticed or builds credit with a prospective employer is highly likely and should be accepted.

Health – A great time to attend talks that encourage spiritual growth and empowerment, especially where you get to interact with others and share stories and also chat philosophy.


Love – The challenge now is knowing what beliefs of yours or your partner are not helpful and finding ways to face up to them or get your partner to face up to them.

Career – Promotional activities and advertising expenditure should be put on hold for a few months as you redefine your target markets, your niches and start identifying marketing trends in your industry. What worked before is no longer working, and you need new strategies and approaches.

Health – Colourful eating is healthy eating and so make sure your fruit and vegetable shop has oranges, purples, green, reds, yellow and whites as this is a quick and easy way to ensure you get a good spread of nutrients and vitamins.

Daily Horoscope April 23, 2018


Love – Aries have a hard time finding satisfaction – you want the earth to move every time and when it doesn’t you feel aggrieved. Aries can be victims of idealism which may be making you miss something great under your nose.

Career – Make sure that other do not play on your eagerness to help or your desire to be seen as a person of high integrity. Speak with your actions Aries, talk is cheap.

Health – Aries can be so focused on lofty ambitions and ivory tower thinking that they miss what is essential – focus more on what you have and cherish that rather than chasing dreams all the time.


Love – A very productive day for important financial decisions for you and your partner – not only house finances but also money for weddings, engagement parties and anniversaries can be set aside.

Career – A good day to apply for a loan for a major purchase to fund your business or increase productivity. This is also a good time for buying stock at trade fairs or exhibitions.

Health – Taurus can draw on an inner spring of positivity and calm that can keep you buoyant despite the prevailing circumstances. Your enthusiasm is harder to dent and you are emotionally resilient.


Love – Your need for love and affection today is coming into conflict with a independence and rather flippant attitude from your partner who is not taking you seriously – Gemini are not in the mood for joking, you want some quality relationship give and take. Your patience will be tested as your partner acts quit selfishly.

Career – Be careful of people who promise great results for their services at a high price – indeed you get what you pay for, but today you may be encouraged to pay for something that will not live up to its billing.

Health – Gemini are craving some attention today and a big hug; if you do not get that you could start looking at the deli or cake shop for it – find something that lasts more than a moment on your lips to give you a buzz today.


Love – Cancer are in a very loving and giving mood and nothing is too much trouble when it comes nurturing and spoiling your partner – make sure though that you do not set yourself up to be a doormat as once some people start taking they never know when to stop.

Career – Work today can be all about style over substance and so it is not so much what you say but how you say it, how you come over and you diplomatic and charming style.

Health – It is amazing what a hair cut or a some fake tan can do – Cancer can beef up self image and improve motivation to diet and exercise by starting on the outside with some cosmetic changes.


Love – Leo may be itching to make a move romantically, but the time is not quite right yet; so hold back and be patient as today is not a wise time to ask someone on a date or to set a date for a first meeting.

Career – Over confidence and a lack of self awareness can mean that Leo are not as effective as they could be especially in terms of creative output or the way you present – this is a good time to get more feedback and ask friends to be critical when they offer advice, even better get advice from a professional who won’t just tell you what you want to hear.

Health – Excess can be a problem in health and that does not just mean excess of bad stuff but also excess of good stuff – try and do everything in small doses.


Love – You and your partner may not be finding much time to be together in an intimate and cosy way as things in your life are busy, demanding and energy sapping – on the plus side there is much to be grateful for right now and there is a happy and excited vibe.

Career – Grabbing new opportunities and looking towards the future may means that old alliances and existing activities have to either be expanded, invested in or adjusted in some way and so the ground must be laid before you can leap into a new venture.

Health – Clashes between family events and social events which you are eager to attend mean a diary that is not only full but full of dilemmas and compromises – remember you cannot please all the people all the time and so please yourself.


Love – An ideal time for registering with a dating agency or online dating and meet ups in general – love can also blossom at work related events especially short business trips and trade fairs.

Career – The charm offensive is on – Libra must have their best foot forward in every way and that means communicating with confidence and positivity and also looking the part by dressing sharp and making sure you use modern and exciting presentation tools.

Health – Positive thinking pays dividends right now especially in terms of career and so make sure before interviews, assessments or any event where your talent is on show all negative thoughts are banished.


Love – Shared values and beliefs are the glue in ever tempestuous relationships right now – so even if times are rocky, if you have similar religious, political or spiritual values that is something Scorpio can fall back on.

Career – Scorpio must be careful of spending on promotional activities, publicity and also advertising; often offers that come your way sound sweet, but they probably are too good to be true. Hold back on any spending in your business right now as it will not offer fundamental value or return.

Health – Scorpio have the wanderlust today – if you have not yet booked a summer vacation get searching for last minute deals. At the very least you need a short break in the next month to recharge the batteries and get some perspective on life.


Love – While sex can be very exciting and fulfilling now there must be greater openness and also and expansive attitude – no more same old same old. Find ways, times, gadgets which are new to both of you and which may fulfil more.

Career – Sagittarians can be highly effective in financial wranglings right now – your persuasive ability and talent at nailing a deal is heightened as is you perception of when to ‘strike’.

Health – You can be a little two faced in order to get your way – while that is fine in business make sure this does not damage a relationship you care deeply about.


Love – Goats are lucky in love today – your partner is more attuned to your feelings and there is a spontaneous flow of affection – you need not plan anything as events fall into place to make for an enjoyable evening.

Career – A good deed done a long time ago, something you may even have forgotten about can boomerang back to bring you some luck or a timely bit of good advice to save the day.

Health – While at times Capricorn grapple with dark and intense emotion which are hard to control and which often overwhelm, today it is easier for you to be positive and to project that positivity out into the universe.


Love – Business is too easily mixed with pleasure, but Aquarians must be careful that any office romance does not jeopardise your long range ambitions.

Career – Today is a good time to get to know colleagues better and to encourage more sharing of the workload and better team work – Aquarians can boost morale and positivity and bring out the best from the group.

Health – Aquarians may be taking some time off work during this week for pleasure; you may also get relief from the daily routine of work today as you entertain a client or initiate new staff. Either way there is release of pressure and less stress at work.


Love – They say love comes when you are already happy and appreciative of where you are – that may be true today with inner contentment providing a big red target for Cupid to hit.

Career – Creative skills and your unique contribution to a team or field can be recognised today – Pisces get well-deserved and welcome recognition which boosts confidence. This is an ideal time to showcase talent and to go for auditions or trials.

Health – Health is improved today when you are expansive, expressive and think big – do not hold yourself back, whatever you want to do, go for it.

Daily Horoscope April 22, 2018


Love – A day filled with promise for meeting partners with potential and yet that potential can take a year or so to unfold. In marriage responsibilities feel lighter now, and so this is a good time to strengthen the emotional and sexual side of relationships.

Career – This is an ideal time for planning not only staff parties but parties for your suppliers, distributors or anyone who you see as an essential part of your network and day-to-day worklife.

Health – This is a very good time for training and weight-loss exercise; this is also great for those who want to build up to a big challenge fitness-wise.


Love – You want the one you love to have your back, just as you have theirs, and any sense that they are less committed than you can make you withdraw and be less emotional.

Career – Working in teams can be frustrating to you, and you may resent having to drag along the less able members – you need to make everyone feel included and valued to create more productivity in general.

Health – You may want to press yourself hard physically, but this may be to let off steam rather than for fitness sake per se, and you should be careful to be measured and not reckless.


Love – You will do anything for your loved one, and if someone crosses your partner, you will take it personally and go out of your way to fight their corner. You will also stick up for your partner if they are criticised by your family.

Career – Often, your pre-conceived ideas can cloud your judgment, and you may resent being questioned. Try to take a step back and ask yourself if you are making decisions on actual facts or perceptions as perceptions can be more powerful than reality to you.

Health – Trust in all your dealings is very important, and if you do feel that you have been betrayed or that your interests are compromised, you can be quick to end the relationship or take further action.


Love – Cancer are friendly and sociable, which means if you are single you will be placing yourself in the ideal circumstances to meet interesting new partners who have good long-term potential.

Career – Sharp and eloquent, you know what you want, and that will make it much easier for you to get it. Your focus is clear, and your mind is processing information fast.

Health – This is a great time to start lessons to improve skills, i.e., your golf swing, tennis serve, French pronunciation, your vocal range (if you are a singer), etc.


Love – This is a very practical and solid time in relationships where contentment, security and common purpose grow, increasing deeper understanding and long-term happiness.

Career – Your judgment is very good right now, and that can help you in business, i.e., by choosing the right associates and identifying the best plans, and it can also help you if you work with people where you make judgement calls every day, i.e., the police, social work, legal advice or arbitration.

Health – You will get bored very fast, and it will take a great deal to keep you occupied; you will seek new people, places, and often you can be rather extreme in seeking new experiences. It’s all about novelty and creating excitement.


Love – Your partner may find you a little erratic and very hard to understand. You are extremely impulsive right now, and some of your decisions may not go down well.

Career – Today old school ties, glass ceilings and perceived social class divides are more apparent and may hamper your progress. You have the will right now to fight against entrenched views and change things for yourself and others.

Health – Don’t overdo it – this weekend it can be hard to know when enough is enough. So be it partying, promoting, working – know when enough is enough and don’t burn too much of the midnight all. Pace yourself from today.


Love – A great time for the start of a new love interest. Aquarians are very appealing to the opposite sex right now as you are giving off a confident air. You are also more likely to make a move on someone who interests you, and this will open the door to new romance.

Career – Creatively you are fired up and can produce work fast and furiously – some of your work may need quite a bit of refining and editing later as you are inclined to just go for it, letting vent to all your deeply held emotions.

Health – You are not likely to make new friends or contacts now unless there is a very powerful reason to form that connection as you simply do not have the emotional energy to keep superfluous friendships going.


Love – Scorpio are great actors, and often they play a role; it can be part of a fantasy or indeed a way of self-protection, but how long is it sustainable, and what happens when reality tests a new relationship?

Career – You may find that you are disappointed in an authority figure who was once supportive and even instrumental in helping you in your career – this reflects how far you have come and that you can now see their mistakes and know that you want to avoid those mistakes.

Health – It can even be that you have a period of lessened contact with family members who you feel are controlling or are negative influences.


Love – Your partner cannot be convinced by arguing; let the matter lie, and discuss it at a time when you are both relaxed. Use the art of subtle persuasion rather than hammering home your ideas aggressively.

Career – This can a good day for any Archer involved in teaching or raising awareness, no matter what the subject, as you are skilled at putting ideas across in an inspiring way.

Health – Sagittarians have to be wary of bad habits making a return as your disciple and resistance is low and so stay away from situations where you could face temptation and fall off the wagon.


Love – You are very romantic right now and also extremely adaptable to the needs of your partner. You may get quite some satisfaction from helping or caring for your loved one.

Career – You can rely on your gut feel, flashes of insight and sudden inspiration to give you a spurt on in both business and artistic pursuits.

Health – Your ESP is strong right now, and you should not ignore hunches about people or places, even if they do not make sense – you are attuned to the atmosphere and able to pick up on subtle signals others are giving off.


Love – Little will get you down right now, and even if your loved one is a little reserved or even down in the dumps, you will cheer him/her up. You will most likely want to surprise your partner with a special gift, meal or even a trip away as you are highly spontaneous.

Career – Those with artistic interests will have excellent prospects in terms of receiving more training and honing your talent by developing new skills. This is an excellent time for all self-expression and for taking creative projects forward.

Health – This is a time of beig mature and you need to face up to the sharp side of things – this means acknowledging that there are often tough decisions to make in impossible situations, and that you cannot always please everyone, but you still have to be decisive to get ahead.


Love – Pisces are looking for a mirror for their own emotional intensity and may find love with Scorpios, or Cancer especially right now.

Career – An ideal time to begin new adventures, especially ones that are ambitious and long range – this is the time to start journeys (not in terms of travel, but terms of goals), and you should enjoy every step of the way rather than fixating on the eventual outcome.

Health – Understanding your own psychology and especially your relationship psychology could be the key to breaking bad habits. It is also time to address areas of your life where you are becoming too inflexible and a little obsessive.

Daily Horoscope April 21, 2018


Love – You can be very single minded right now and often your strong focus on one thing is obsessive and mysterious to a partner who may feel that have lost you to this new obsession.

Career – You are undeterred by obstacles and you have great tenacity in reaching goals; nothing motivates an Aries like being told you cannot or should not do something.

Health – Your ruler approaching conjunction with Pluto brings you great perseverance which is great as do you know forming a new healthy habit takes about 66 days, which is longer than the often quoted 21 days and much longer than the impatient Aries can usually deal with.


Love – Single Taurus may be attracted to strong willed and even domineering types and while it can be exciting initially it may quickly become one sided and controlling.

Career – Events in career are fast moving and you are called to make decisions that involve taking you way beyond comfort zones and having to rediscover an adventurous and daring side of you. Taurus are called to be pioneering and to experiment with new technology and new progressive way of thinking.

Health – Stress is making you eat more and yet often a very full stomach makes you more stressed especially as it impairs sleep. Avoid chocolate right now as it can make you more jumpy.


Love – Events in love can provide Gemini with the ability to understand not only the darker sides of love but also the best your love life can offer. Gemini grasp the bigger picture and many of the extremes that you may experience now bring about epiphanies.

Career – Things are slightly off the boil in terms of career and you need to coat a little while as you check out where the competition is and how your own plans are shaping up. A great time for the weekend and so switch off from work and forget it all there is nothing pressing.

Health – Know the difference between weight loss and fat loss; weight loss can be about fads and it decreases fitness, increases aging and threatening immune; while fat loss improves fitness and strength and burns more calories.


Love – You need to draw on inner strength and do your best to settle yourself emotionally as you feel quite vulnerable right now and that can lead you to make poor choices.

Career – Lack of belief can hamper progress as you tend to set the bar too low – you need to talk yourself up and focus on your achievements. You are doing better than you think, way better and so start believing.

Health – Issues right now where you feel insecure or guilty could be linked to unresolved elements in your past, which may include family matters or parents who have tended to interfere in your choices and frustrate your self-fulfilment and enjoyment of life.


Love – It is not often known that Leo enjoy sharing the limelight and they can be a great supporter and cheerleader of a partner – today is case in point.

Career – Leo are able to shine the spotlight in their talents right now and so this is a great time to send out CV’s, do promotional videos, launch your website or a new blog to get maximum exposure.

Health – As the heat approaches remember that you can make ice cream with banana, other fruits, nit milk and pure cacao – no diary or sugar needed. Fast and simple.


Love – Relationships and publicity go hand in hand and so single Virgo may become involved with someone who has a high profile career or who is a mover and shaker – can shy and self effacing Virgo stand up to the glare of the spotlight on your partner.

Career – You need to know how to strip away the fluff and identify core issues and problems on which you must lavish energy and attention to ensure success.

Health – You health is going through a purple patch and this is an excellent time for recuperation and recovery from any surgery. The mind body connection is vert string now and positive thoughts aimed at problem areas can have a magnified effect.


Love – Love is tricky right now; what is not said is far more important than what is and you have to watch out for games and manipulation at a very subtle level.

Career – Dealing with those in authority right now can be demoralising and also exhausting as they seem impossible to please, but you need to keep disciplined and not allow them to affect what you do as you do it well and you know that!

Health – You can improve both circulation and digestion by doing stretches just after waking up and so no staggering to the kitchen to make coffee, get close to an open window and stretch.


Love – This is a good time for intimacy and so rather than inviting friends around or agreeing to meet ups, buy in some indulgent foods and even some props to create some sexual challenges to keep sex life both dynamic and also a arena of your life where there are still surprises.

Career – Rest well this weekend as next week your work life becomes quite unpredictable; do not put anything you could do now off as next week there may not be time.

Health – Dental issues can plague Scorpio this year and so do not ignore problems and invest in a new tooth brush or electronic or sonic brush and keep in stock of floss.


Love – Relationships require a serious approach right now and so no joking about, none of the Sagittarian banter or practical jokes as it will not go down well.

Career – Sagittarius must focus on prep before you make any pitches and this involves analysing the outlets you’ve chosen to pitch to, who works there and who is likely to be the first person to read that pitch – make it personal to that person.

Health – Even if you do not have a chance to exercise you can still generate those feel good endorphins by eating curry as hot, spicy foods containing chillies or cayenne pepper trigger endorphins, which have a powerful, almost narcotic effect.


Love – This is a great time for fledgling romance and yet a tricky time for long term relationships – marriage is hard work and yet single Capricorn will have a great deal of fun with many options to flirt and suss out the talent.

Career – You cannot avoid some hard truths about your performance right now and so self evaluation and self correction is helpful as you can avoid painful criticism from you detractor and enemies.

Health – You cannot be all things to all people right now and yet that is exactly what some are demanding from you and you have to resist that pressure at the risk of upsetting people but preserving your sanity.


Love – Your partner can be very erratic and unpredictable right now; in fact you partner is mirroring your Aquarian style and that is totally throwing your off balance.

Career – This can be an expansive time especially for your side line activities which you hope will one day be a full blown business and so use today to capitalise on talents and abilities that you do not use in your 9-5 job but which you may one day use in another venture.

Health – When they say that nuts are good for you, they mean a small handful of organic, unsalted nuts – so no chomping copious amounts of peanuts or any other nuts and thinking you are doing yourself a favour.


Love – Remember that phrase ‘undivided attention’; time to try it out again. Keep you devices out of the bedroom and who knows what could happen sexually.

Career – You should review the emphasis of your social media marketing – you should check trends to see where the traffic is going as you may be investing at a declining platform.

Health – Pisces are very busy right now both mentally and also physically and if you eat smoothies with pineapple, mint, apple and carrot you can get a natural boost throughout the day and ward off fatigue.

Daily Horoscope April 20, 2018


Love – You have great stamina to deal with relationship problems and that means that progress can be made to increase the deeper connection you have and you will also work hard to keep promises.

Career – Right now progress in work revolves around having a better grasp of the figures and keeping your finger tightly on the financial pulse – it is time to move away from drafting new plans, decide on one and work out the numbers.

Health – You can be blind to what is most obvious right now, other people tend to see your problems more clearly than you do and yet for the time being you are being an ostrich with his/her head in the sand.


Love – A great weekend for Taurus who are single as there is a need to take centre stage and a renewed confidence in who you are; your sights in love are set high meaning you expect the best and will attract positive experiences in love.

Career – Time to take plans off the drawing board and act on them, you need to test yourself on the field or in the real world and so not imagining or thinking about what to do, start doing it for real.

Health – Taurus are brave, competitive and energetic and in sports you enjoy leading or initiating activities; always with an eye on improving the get up and go of the whole group and making any fitness efforts more effective for all.


Love – You are no always clear about what you want right now, probably because you do not really know and that can create some ambiguity in love which makes immediate plans tricky and so your partner will have to be adaptable.

Career – In work it is not only about the bottom line, it is also about how the various parts fit together and right now Gemini need to think about how to improve communication between team players, especially where there are team members who are no good at expressing themselves or periscoping their intentions.

Health – You need to be careful of any situation in your life where you have become a square peg in a round hole and how you can now remove yourself from that arena.


Love – You are highly idealistic right now and that makes it hard for your real world experiences in love and life to match up – perhaps you need to use your imagination more to get a thrill from what could be quite normal yet dull everyway sexual encounters.

Career – The focus has been massively on career, life path and life direction the past few weeks and now it is time to rally people around you who can not only help you realise those goals, but can keep you motivated and informed as they have similar goals, visions and desires.

Health – Feeling good about who you are can mean having a full diary as social needs are heightened now. Remember not to neglect old friendships in your haste to make new ones.


Love – Single Leo need to watch out for situations where you are in effect hero worshipping a lover or a person who you have your eye on – do not put people on a pedestal, you are an equal or nothing, do not compromise on that.

Career – As you put your mind to success as the Sun enters your 10th house remember ability is what you’re capable of achieving, motivation determines your MO and attitude determines success rate.

Health – The missing ingredient in many positive thinking initiatives is action – there needs to be concrete action or research every day to bring the energy into the real world to manifest.


Love – It is in your gift to forgive and that gives you power; forgiving should never be seen as a weakness, it is a strength as it frees up energy.

Career – It is time to let bygones be bygones; today is the day to let any disputes go as even if they are not yet done and dusted as you need to mentally disconnect from them so they do not drag you down.

Health – Virgo love details, but right now you need to lift your gaze and stare ahead to the horizon; radically appraise goals and set yourself some new challenges that can inspire you and challenge set perspectives.


Love – This is the start of an excellent time to get married or plan a wedding or engagement party – it is all about celebrating your marriage and relationship.

Career – Conflict can be creative right now as it forces you to examine your perspective and come up with better more robust solutions.

Health – Try not go it alone. Reach out for support, either professional or in terms of support groups – share your struggles and you will soon find you are anything but alone.


Love – This is a period where you have to set work aside or risk running the relationship low on the fuel of love – love is a plant that you must water regularly right now!

Career – Do you know that 80% of success is down to showing up and so the more things you try, the more places you go and people you meet, the more chances you have of being successful.

Health – Scorpio need more water than most signs, a good estimate of the amount of water you need daily in litres is calculated by dividing your weight in kg’s by 30.


Love – You can very very critical right now in love and your standards are more exacting – single Sanitarians can rationalise away feelings if you feel the relationship is not viable on a practical level.

Career – It is time to stop adding ingredients to the creative or managerial mix and start fine tuning what you have and getting it to work in practice – this is time when the theory is tested

Health – If you are lacking in sleep you may overreact to something you would usually be able to see in perspective and so more sleep means more rational decisions.


Love – Family matters will tend to settle and if there have been pressing issues around the home or your parents, those will now fade off into insignificance allowing you to focus on some fun goals and pursuing entertainment and pleasure.

Career – Time to let yourself off the leash creatively – be more expressive when it come to your creative or business direction, go with impulses and jump on developing trends, be the first to introduce new methods.

Health – Freedom is vital right now and so this is time to rebel against restriction – diets and health regimes will not succeed in these coming weeks unless they are fun and offer certain adventure and emotional challenge.


Love – Emotions and memories seem to seep up from the depths of your consciousness and often these can make you uncomfortable; more of concern is that they can make you suspicious and cynical in love when the current events do not warrant those negative feelings.

Career – There are some challenges in terms of the parts of your work that you expect to run without much effort and so nothing and no one can be taken fore-granted. You communicate with your clients and customers and so communicate with everyone else you need to function smoothly, in a consistent way.

Health – You need to watch what you are eating whether you are trying to lose weight or not – Aquarians who are thin can be lax about the quality of food you are eating and the respective proportion of high fat, high trans fat and high sugar products.


Love – Time to renew acquaintances; if there was someone, either a friend or person you chatted to online that you dropped or did not pursue romantically, time to look them up again. Consult the little black book as they used to call it.

Career – Time to take your ideas and the plans you have made and start communicating them – you have to know how to package your ideas in a way to help them reach the desired audience and have enough impact.

Health – A good time to plan a trip away within the next few weeks even if it is just a short local trip – you need a change of scenery and to propel yourself out of any ruts. A change will bring a fresh perspective.

Daily Horoscope April 19, 2018


Love – You need to be seen as strong and that means you hide vulnerabilities and emotions from even those closest to you, this can hamper understanding as you only let selected sides of yourself be seen.

Career – Aries cannot be upfront, be less open about your intentions and plans, have a clear strategy as you go in pursuit of a goal rather than going after what you want loudly and under the gaze of friends and foes.

Health – Aries are perturbed by the way others use their power and authority and you may resent those who try and get one over on you just because they have authority either permanently or temporarily. Do not allow that resentment to fester, keep it in check and do not let it get the better of you.


Love – For single Taureans, you will look for partners who are strong and who fit into an image of where you see your life going – this is not a time to get into a love relationship that holds you back.

Career – While the strength you are projecting right now can rub some up the wrong way, you have to realise that being a leader means not always being popular and so you have to accept that as part of the leadership deal as you grab the reins.

Health – This is time when fate can go take a hike as Taurus take full control of their destiny and make decisions that will defy the odds.


Love – Gemini must consolidate in love, this is not the time to expand, you have to double down in terms of showing your commitment and dealing with things like an adult not expecting to be thanked for it in the short term.

Career – Time to bite the bullet, success is hard won right now and you cannot afford to coast, you need to pull out all the stops to get that reward you deserve.

Health – Rhodiola rosea can be very helpful in assiting Gemini with stamina especially if you are working long days or if your life dealing with kids or chores is very demanding right now.


Love – Love is all about bringing out the best in another person and so when you allow them to shine and you foster their spiritual growth the result is a better union where the sum of the parts is greater than he whole.

Career – Today is perfect for any role in which you have to use your personality and be expressive and vibrant – you can radiate enthusiasm and capture attention.

Health – Your health is good today and if you have been ill or under the weather lately, you will feel yourself picking up and the energy returning; you will also feel more positive.


Love – Egos tend to get in the way, not just yours but your partner as well and you are both too stubborn to back down and see reason, this is why communications may not be productive.

Career – Insecurities you have right now need to be acknowledged and tackled as if you deny them you can end up coming over as defensive or even as having an attitude

Health – Eating broccoli is not only healthy due to its vitamin C content, it also assists gut heath as it contains Vitamin K, folate and fibre.


Love – You enjoy taking the reins in love; you want to see how durable the bonds are and in that way you want to consciously or sub consciously rock the boat and inject change and also adventure to see where the boundaries are.

Career – A change is as good as a holiday and so if you are bogged down in your work or your self employment, ring the changes and see how you can shake up the routine. Try something different and surprise yourself with a new approach.

Health – Both participating in sports or cheering on a team on aids happiness and escapism. In some cases watching more sport can actually lead to an increase in your motivation to try different sports and challenge yourself more physically.


Love – There is a need for intellectual diversity and if your relationship does not offer that in terms of communication, you need to arrange some travel or a new project for the two of you to bring about that meeting of the minds where you engage about subjects of mutual interest again.

Career – Encounters with others are both revealing and also disappointing and you will learn lessons about who to trust and who to put your faith in.

Health – Librans’ need for harmony is more pronounced than usual as you crave it and while seeking compromise can prove very effective in all walks of life, be wary of giving in just to please others.


Love – You are the motivator in love and you want to inject your marriage with some vision – out with the old and in with a new perspective and a new attitude. You realise now that a new home, new décor or a new room can never bring change until that change begins internally.

Career – “Advice is free because it is useless,” said Michael Caine and so Scorpio need to be careful when you take advice as it may be more relevant to the advice giver than to you.

Health – Other people can have a big impact on your frame of mind, sense of self and energy and so you need to be careful who you chose to spend time with as that person/ people’s vibe will rub off on you.


Love – Enriching your life both in romance and also if you are single is about focusing on what you have which satisfies and fulfils – use energy to build on what you have rather than to build castles in the sky which end up making what you have feel inadequate.

Career – You are attracting new people and new possibilities into your life and yet you are inclined to use superficial criteria to judge these, you must crunch numbers and look deeper.

Health – Alpha Lipoic acid reduces wrinkles, reduces blood sugar and reduces unhealthy body weight – you can increase your intake of it naturally by eating more peas, broccoli, tomato and carrots.


Love – Natural and easy to like you are more relaxed in social settings and that means your vibe encourages advances from people who fancy you and are looking for an in.

Career – Leadership, public relations and important management decisions are favoured; you have the confidence to make things happen by taking an important step.

Health – Cooking is an art and an art worth valuing and so it is indeed worth spending more time on, people who either buy readymade food or eat the majority of their food from restaurants suffer the greatest health coincidences.


Love – Doing the wrong thing is always easier in the short run and yet you could be shooting yourself in the foot longer term when in come to trust.

Career – Personal relationships in business are complicated as both you and the other people want to save face and also protect your position stubbornly often for ego reasons.

Health – Adding fragrant rosemary to your food not only enhances flavour, it also has powerful anti-oxidant, germ and cancer fighting properties and so add some fresh rosemary or plant some on you garden.


Love – You are deceptively calm and easy going – you are happy to bob along and get in your get crossed you are like a tiger in defence.

Career – Pisces can express your creativity through physical action, so throw yourself into performance based activity or artistic pursuits which require physical strength, dexterity and input like dance, pottery, playing instruments etc. Be dramatic! Pisces can be exceptionally creative musically right now and yet it can be frenzied rather than calm.

Health – There are not enough pharmaceutical or “detoxes” that can replace a balanced, healthy and nutrient-dense diet. Stop looking for a quick fix. Pisces, instead start on a new path to long-term lifestyle change

Daily Horoscope April 18, 2018


Love – Your partner may be in for a pay rise or a bonus which can boost you sex life as well as your joint moral as money issues ease.

Career – This is a great time for Aries to initiate negotiations and start the ball rolling on plans to reach deals that can advance your business’ progress. It is also a very good time to start a project connected to the promotion of the arts.

Health – There is a strong need for psychological growth via confrontation – that means taking on what are usually difficult or challenging intimate or emotional issues.


Love – This is a terrific time for new relationships and so throw yourself into the dating scene or commit more seriously to budding love affairs.

Career – Taurus are advised to talk to friends about your career ambitions and goals as they may have some useful tips are also personal experiences to share which can save you making mistakes.

Health – Your ego energies are very much in sync right now and that means your interactions with both those close and strangers are harmonious and that means less aggravation and a more mutually supportive environment.


Love – Workplace romance thrive right now especially where you both work in the medical field. Common obsessions and ethics are a factor in new relationship that develop now.

Career – This is a good time to recruit new staff or outsource – you also need to trust those you work with more and allow them to impress you by giving them independence.

Health – If Gemini can keep the discipline and not submit to the desire to slack off, eat sweet treats or skip your gym session you can get some fabulous results – it is all about temptation and avoiding it is rewarded.


Love – This is a week when you have to let you hair down and think about fun and so today get googling events and Facebooking friend to kick start a summer vibe and shake off the winter blues with some exciting and entertaining plans.

Career – New businesses connected to children and young people get a boost right now and so whether you teach, coordinate creative events or kids entertainment or even design app for young people, get your act together and take advantage of the energies which are in your favour.

Health – Although your self discipline for strict diets or exercise regimes may be low, your general enthusiasm is high and so you naturally burn calorties by being more active and get involved wholeheartedly.


Love – Relations with your own parents are improved and that can mean less stress from them, which means more time and emotional energy to devote to your love relationships

Career – Home improvement initiatives can bring peace of mind and so a good time to tackle anything connected to your house or home that is causing stress and resolve it. This is especially true for those of you who work from home and need a degree of peace and organisation to concentrate.

Health – The digestive tract is more sensitive right now and so ignore what your mouth wants and think of what your stomach really needs ie more fibre, less sugar and less gluten or processed grains.


Love – Fuel romance with sexy messages – ley your partner know you are thinking about them and give affectionate feedback. Virgo often forget how important it is too boost your partner’s self esteem with well timed compliments.

Career – A very good time for a business trip especially if it involves a trade fair or going to view potential new products or stock to sell. Selling online is more profitable in the next 2 weeks and so you can step up advertising.

Health – Art can have a healing property and so whether you buy objects d’art for your home or office you cannot underestimate how pleasing surroundings assist creativity and reduce stress.


Love – “Can’t buy me love,” sung the Beatles and yet Librans tend to think right now that money is the way to impress a potential lover, but you can impress them more with your inner qualities and so open your heart not your wallet.

Career – Time to get on your accountant’s hat and start crunching the numbers; if you pay attention to your finances and redouble efforts to save and invest wisely you can have some dramatic results.

Health – Eat more dried fruit, chia seeds, nuts and even combine limes, spinach, cashew milk, honey and the chia seeds in a smoothie to satisfy your lust right now for rich and filling foods.


Love – Relationships are a key arena in the next few weeks and so you should make sure your work and career does not hog the limelight or you will be missing an opportunity to improve love life or kick start passion.

Career – A greater desire to relate to others means you give people and ideas the time of day rather than dismissing them and that can mean you discover hidden gold in surprising places.

Health – The power of attraction works for Scorpio more powerfully right now thank to Venus activating your ruler and so project your hopes and dreams into the ether with a great deal of energy and with vivid imagery.


Love – You are ready to deny yourself in order to fulfil short terms love and affection needs and yet you should not fall into a pattern of martyrdom.

Career – Long hours of reading and research can be strangely inspiring and Sagittarians are at their best when you can read, pontificate and then let you imagination run riot with both business and creative needs.

Health – Spiritual yearnings are enhanced and Sagittarians may consult psychics or clairvoyants as at this stage the answers or images you are given may make sense and have relevance to certain dilemmas you are facing.


Love – Your taste in love is rather unusual and this heralds a period where you are willing to try new things and also test out more radical characters in terms of your dating or who you contact via your dating sites. The unorthodox rules in love.

Career – Attention should turn to the bucket list – time to lift your head from the grind stone and ask, “What’s it all about?” and am I fulfilling or chasing dreams or just surviving.

Health – Capricorn tend to burn the candle at both ends right now and your life is full in term of work and social events, sleep is at premium and you should take a multi vitamin as you need an extra boost of essential minerals and vitamins.


Love – Love goals are vital to your life direction right now and so if your romantic life is in the doldrums that can drag your motivation down in other areas and so having positive relationship goals boost overall energy and performance in life.

Career – A time where sweet talking to boss can pay dividends ans so be on your best behaviour when the eye of authority is on you – a good time to curry favour.

Health – Getting fit is about targets and it is also about rest days and rewards and so make your fitness routine a fully rounded calendar with challenges, targets and also treats.


Love – Pisces are easily bored right now and you tend to want the earth to move every time and when it does not you almost feel cheated, they key right now is to focus on the little things that are exciting and are fulfilling rather than getting all set on some grand outcome that may not be possible for anyone.

Career – This is an excellent time for making your ideas public – if you want to educate, inspire or be politically active now is your chance to grab attention as your words have more power right now.

Health – Good health right now is all about challenging yourself, you need to pick a goal that seems really daunting then do some work on it each day chipping away at it until it finally becomes possible and you will amaze yourself.