Daily Horoscope April 30, 2018


Love – Sometimes you needs rules or at the very least guidelines and you need to be clear about them and so in new relationships set those guidelines and in established relationships remind you partner to have some respect.

Career – It is hard not to let emotion get the better of you today and so today is better for decisions which need gut feel, cunning and the ability to understand basic human instinct rather than facts.

Health – Be careful of aggressively fragranced detergents or perfumed products as these can affect your sinuses and give you a sore throat as those areas are sensitive today.


Love – Taurus cannot be boxed in today; do not make promises or set yourself up in a situation where you cannot change your mind even last minute – you need flexibility right now as obligation equal stress.

Career – A day where you are quite restless and fidgety and are suited to multitasking or working with a variety of people where you can use many different skills.

Health – Variety is everything and so when you do your shop pack your basket with things you hardly ever buy or have never tried before – remember nearly every vegetable can be stir fried or roasted with some garlic and you favourite herbs.


Love – You can be quite vague right now, you do not like to be asked questions and when your partner wants to know something you will just fire back another question of a cryptic response as you do not want to reveal the feelings raging inside.

Career – It is easy to forget some small detail that could make a big difference to what you are about to spend and so when investing or even buying a treat for yourself look for hidden costs and knock on costs that may not be obvious.

Health – Health today is mainly good and yet it can quickly go the other way as if you overindulge in fatty food or alcohol you may suffer more than usual with the after effects and so to get the most out of today eat in moderation.


Love – Even though it is Monday there may be a chance for some social action that could have a romantic edge to it; there may be a chance for a business lunch of you may work more informally today allowing you to show your personality and get to meet new people in your field who you may have much in common with.

Career – This is very good time for problem solving as you are not fixed and rigid in your thinking and you can be quite daring when it comes to trying out something that may appear left field, buy which your gut tells you is the way forward.

Health – Cancerians are having an upwelling of positivity which can both help give you a new slant on problems as we as helping you inject those you are with with supportive and encouraging vibes that lift the mood and encourage improved cooperation and also sharing.


Love – A good day for a work out after work or perhaps spending time with Mom or Dad rather than your lover or partner – perhaps only a parent or parental figure can give you what you need in terms of advice right now.

Career – Leo must try not to perceive negativity in what others say either directly or what you hear on the grapevine. You are more likely to get criticism or news that makes you tense and you have to bite the bullet and work through it rather than getting irritable.

Health – Your need to have the last word can make life more uncomfortable and so if you are able to let it go, just go and walk away, do not try and win every argument.


Love – While you must think on your feet and respond to the situation as it unfolds there is a great chance to make a witty, bright and positive impression on a potential partner.

Career – You may get important information from you line manager or boss, this may be to do with training, opportunities to develop new skills or attend a course and so be alert and listen to what they have to say carefully.

Health – Virgo may be suffering from eye strain or bags under the eyes from lack of sleep, try eat watermelon which has a high-water content, helps balance the water ratio in your body. Packed with beta carotene, lycopene, fibre, vitamin B1 and B6, vitamin C, potassium, and magnesium is it a boost for eye health.


Love – You are highly charismatic today and yet you also rely too much on approval and so while you are getting a great reaction, you are having to work hard for it and it is quite demanding.

Career – Your ability to nurture and show a protective side of yourself is key in work – show your clients how much their needs matter to you, or demonstrate to your staff that you have their concerns at heart or to the public that you care about more than just the bottom line.

Health – Libra want and need to look good now and so appearance counts more than usual – eat fresh and cooked tomatoes which consist of powerful antioxidants which encourage better blood circulation as well as being rich in lycopene, lutein, beta carotene, quercetin and vitamin C which help foster healthy skin.


Love – Talking it out may add more fuel to the fire and so best to let things lie and focus on what is fun or even what is necessary just to get over a patch where misunderstandings come out of nowhere.

Career – A day of frustration here things do not go your way and where you lock horns with people, or communicate with others, who don’t share your perspective and who cannot be turned around in a reasonable way.

Health – Scorpio may feel bogged down with details, tasks and chores – your tend to get bored fast and details are not your thing, but remember more haste less speed, you are prone to error and so be calm and that is the only route to getting done and doing something more fulfilling.


Love – You are more likely to gain approval right now and so a good time to come out of your shell and be more adventurous socially.

Career – Inner restlessness marks a needs to do things differently and so take the cue and use the energy you have now to change the flow of events, history does NOT need to repeat itself and you can crush the old cycle.

Health – The Moon forming a conjunction with your ruler marks the beginning of a new cycle in the way you relate to those closest to you, especially to the important women in your life.


Love – You can get your way quite easily in love as you have a way of selling your ideas (or indeed your desires) to your partner in an attractive package that gets them biting.

Career – There is much comradery among your colleague or people who have similar career or social aims – there is much to be gained in terms of fun and also professional achievement by uniting with others both far and wide and so reach out and connect.

Health – Time to send a message or any form of communication to a friend you have not chatted to for ages just to let them know you care and are thinking of them – this kind of gesture always results in some rewarding feedback and is emotionally replenishing.


Love – There can be run ins with other fixed signs as Mercury in stubborn Taurus means you fixed signs are rubbing each other up the wrong way and so ring your Piscean or Cancerian mate and go for a pint ot glass of wine.

Career – A day where things do not always g your way and you have to adjust your thinking and tackle things with more flexibility.

Health – Even if you are busy and have no time to think about healthy food and diet cutting out sugar (and sugar substitutes) is often the fastest way to not only lsoe weight but to improve health.


Love – Decision making comes quite easily now and you are able to keep both head and heart happy when you make up your mind. This means you can be decisive in matter of the heart with a clear conscience.

Career – A great day to immerse yourself in a new subject matter – the best way to learn fast right now is to ditch the books and get right into it: learn by doing, even if you make a few mistakes, get where the action is.

Health – Having courage is not always easy and that is because it is often unclear what really is the ‘right’ thing to do, but today Pisces know the ‘right’ thing to to do and this gives you the courage to do it and do it fast.

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