Daily Horoscope April 26, 2018


Love – Aries may encounter dissatisfaction and frustration getting what you want, with reference to relationships – stop trying to control the situation even if you are doing it in a positive way, walk away instead as a tactic and let them miss you.

Career – Aries may also encounter some opposition in career-related matters or from those in authority. You may indeed find yourself getting worked up about old angers in connection with issues that surface now. Do not ask parents for advice on career right now as they will be unhelpful.

Health – Are your superstitions and lucky rituals working? Think of all the things you do to ward off bad luck from routines, to lucky objects/jewellery to prayer – do not give away your power to superstition, take control mentally and dive in with a positive attitude.


Love – Saturn is bringing out a practical and objective approach to relationships which is stabilising and bring more certainty. Good relationships are more solid today, in bad relationships flaws are obvious.

Career – Discussions at work can become heated or escalate into arguments, more easily today as your ego is much more closely involved in your opinions and objectives. Try and take the 2P’s: Pride and the Personal out of the equation.

Health – It is a calmer day at home and home can provide a respite and stress relief for the dramas of the day. No emails, no correspondence tonight, close the door and shut it all out.


Love – You have to be the moral leader in relationships – your partner may not really know what is best and it is up to you to take control and steer decisions. Your sense of right and wrong is pretty solid right now and you judgement good and so you make the decisions.

Career – You may find yourself more under pressure and under closer scrutiny at work and it is thus a time when you either crack or get a chance to prove yourself – I would also put my money on a Gemini proving themselves.

Health – You are more disciplined with diet; you may have to be as your body is less tolerance of ‘junk food’ and if you stray away from sensible eating you will be heading off to by ant acid and other heartburn relief.


Love – Pisces love life may steps up a gear, with more passion, more activities and greater excitement. You can use you playfulness, your love of surprises and that magnetic pull you have to really impress and nail a new relationship.

Career – You will come face to face with any self-defeating attitudes you have at this time and there will be a desire for self improvement – you will look at practical ways to counter this defeatism in whatever area of work you confront it.

Health – You are putting more energy into pleasure and what you put in you get out. This is a time of seeking fun and placing an emphasis on what makes you feel good – not over indulging, but being more playful, spontaneous and living life to the full.


Love – Aquarius have a great deal of energy and that always aids relationships as to be frank, love is not an adventure that happens spontaneously, like all adventures it needs work, imagination and commitment.

Career – It can be tricky working with others and Aquarius are put off by bossy or aggressive manners in others. If under pressure or feeling boxed in you will use your chameleon like quality to blend into the back ground doing your own thing and avoiding the bossy ones.

Health – A good evening for a long jog or vigorous work out at the gym, Pisces are full of excess energy which can be ploughed into fitness goals.


Love – Close personal relationship are more lively with a full menu of conflicts and resolutions. A new relationship may be all about sex, rather than communication.

Career – You may devote more time to a group or organisation you belong to – you may be building up a secondary company or group to support or advance your other activities. Look beyond your immediate contacts if you want to make serious progress.

Health – This is a time when you look beyond relationships, love and career for satisfaction – Capricorns need to feel the interconnectivity of life beyond your immediate day to day existence to feel happy and satisfied.


Love – A time of crisis in relationships, but the crisis if handled without pride or rush to judgment can bring you closer and stimulate greater intimacy.

Career – Sagittarius need to be highly mindful and strategic in dealing with others as the psychology is complex and if ignored you can make the wrong decision.

Health – You are inclined to look below the surface and analyse more critically you own behaviour; what can you change about you that can change what comes to you. A time when poor behaviour habits than only bring back negativity can be undone.


Love – Scorpio are ‘hungry’ for love and you will look to whip up some excitement in the bedroom – a day when you may surprise a lover to get the thrill factor back into your love life.

Career – A certain frustration and feeling that you have let yourself down soon gives way to steely resolve and a cast iron wrecking ball you will use to tackle problems.

Health – This is an excellent time Scorpio beginning health regimes, diets, and so forth, because it is a time when you look in the mirror and see yourself clearly—rather than just what you want to see.


Love – Libra want a strong partner and if your partner shows weakness or a lack of loyalty right now that can be a mood killer and can also make you rather angry. You should look within for that strength and stop getting angry with other for what you are lacking.

Career – You are your worst critic right now and you can use this in productive ways to sure up your performance; what you should not do is obsess and let your perfectionism make achieving any goal impossible.

Health – Libra tend to want to ‘rate’ themselves and you could be measuring yourself against materialistic standards and under valuing the more intangible, yet vital assets of your personality.


Love – Love could be last on the list and this is not a great time for dating or new love as you are very distracted and not your usual lively, inquisitive self.

Career – Group activities are the best way to achieve fast results and so welcome team efforts. Virgos will be inclined to want to lead the team and just make sure you do so diplomatically, without stepping on toes.

Health – You may feel under pressure to take more work home and also to take on extra work; make sure that you are not letting yourself in for more than you can handle – make sure you get your downtime and enough sleep.


Love – Decisions and discussions about family matters can bring down the mood and cast a serious tone and so not a day for frivolity or spontaneous sex, but a good day for resolutions.

Career – Research, reading, collating and editing are key words for today as you asses a large volume of information and carefully consider what is important. Not a time to ‘rush to press’, keep you powder dry and keep digesting the info.

Health – A time of reflection as some things you had been putting off or pushing to the back of your mind demand to be dealt with. A good time to clear up anything which has played on your mind, dragging you down mentally.


Love – Cancer are actually the serious one in relationships; you want to call attention to certain things and get clarity. You need to be a little more subtle though as it may appear that you are confrontational, when you are really just trying to understand things.

Career – Cancer may experience some disappointment with goals connected to management, creativity and your professional self image – this is a push to work more on your unique talents and follow trends less as you focus on your attributes and style.

Health – A day for the gym, working on strength and doing repetitions. Today is less good for sports requiring flexibility and fast changes as you dart from here to there.

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