Daily Horoscope April 21, 2018


Love – You can be very single minded right now and often your strong focus on one thing is obsessive and mysterious to a partner who may feel that have lost you to this new obsession.

Career – You are undeterred by obstacles and you have great tenacity in reaching goals; nothing motivates an Aries like being told you cannot or should not do something.

Health – Your ruler approaching conjunction with Pluto brings you great perseverance which is great as do you know forming a new healthy habit takes about 66 days, which is longer than the often quoted 21 days and much longer than the impatient Aries can usually deal with.


Love – Single Taurus may be attracted to strong willed and even domineering types and while it can be exciting initially it may quickly become one sided and controlling.

Career – Events in career are fast moving and you are called to make decisions that involve taking you way beyond comfort zones and having to rediscover an adventurous and daring side of you. Taurus are called to be pioneering and to experiment with new technology and new progressive way of thinking.

Health – Stress is making you eat more and yet often a very full stomach makes you more stressed especially as it impairs sleep. Avoid chocolate right now as it can make you more jumpy.


Love – Events in love can provide Gemini with the ability to understand not only the darker sides of love but also the best your love life can offer. Gemini grasp the bigger picture and many of the extremes that you may experience now bring about epiphanies.

Career – Things are slightly off the boil in terms of career and you need to coat a little while as you check out where the competition is and how your own plans are shaping up. A great time for the weekend and so switch off from work and forget it all there is nothing pressing.

Health – Know the difference between weight loss and fat loss; weight loss can be about fads and it decreases fitness, increases aging and threatening immune; while fat loss improves fitness and strength and burns more calories.


Love – You need to draw on inner strength and do your best to settle yourself emotionally as you feel quite vulnerable right now and that can lead you to make poor choices.

Career – Lack of belief can hamper progress as you tend to set the bar too low – you need to talk yourself up and focus on your achievements. You are doing better than you think, way better and so start believing.

Health – Issues right now where you feel insecure or guilty could be linked to unresolved elements in your past, which may include family matters or parents who have tended to interfere in your choices and frustrate your self-fulfilment and enjoyment of life.


Love – It is not often known that Leo enjoy sharing the limelight and they can be a great supporter and cheerleader of a partner – today is case in point.

Career – Leo are able to shine the spotlight in their talents right now and so this is a great time to send out CV’s, do promotional videos, launch your website or a new blog to get maximum exposure.

Health – As the heat approaches remember that you can make ice cream with banana, other fruits, nit milk and pure cacao – no diary or sugar needed. Fast and simple.


Love – Relationships and publicity go hand in hand and so single Virgo may become involved with someone who has a high profile career or who is a mover and shaker – can shy and self effacing Virgo stand up to the glare of the spotlight on your partner.

Career – You need to know how to strip away the fluff and identify core issues and problems on which you must lavish energy and attention to ensure success.

Health – You health is going through a purple patch and this is an excellent time for recuperation and recovery from any surgery. The mind body connection is vert string now and positive thoughts aimed at problem areas can have a magnified effect.


Love – Love is tricky right now; what is not said is far more important than what is and you have to watch out for games and manipulation at a very subtle level.

Career – Dealing with those in authority right now can be demoralising and also exhausting as they seem impossible to please, but you need to keep disciplined and not allow them to affect what you do as you do it well and you know that!

Health – You can improve both circulation and digestion by doing stretches just after waking up and so no staggering to the kitchen to make coffee, get close to an open window and stretch.


Love – This is a good time for intimacy and so rather than inviting friends around or agreeing to meet ups, buy in some indulgent foods and even some props to create some sexual challenges to keep sex life both dynamic and also a arena of your life where there are still surprises.

Career – Rest well this weekend as next week your work life becomes quite unpredictable; do not put anything you could do now off as next week there may not be time.

Health – Dental issues can plague Scorpio this year and so do not ignore problems and invest in a new tooth brush or electronic or sonic brush and keep in stock of floss.


Love – Relationships require a serious approach right now and so no joking about, none of the Sagittarian banter or practical jokes as it will not go down well.

Career – Sagittarius must focus on prep before you make any pitches and this involves analysing the outlets you’ve chosen to pitch to, who works there and who is likely to be the first person to read that pitch – make it personal to that person.

Health – Even if you do not have a chance to exercise you can still generate those feel good endorphins by eating curry as hot, spicy foods containing chillies or cayenne pepper trigger endorphins, which have a powerful, almost narcotic effect.


Love – This is a great time for fledgling romance and yet a tricky time for long term relationships – marriage is hard work and yet single Capricorn will have a great deal of fun with many options to flirt and suss out the talent.

Career – You cannot avoid some hard truths about your performance right now and so self evaluation and self correction is helpful as you can avoid painful criticism from you detractor and enemies.

Health – You cannot be all things to all people right now and yet that is exactly what some are demanding from you and you have to resist that pressure at the risk of upsetting people but preserving your sanity.


Love – Your partner can be very erratic and unpredictable right now; in fact you partner is mirroring your Aquarian style and that is totally throwing your off balance.

Career – This can be an expansive time especially for your side line activities which you hope will one day be a full blown business and so use today to capitalise on talents and abilities that you do not use in your 9-5 job but which you may one day use in another venture.

Health – When they say that nuts are good for you, they mean a small handful of organic, unsalted nuts – so no chomping copious amounts of peanuts or any other nuts and thinking you are doing yourself a favour.


Love – Remember that phrase ‘undivided attention’; time to try it out again. Keep you devices out of the bedroom and who knows what could happen sexually.

Career – You should review the emphasis of your social media marketing – you should check trends to see where the traffic is going as you may be investing at a declining platform.

Health – Pisces are very busy right now both mentally and also physically and if you eat smoothies with pineapple, mint, apple and carrot you can get a natural boost throughout the day and ward off fatigue.

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