Daily Horoscope April 19, 2018


Love – You need to be seen as strong and that means you hide vulnerabilities and emotions from even those closest to you, this can hamper understanding as you only let selected sides of yourself be seen.

Career – Aries cannot be upfront, be less open about your intentions and plans, have a clear strategy as you go in pursuit of a goal rather than going after what you want loudly and under the gaze of friends and foes.

Health – Aries are perturbed by the way others use their power and authority and you may resent those who try and get one over on you just because they have authority either permanently or temporarily. Do not allow that resentment to fester, keep it in check and do not let it get the better of you.


Love – For single Taureans, you will look for partners who are strong and who fit into an image of where you see your life going – this is not a time to get into a love relationship that holds you back.

Career – While the strength you are projecting right now can rub some up the wrong way, you have to realise that being a leader means not always being popular and so you have to accept that as part of the leadership deal as you grab the reins.

Health – This is time when fate can go take a hike as Taurus take full control of their destiny and make decisions that will defy the odds.


Love – Gemini must consolidate in love, this is not the time to expand, you have to double down in terms of showing your commitment and dealing with things like an adult not expecting to be thanked for it in the short term.

Career – Time to bite the bullet, success is hard won right now and you cannot afford to coast, you need to pull out all the stops to get that reward you deserve.

Health – Rhodiola rosea can be very helpful in assiting Gemini with stamina especially if you are working long days or if your life dealing with kids or chores is very demanding right now.


Love – Love is all about bringing out the best in another person and so when you allow them to shine and you foster their spiritual growth the result is a better union where the sum of the parts is greater than he whole.

Career – Today is perfect for any role in which you have to use your personality and be expressive and vibrant – you can radiate enthusiasm and capture attention.

Health – Your health is good today and if you have been ill or under the weather lately, you will feel yourself picking up and the energy returning; you will also feel more positive.


Love – Egos tend to get in the way, not just yours but your partner as well and you are both too stubborn to back down and see reason, this is why communications may not be productive.

Career – Insecurities you have right now need to be acknowledged and tackled as if you deny them you can end up coming over as defensive or even as having an attitude

Health – Eating broccoli is not only healthy due to its vitamin C content, it also assists gut heath as it contains Vitamin K, folate and fibre.


Love – You enjoy taking the reins in love; you want to see how durable the bonds are and in that way you want to consciously or sub consciously rock the boat and inject change and also adventure to see where the boundaries are.

Career – A change is as good as a holiday and so if you are bogged down in your work or your self employment, ring the changes and see how you can shake up the routine. Try something different and surprise yourself with a new approach.

Health – Both participating in sports or cheering on a team on aids happiness and escapism. In some cases watching more sport can actually lead to an increase in your motivation to try different sports and challenge yourself more physically.


Love – There is a need for intellectual diversity and if your relationship does not offer that in terms of communication, you need to arrange some travel or a new project for the two of you to bring about that meeting of the minds where you engage about subjects of mutual interest again.

Career – Encounters with others are both revealing and also disappointing and you will learn lessons about who to trust and who to put your faith in.

Health – Librans’ need for harmony is more pronounced than usual as you crave it and while seeking compromise can prove very effective in all walks of life, be wary of giving in just to please others.


Love – You are the motivator in love and you want to inject your marriage with some vision – out with the old and in with a new perspective and a new attitude. You realise now that a new home, new décor or a new room can never bring change until that change begins internally.

Career – “Advice is free because it is useless,” said Michael Caine and so Scorpio need to be careful when you take advice as it may be more relevant to the advice giver than to you.

Health – Other people can have a big impact on your frame of mind, sense of self and energy and so you need to be careful who you chose to spend time with as that person/ people’s vibe will rub off on you.


Love – Enriching your life both in romance and also if you are single is about focusing on what you have which satisfies and fulfils – use energy to build on what you have rather than to build castles in the sky which end up making what you have feel inadequate.

Career – You are attracting new people and new possibilities into your life and yet you are inclined to use superficial criteria to judge these, you must crunch numbers and look deeper.

Health – Alpha Lipoic acid reduces wrinkles, reduces blood sugar and reduces unhealthy body weight – you can increase your intake of it naturally by eating more peas, broccoli, tomato and carrots.


Love – Natural and easy to like you are more relaxed in social settings and that means your vibe encourages advances from people who fancy you and are looking for an in.

Career – Leadership, public relations and important management decisions are favoured; you have the confidence to make things happen by taking an important step.

Health – Cooking is an art and an art worth valuing and so it is indeed worth spending more time on, people who either buy readymade food or eat the majority of their food from restaurants suffer the greatest health coincidences.


Love – Doing the wrong thing is always easier in the short run and yet you could be shooting yourself in the foot longer term when in come to trust.

Career – Personal relationships in business are complicated as both you and the other people want to save face and also protect your position stubbornly often for ego reasons.

Health – Adding fragrant rosemary to your food not only enhances flavour, it also has powerful anti-oxidant, germ and cancer fighting properties and so add some fresh rosemary or plant some on you garden.


Love – You are deceptively calm and easy going – you are happy to bob along and get in your get crossed you are like a tiger in defence.

Career – Pisces can express your creativity through physical action, so throw yourself into performance based activity or artistic pursuits which require physical strength, dexterity and input like dance, pottery, playing instruments etc. Be dramatic! Pisces can be exceptionally creative musically right now and yet it can be frenzied rather than calm.

Health – There are not enough pharmaceutical or “detoxes” that can replace a balanced, healthy and nutrient-dense diet. Stop looking for a quick fix. Pisces, instead start on a new path to long-term lifestyle change

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