Daily Horoscope April 18, 2018


Love – Your partner may be in for a pay rise or a bonus which can boost you sex life as well as your joint moral as money issues ease.

Career – This is a great time for Aries to initiate negotiations and start the ball rolling on plans to reach deals that can advance your business’ progress. It is also a very good time to start a project connected to the promotion of the arts.

Health – There is a strong need for psychological growth via confrontation – that means taking on what are usually difficult or challenging intimate or emotional issues.


Love – This is a terrific time for new relationships and so throw yourself into the dating scene or commit more seriously to budding love affairs.

Career – Taurus are advised to talk to friends about your career ambitions and goals as they may have some useful tips are also personal experiences to share which can save you making mistakes.

Health – Your ego energies are very much in sync right now and that means your interactions with both those close and strangers are harmonious and that means less aggravation and a more mutually supportive environment.


Love – Workplace romance thrive right now especially where you both work in the medical field. Common obsessions and ethics are a factor in new relationship that develop now.

Career – This is a good time to recruit new staff or outsource – you also need to trust those you work with more and allow them to impress you by giving them independence.

Health – If Gemini can keep the discipline and not submit to the desire to slack off, eat sweet treats or skip your gym session you can get some fabulous results – it is all about temptation and avoiding it is rewarded.


Love – This is a week when you have to let you hair down and think about fun and so today get googling events and Facebooking friend to kick start a summer vibe and shake off the winter blues with some exciting and entertaining plans.

Career – New businesses connected to children and young people get a boost right now and so whether you teach, coordinate creative events or kids entertainment or even design app for young people, get your act together and take advantage of the energies which are in your favour.

Health – Although your self discipline for strict diets or exercise regimes may be low, your general enthusiasm is high and so you naturally burn calorties by being more active and get involved wholeheartedly.


Love – Relations with your own parents are improved and that can mean less stress from them, which means more time and emotional energy to devote to your love relationships

Career – Home improvement initiatives can bring peace of mind and so a good time to tackle anything connected to your house or home that is causing stress and resolve it. This is especially true for those of you who work from home and need a degree of peace and organisation to concentrate.

Health – The digestive tract is more sensitive right now and so ignore what your mouth wants and think of what your stomach really needs ie more fibre, less sugar and less gluten or processed grains.


Love – Fuel romance with sexy messages – ley your partner know you are thinking about them and give affectionate feedback. Virgo often forget how important it is too boost your partner’s self esteem with well timed compliments.

Career – A very good time for a business trip especially if it involves a trade fair or going to view potential new products or stock to sell. Selling online is more profitable in the next 2 weeks and so you can step up advertising.

Health – Art can have a healing property and so whether you buy objects d’art for your home or office you cannot underestimate how pleasing surroundings assist creativity and reduce stress.


Love – “Can’t buy me love,” sung the Beatles and yet Librans tend to think right now that money is the way to impress a potential lover, but you can impress them more with your inner qualities and so open your heart not your wallet.

Career – Time to get on your accountant’s hat and start crunching the numbers; if you pay attention to your finances and redouble efforts to save and invest wisely you can have some dramatic results.

Health – Eat more dried fruit, chia seeds, nuts and even combine limes, spinach, cashew milk, honey and the chia seeds in a smoothie to satisfy your lust right now for rich and filling foods.


Love – Relationships are a key arena in the next few weeks and so you should make sure your work and career does not hog the limelight or you will be missing an opportunity to improve love life or kick start passion.

Career – A greater desire to relate to others means you give people and ideas the time of day rather than dismissing them and that can mean you discover hidden gold in surprising places.

Health – The power of attraction works for Scorpio more powerfully right now thank to Venus activating your ruler and so project your hopes and dreams into the ether with a great deal of energy and with vivid imagery.


Love – You are ready to deny yourself in order to fulfil short terms love and affection needs and yet you should not fall into a pattern of martyrdom.

Career – Long hours of reading and research can be strangely inspiring and Sagittarians are at their best when you can read, pontificate and then let you imagination run riot with both business and creative needs.

Health – Spiritual yearnings are enhanced and Sagittarians may consult psychics or clairvoyants as at this stage the answers or images you are given may make sense and have relevance to certain dilemmas you are facing.


Love – Your taste in love is rather unusual and this heralds a period where you are willing to try new things and also test out more radical characters in terms of your dating or who you contact via your dating sites. The unorthodox rules in love.

Career – Attention should turn to the bucket list – time to lift your head from the grind stone and ask, “What’s it all about?” and am I fulfilling or chasing dreams or just surviving.

Health – Capricorn tend to burn the candle at both ends right now and your life is full in term of work and social events, sleep is at premium and you should take a multi vitamin as you need an extra boost of essential minerals and vitamins.


Love – Love goals are vital to your life direction right now and so if your romantic life is in the doldrums that can drag your motivation down in other areas and so having positive relationship goals boost overall energy and performance in life.

Career – A time where sweet talking to boss can pay dividends ans so be on your best behaviour when the eye of authority is on you – a good time to curry favour.

Health – Getting fit is about targets and it is also about rest days and rewards and so make your fitness routine a fully rounded calendar with challenges, targets and also treats.


Love – Pisces are easily bored right now and you tend to want the earth to move every time and when it does not you almost feel cheated, they key right now is to focus on the little things that are exciting and are fulfilling rather than getting all set on some grand outcome that may not be possible for anyone.

Career – This is an excellent time for making your ideas public – if you want to educate, inspire or be politically active now is your chance to grab attention as your words have more power right now.

Health – Good health right now is all about challenging yourself, you need to pick a goal that seems really daunting then do some work on it each day chipping away at it until it finally becomes possible and you will amaze yourself.

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