Daily Horoscope April 15, 2018


Love – Aries are very responsive to emotional impulses and these can overpower reasoning and logic, meaning you act now and then wonder what you were doing meaning some backtracking in relationships.

Career – The new moon brings a boost to Aries who have a chance to turn a page – they say you never have a second chance to make a first impression and yet right now that is not true.

Health – While Aries must be somewhat coy about revealing all you emotions, it is important to act on your impulses and believe in yourself. Be brave and enjoy new experiences.


Love – You may have delayed reactions right now – something said or implied may not click until much later and you may wish you had reacted immediately, but perhaps it was better you did not.

Career – There is great fulfilment right now through service beyond your immediate needs or gains, so being empathetic and aware of other’s needs had an immediate karmic effect.

Health – Affection and physical touch are vital to the health of Taureans and so if you have had a guard up, time to let that down and engage affectionately and physically with family and also friends or your partner.


Love – Gemini are very impressionable which can lead to a state of flux in your emotional life which impacts on relationships making Gemini seem unreliable or unfathomable

Career – You need to detach your priorities from those of the people around you as networks and fellow professionals can distract you with their input rather than helping you.

Health – You can emotionally fulfil yourself via interactions with others and so both strangers who can become friends today and excising friends enhance your life.


Love – It is all about your personality and expressing yourself authentically, Cancer thrive in relationships where you partner fosters the growth of your personality rather than alignment with theirs.

Career – Your instincts in terms of what your clients or customers want right now are excellent and you are very responsive to any changes in vibe or mood and can capitalise on that.

Health – In order to keep positive and maintain momentum in your life it is vital that you have a little mid term audit in terms of goals for your career and you future – drifting along now leads to complacency and even energy loss.


Love – The grass does look greener elsewhere and Leo can throw away a friendship or a new relationship if the earth is not moving even if the fundamentals are still good.

Career – You are highly curious right now and are insatiable for answers and yet often you are too quick to talk about or tweet about what you find of interest without really asking if it has value.

Health – Leo have a craving for the bigger and the better and it is hard to satisfy yourself which means you could go overboard on food or drink if you are not fulfilled elsewhere.


Love – Knowing what others want and what their deeper motivations are is vital to the way you approach relationships – you cannot benefit from giving people what they do not want.

Career – With new moon in your 8th house it is a perfect time to start a financial plan, savings plan, take out a loan or consolidate debts.

Health – In some cases sexual dissatisfaction or an urgent need to seek greater sexual satisfaction or to challenge yourself sexually, may be a symptom of emotional insecurity.


Love – If you are just out of a relationship you could be tempted to rush right back into one and yet it would be better for you to be alone for a period and to confront the fear of being alone head on.

Career – The new moon in your 7th brings any negotiations and diplomacy efforts to fever pitch. It is a great time to begin new business partnerships or to re-define existing ones.

Health – You depend a lot on others for emotional support right now and yet you do not really want to acknowledge that, but if you are open to receiving that support and welcoming in advice you can thrive.


Love – Love may be last on the list as Scorpio’s attention turns to getting organised and feeling on control – control tends to overide social enjoyment or romance.

Career – A day to tidy up loose ends, make lists and look at the week ahead’s schedule to make sure you fit in all the make or break details that affect your work or your business.

Health – Although this is a great time for new diets and fitness initiatives with new moon in your 6th, you have to be super critical of the route you chose and have a very definite strategy for any weight-loss or get fit program to work.


Love – While this is a great time for romance, Sagittarians may put acceptance and fitting in too high on the priority list , meaning that you attract someone who is not a good fit for your true personality.

Career – The more confident you are the more bold you can be with creative and management decisions and you can make some trailblazing decisions.

Health – If you are insecure you can flit from thing to thing like a bee bouncing from flower to flower with a build up of frustration and so take a step back and decide what will be both fulfilling an worthwhile before you just head off on a wild goose chase.


Love – A perfect time to make long-range plans for your family’s future, from planning your home alterations, holidays, landmark family events or starting a family.

Career – Support your teams and get behind your colleagues both those above you and below you even if you feel they are not key players – treat everyone the same as you never know where they are going to be one day.

Health – Obsession and firm focus can be a healthy thing if it keeps you emotionally stimulated, but it may be a sign that you searching for a feeling of purpose which perhaps should be worked on from the inside out, not the outside in!


Love – Habit and reflex reactions are a problem in love and today you may make decisions solelybecause something “feels right” or because you’ve always done it a certain way and you are uncomfortable changing it.

Career – The new moon in your 3rd encourages you to beef up your communications by embracing new modes and methods and by making your message more current and more adaptable to changes in your immediate business environment.

Health – Keep busy and keep moving – remember that physical movement aids mental performance and s beat writer’s block with a good run or even cycle.


Love – A good time for turning a whole new financial leaf with your partner. In some cases Pisces should be careful of getting together with a person who is reckless with cash and debt as it may be catchy.

Career – A time to work on your collections or replenish stock – Pisces may pour over catalogues or trade magazines to make important purchases for your business and also for investment purposes.

Health – They say the tighter you hold onto something the harder it is to keep hold of it and so remember that.

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