Daily Horoscope April 13, 2018


Love – Sacrificing and compromising are strangely therapeutic in romantic situations, giving really is better than receiving but it is not about gifts of material things, it is about emotional gifts.

Career – Mars sextile Neptune means that indirect and subtle actions achieve impressive results. Even though Aries are used to getting your way through independent efforts, you may realize the effectiveness of consensus based action.

Health – Activities like swimming and rhythmic dance are most beneficial, avoid high impact sports or fitness.


Love – Taurus are sharing more openly with others thanks to Neptune’s sextile to your ruler and you make friends, platonic and sexual, easily now since you are less judgmental about people and less particular in your choices.

Career – A great time to kick back and enjoy the finer things in life forgetting work and immersing yourself in what you most enjoy – forget the news and anything that stresses you out and get into wine, women, movies or comedy to thrust yourself into the weekend headlong.

Health – It is vital for your to be open to the arts and aesthetic influences as either as a spectator or a performer, this can lift your spirits, especially if you feel a sense of dis-ease or anger in any way.


Love – In new relationships Gemini need to watch out for over sharing, you do not want to come across as needy and you also do not want to look like you have may issues.

Career – Gemini may find it hard to switch off from work, you are either highly engaged in what you are doing, which is great, or perhaps you are feeling that there is more to know and understand and you cannot afford to have a break and let it go over the weekend.

Health – Over work and mental strain is an issue and so you really do need more sleep, less coffee and more fresh food free of sugar. Avoid rich creamy sauces and chocolate puddings and opt for melons, berries and pear.


Love – Cancer are in the mood for entertaining this weekend and you may be looking to welcome in the spring with a big get together of friends and family – emotionally you are up and you want to spread that positivity.

Career – There is a sense of relief right now; a ‘phew’ or a big sigh as you feel that you have achieved or overcome something and are looking forward to some smooth sailing.

Health – Eating healthy but having fun eating is key and so healthy brown breads or oat cakes with dips like humus, guacamole, egg salad or fish pate is excellent.


Love – Relationships right now are supportive and offer an anchor but not much excitement and so you will need to perhaps gain that spark from friends or from your family.

Career – Leo are caught between a rock and a hard place, you have this energy and you are filled with ideas and yet issues from the past keeping holding you in check unable to just explode onto the scene with the new wave.

Health – Leo are struggling with energy levels right now – your sleep patterns are mixed up and you are not eating regular meals. Regular meals may be the first place for you to get your life back into gear.


Love – Neptune’s happy little sextile with Venus brings some romance into your love life and even if things have been hard going lately, some humour and relaxation with a good bottle of wine is on the cards.

Career – This is a very good time for mediation and so you may be cast as go between in terms of you work or personal matters with colleagues.

Health – If you are on a detox or alcohol free period, you should avoid social events where there is alcohol as most of the places or people who want to hang out with you right now are going to be drinking and that could be a problem.


Love – Libra know what you need in a relationship, which makes it all the more likely you may meet someone who fulfils your dreams. Current relationships should benefit from a greater attunement to what makes each of you happy.

Career – An excellent time to decide on new designs for business cards, logos, websites or interior furnishings as your eye for colour and form is enhanced and you have the ability to pot what works and what will pop with your target audience.

Health – Libra must make room for fantasy and escapism, you are in need of diversions, a worm hole into another world of arts, music and moods which can help you to rebalance your life and increase inner harmony.


Love – There is the possibility of greater depth to your appreciation of the most urgent matters that are facing you and your partner and there is the positivity to deal with them.

Career – You really get the most out of yourself when you throw yourself into an activity head on – if you are engaged with something, go for it and do not hold back.

Health – Little meals more often are better than large meals and you should also take time after a meal to digest it before you start rushing about or dancing or talking intensely.


Love – There are opportunities to meet someone tonight and yet you need to be looking in the right place and that right place is in the future – yes, chose a new partner who represents a positive place that you need an want to be in your future.

Career – While you feel that success is just within your grasp, the last stage requires effort to reap the full benefits, you must keep up the gusto until the last minute.

Health – Circumstances right now will to give you the opportunity to create significant openings for change stemming from things than seem small, but which you realise are significant.


Love – You need to know what you are taking responsibility for and where you need to say hey, “Do not lay this one on me!” Do not be a fall guy for all the relationship woes.

Career – Be careful in press relations and also communications with people within your business world – be cautious about what you say and reveal about your difficulties or even future plans.

Health – Family gossip and unfair criticism can really get you down and you have to know how to shut yourself off from the unhelpful ‘noise’ that comes from certain family members.


Love – Aquarians want excitement in love and yet you are not quite sure how to power things up and so put your mind to it and think up some exciting ideas to get the romantic rev counter into the red.

Career – With Uranus hovering in the last degrees of Aries, Aquarians may feel like they are waiting for the next show to drop, you just need things to fall into place before you will know what your next move should be.

Health – You are being totally thoughtless about fitness and diet, in some ways you are just muddling along hoping for the best and you need to get more proactive about health.


Love – With Neptune happily at the midpoint of a mars venus trine Pisces are going to be attracting your fair share of fun and romantic attention and so get on your party outfit and dancing shoes and ring up all your Libran, Taurean and Aquarian pals.

Career – A highly creative time and excellent for all performing art – you are able to project in a particularly pleasing and effective way that is entertaining and attention grabbing and so assume centre stage with confidence.

Health – Pisces should embrace the day and enjoy the moment as you forget regrets and realise that sometimes troubles happen for good, and dreams are not fulfilled for the better.

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