Daily Horoscope April 12, 2018


Love – If you make a stand when it comes to red lines in relationships and you can pave the way for better understaing later on, but if you fail to set the tone now, you will regret it in 3 months’ time.

Career – A very energetic time when Arians can take advantage of a Mars burst of energy which enables you to get a great deal done, although you tend to start things and quit for something more interesting half way through.

Health – Good intentions and good beginnings mean that plenty of calories get burned but specific targets may not be reached.


Love – Everything is better with two today and so even if you are single seek out a pal to hang out with after work and if you are married time to get a table reserved at a nice quiet restaurant with a good ambiance.

Career – There is a strong desire to create today and that energy can be used to be artistically creative or just in terms of creative new environments, new methods and setting in motion new collaborations.

Health – A great day for health as you feel more at ease within and yet you are more likely to want to relax and luxuriate than do something physical.


Love – You are rather independent right now and are likely to wish to pursue your own interests away from the relationship – a time when you need to press the boundaries and resist in control in love that may be encroaching.

Career – You are highly conscious of your objectives right now and that means that you can work with great productivity and you can also motivate others as you lead by example.

Health – Gemini are vigorous and you have high energy which is great not only for your fitness goals but because you can energise any sports team you are part of and ensure success.


Love – A favourable impression you make on a boss or superior could be connected to your charm and also a certain sexual element and so make sure you keep that sexual side of things in check.

Career – Venus brings success in any group endeavour or with your public relations efforts – you find it easy to be diplomatic even with people who are difficult and demanding.

Health – You have a sweet tooth right now and so avoid temptation; if you remove things like sugar or cookies from sight there is an out of sight out of mind effect.


Love – Leo are in the mood for love and you are also in the mood for sex – you are itching to go dancing or do some physical activity that arouses you and gets you feeling sexy. You can be highly flirtatious and spontaneous affairs are possible.

Career – You are more willing to compromise today and so you will be less inclined to fight for what you want and yet if you go too easy on the competition today you may regret it later.

Health – Although a Mars trine to your Sun brings energy, the Venus square with your Sun inclines you to put that energy into having fun or pursuing things that make you feel happy and relaxed.


Love – Love, intimacy and affection all get a boost especially if your partner is an earth sign; but you may find that after the initial advances you just fall into bed and have a good kip rather than a major bonk.

Career – This is an excellent time for both working alone or in a team; you are very easy going and are able to apply your skills in many different spheres with ease – you can switch between roles seamlessly. An excellent day to pass a test or assessment.

Health – If you have been struggling with motivation, today should see a positive surge where you begin to believe that greater and better things are possible for your health and also for your lifestyle and work life balance in general.


Love – Single Libra are impatient to get into relationships and so may choose the first guy/gal that comes along rather than waiting and testing the waters.

Career – If you have colleagues or even clients whom you have to organise, it can be challenging, and you will have to give them tight deadlines and targets. Keep communicating and ram home the agenda.

Health – Eat like a peasant – no, not too little but focus on root vegetables, slow cooked meals and stews rather than modern meals like pasta and sauces or spicey exotic dishes.


Love – Today is about restoring intimacy on the deepest levels via quality sexual and intellectual stimulation. This, however, cannot be rushed; you need to make the time and turn down all the distractions.

Career – You can get the most out of today by doing things you really enjoy and being with people you really want to be with, rather than socialising or networking with people you don’t like just for some perceived advantage

Health – Being constrained by the speed or attitudes of others will feel frustrating, and yet being part of the group can help your own motivation and keep your energy high.


Love – You are very sensitive right now, and certain criticism may feed into your self-doubts and insecurity – you must repel any feedback that is negative or unhelpful and take on board anything that can take the relationship foreward.

Career – Crunch the numbers and pay attention to any rebates, allowances or government subsidies you may qualify for on a personal or professional basis – you could be missing out if you do not stay abreast of what is available.

Health – A time for new routines and for finding ways to fit everything in while allowing time for harmonious and quite meal times as well as at least 10 minutes a day for physical activity where you get your heart rate up.


Love – This is a highly idealistic time for relationships of all types and a time that can be richly rewarding or very disappointing. It will be disappointing if you allow your expectations to become unrealistic as getting carried away is a part of this phase. It can be rewarding if you can relax, let your hair down, go with the flow and have a no strings attached, wild abandon style of love.

Career – Creatively you tend to gel with people and yet when it comes to dealing with suppliers or caterers it can be a massive headache and so if you are holding events make sure the people who can make or break the event in terms of the logistics and supply are prepped and ready to perform.

Health – One in four people are very sensitive to everyday household products – you may be one and so tail back on fragrance rich cleaners.


Love – It may be a case of having to put your pride in your pocket when it comes to an individual dispute you have within your family for the greater good of the family as a whole.

Career – This is a good day to deal with real estate sales and transfers, investment in real estate or investment in geological research. Take note of environmental law and regulations and make sure you comply if looking into new development.

Health – You may feel a little irritable and ill at ease and that can make you you quite snappy, but you will be quick to apologize. You may need to let off steam by doing something like boxing or shouting at a sports team just to get that inner frustration out.


Love – Pisces’ desire nature is stimulated by Mars and yet you will have to compromise to get what you want and after all the compromise you may be more ready for sleep than sex.

Career – They say you have to spend money to make money and yet you have to really know if what you are spending on will have the desired results and so do not shell out impulsively hoping for the bets Pisces.

Health – Aromatherapy can have terrific effects and so if you need lavender for calming or basil and ginger to pep you up do not underestimate the power of smell.

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