Daily Horoscope April 11, 2018


Love – It is a time of understanding the deeper psychological aspects that operate in the relationship and which drive many of the things you do or arguments you have – nothing can be resolved by looking at superficial day to day problems – you must unearth the key fears, insecurities, and desires that drive the more overt emotions.

Career – Make sure you review any information you pay for or commission which is passed onto you to see how accurate or sensible it is.

Health – How much effort do you put into talking sexy – forget the bills, the shopping lists and let your tongue do the work with some creative and stimulating sexual banter.


Love – You may have fun and hang out or watch movies with your partner, but do you understand each other’s goals and support each other’s efforts towards those goals.

Career – Charitable and humanitarian work gets a boost with Taurus able to rally support and create more momentum behind your goals to help or support others.

Health – It may be that with time which has passed and the maturity you now have that events in the past make more sense and can be understood in hindsight and thus patched up and resolved.


Love – This mysterious nature you have right now is highly intriguing in new relationships and creates an exciting aura around you that helps romance.

Career – Family matters can be quite confusing, and it is better not to make decisions about home alternations, home moves, etc., as there are still changes coming which can alter the complexion of the decision.

Health – Gemini need to ensure that you have a regular exercise routine, as well as a warmup/cool down routine, to help combat achy painful knees and joints!


Love – Issues surrounding your children can be a uniting force and can also help you and your partner remember what you have in common and what you both have to be grateful about rather than what pulls you apart.

Career – Negotiations are intense and detailed but generally progress quickly and smoothly, but you should never underestimate the scale of information and of the work ahead.

Health – Do not be complacent, as you could be in somewhat of a honeymoon period regarding a new diet or regime, results can stop coming in fast if you let up just a little.


Love – It may not be the most spontaneous time in love, but it is consistent and pleasantly predictable with less drama and volatility, and you can make decisions and get stuff done.

Career – They say that punctuality is the courtesy of kings and the politeness of princesses and so be on time and be sharp to impress you superiors.

Health – While you cannot teach old dogs new tricks, what you can do is adjust your filters so that you take some of the things people do less personally and reflect their negativity away.


Love – Virgo need at least one person with whom they can share everything: a friend, mother, or lover, and if you have no such person, that could be the root of discontent and unhappiness.

Career – You have a knack for handling a very wide variety of tasks without becoming scattered. Be careful of what you say ‘yes’ to as some seemingly simply jobs can become quagmires of detail and contradiction that get you tangled up for hours and days, not always productively.

Health – If someone your care about has a problem, do not assume you can get them out of it; it may be wise to steer clear of it altogether.


Love – You should think twice before ending a friendship over a disagreement; it is probably not half as bad as you think it is, and you need time out rather than a break-up.

Career – It can be hard work bringing others around to your thinking, and you must try and inject more positivity and make the arguments less dry and more colourful.

Health – Because your actions are governed by your instincts during this period, you may be especially defensive and protective. You may work hard at making yourself feel more secure, and you may be called upon to take charge on the home and family front.


Love – Scorpio are more assertive in your interaction with your partner and debates can become quite heated – you have a knack of zoning in on what is most crucial and can be quite blunt at times.

Career – Scorpio are likely to be suspicious and you can almost bring out the devious side of others if you choose to focus on it. If you believe someone is out to get you, you will almost engineer a situation where that is confirmed to you

Health – Communication and running errands are emphasised, and you can burn off the calories just doing the admin chores of the day.


Love – Effort and commitment are key to any plan you have to restore a realtionship, not to mention patience which you need a large dose of.

Career – You are a rebel right now, but often a furtive one. You may appear to play the game and toe the line, but you have other ideas

Health – Avoid the phone, conversations can spiral into things you never expected and do not really want to deal with.


Love – Single Capricorn can be too impatient to develop any meaningful new connections; you tend to discard people too quickly in your haste to move into the next one – perhaps you just cannot bear commitment or anything that may limit or stifle you right now and are keeping your options open …wide open.

Career – Expectations run high, and yet it is better to temper your enthusiasm for new ventures and recalibrate – know who you can really count on and make sure their assurances are backed up with some action.

Health – Health is very much about taking personal responsibility – no one can do it for you and how little or how much you do to improve health or cut back on junk food is a ball in your court. Limit diary over the next month.


Love – You must make allowances for imperfection, but you must not make excuses for repeated bad behaviour especially where there was an obvious pay off for your partner.

Career – You are more powerful when you join forces with a partner even on a temporary basis – you may unite with a former enemy to confront a new threat.

Health – You thrive off company right now and even if things are tense and not exactly carefree or fun, you prefer that to being alone.


Love – Do not give up too much ground now as it can be harder for you to reclaim that later, especially if things get more contentious.

Career – It is an ideal time to think about adult education and about heading off to college to update skills, add to skills or even follow a fresh new avenue that could open up doors regarding career.

Health – Pace yourself more and try and listen to your body – know when to slow down. Often there is more resistance this month and so what usually takes a small amount of effort can take more; nothing is as simple as it seems.

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