Daily Horoscope 7 April, 2018


Love – Love is about being practical and looking for options that make sense in the real world rather than donning the rose coloured glasses and making decisions based on ideals and illusions.

Career – This is an excellent time for taking out the financial records and bank statements and doing your filing and reconciliations; while rather dull this activity can focus your mind and you may even discover some useful savings or strategies.

Health – While Aries are usually adventurous, today is a day where you can get more out of life if you stick with what you know and take time to appreciate what is under your nose.


Love – Relationships benefit from common sense, Taureans must veer away from advice which is highly abstract including affirmations with airy fairy notions, be down to earth it’s your best way foreward.

Career – A good day to tie up loose ends and to make those phone calls and get back to people you have been meaning to. If you need to chase staff or contacts up then get on their back.

Health – You cannot people-please right now, you have only enough energy to look after your immediate needs and so, say ‘no’ when someone is trying to drag you into something which is bound to waste time and effort.


Love – This is a time when Gemini can tackle sexual issues successfully but you should seek qualified medical assistance instead of resorting to quackery and old wives’ tales.

Career – There may be a claim you can pursue with regards to loss of money due to trade overseas or import and so make sure you know you rights and raise queries with your insurer or credit agency.

Health – This is a good time to flush out toxins and you may try a herbal tea which detoxifies especially if it contains milk thistle. However you must remember to drink extra fluid and avoid caffeine while you detox with herbal teas.


Love – This is a time of progress, not necessarily breakthroughs but movement on issues you and your partner have been working on in terms of the relationship or joint finances

Career – Discussions and negotiations can be very fruitful today and you can make great progress; there is a better understanding of what you all want and some common ground emerges.

Health – Support from parents and family can be the difference and so pick up the phone and share with a trusted family member rather than a friend.


Love – Success in love is about being practical and putting your needs second, not because you are a martyr but because you know what the priorities are and that it make sense to put certain things on the shelf right now.

Career – A useful piece of advice from a friend could help you use the knowledge you have in a new and profitable way thanks to a new technology or social media platform.

Health – Good health is all about avoiding what winds you up, even if you enjoy debate and competition, it may be good to take a break from that and do something rather non-confrontational which put you in a peaceful and harmonious frame of mind.


Love – Romance today is like a hearty slow cooked meal, it is a time when patience and carefully chosen words lead to a greater feeling of satisfaction and steady progress in term of emotional understanding.

Career – An excellent time for the management side of any project be that project creative, artistic or technical – you need to get to grips with the business side and tighten up your bookkeeping and pay greater attention to your profit margins and gross margins as so profit is slipping away.

Health – Virgo are disciplined when it comes to sticking to your exercise target – you are enjoying your food and yet you are happy to put in more work to get rid of the calories.


Love – Libran’s ability to see things in a fair minded way is a great asset right now, no matter what is going on you have that ability to step back and see things from the neutral ground rather than the battle field.

Career – A very good time to break bad news or tackle a thorny subject with your boss, you are able to be diplomatic and also to retain your composure and look like a problem solver not a bearer of bad news.

Health – They say never go on a diet if you are under stress and right now Libra are able to manage stresses in your life better; they are still there but you can handle the heat in the kitchen and so a great time to work on your diets and stick to meal plans.


Love – Communication is key for your relationships to work, but for Scorpio being open about sex is way easier said than done and yet may be the missing link.

Career – Remember Scorpio that many companies may not be advertising jobs anywhere, but you may get wind of them via your networks and so make sure those in your networks or even old colleagues or intellectual peers know what you are working on or into right now – talk shop in your social circles.

Health – If you need more sleep, take heart as sleeping assist in calorie combustion. Indeed! Studies show that a lack of sleep leads to fatigue, daaah, which slows down metabolism and hence – the burning of calories. A good night’s sleep could be the missing ingredient in your health routine.


Love – Happiness is an inside out thing, Sagittarians should not expect someone else to make you happy. Do you best to make them happy and if they don’t reciprocate they’re not right for you.

Career – Time to spring clean your website with some new content, perhaps an update of your achievements or new goals, links to new social platforms that have emerged or a whole new logo.

Health – Sagittarians should use coconut water which has properties that remove mineral toxins from the blood. The coconut water also helps in eliminating toxins accumulated in the intestine due to poor digestion.


Love – Attraction and satisfaction both end with the word ‘action’ and so do not be passive in love, go after what you want, and that starts by knowing what you need.

Career – A time to do some research on bitcoin or block chain technology as it may soon become relevant to your business, industry or clients and you need to know you onions when it comes to it.

Health – Try adding extra tomato paste or canned tomatoes to sauces instead of milk, cream or even yogurt to reduce calorie while not compromising on flavour.


Love – Becoming a better kisser could be the key to a better sex life and also more successful dating, work on your kissing technique and do not underestimate what a good kissing technique can do for your progress to the next bases.

Career – Many bosses or team leaders are narcissists and it can be helpful to know narcissistic tactics so that you are more aware of where your issues end and theirs start as they tend to always project their deficiencies.

Health – When you have an empty stomach the best food to eat are apples, bananas, melon, mango, papaya and berries – so avoid eating starches on an empty tum.


Love – Don’t be afraid to tell potential partners or even acquaintances that you are looking for a relationship – let people know you are in the market for serious romance and not just casual flings and flirting, it helps to put your intention out there.

Career – A time to look after your smaller clients or less significant fans or contributors, often the small guys’ input adds up to quite a substantial wedge of your income and so look after them and let them know they count.

Health – A great day to be social and to forget to chores and worries, a time to let your hair down and focus on immersing yourself in the event and feeling the vibe, Pisces’ ability to let go is essential to helping your recharge your batteries.

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