April 4 Daily Horoscopes, 2018

Love – Discussions can raise more questions than answers and so a day to let sleeping dogs lie and not to raise those issues you know are red flags as arguments now are just about anger not solutions.

Career – Words can come back to haunt you and so be careful with what you say especially when you speak off the cuff, be more guarded and cautious about expressing opinions.

Health – Not a great day for travelling locally or rushing about doing errands – avoid unnecessary car trips especially if traffic is involved as you will feel quite heated if there are delays.


Love – Romantically things are tricky and you have to play it by ear and be more alert to subtle signals; your partner will not spell things out and so you have to read those more obscure messages.

Career – With the moon waning and Mars square mercury retrograde this is not the time for important financial decisions or making out lays. Proposals you get now can be exciting, but they may be a red herring rather than a concrete way forward.

Health – Taurus lack energy right now and yet the answer is not in coffee or even supplements, you should rather look to increase fibre and drink more spring or alkaline water.


Love – “What is essential is invisible to the eye, only the heart can see rightly” – facts and appearances can mislead and Gemini must go with their gut even if logic says otherwise

Career – This is a time when those you rely on most can disappoint and so you have to have a Plan B as you may also be called on to pick up the pieces yourself as folks flake away in a crisis.

Health – Health is more delicate right now with your ruler Mercury retrograde and also square Mars and so you should be more cautious in travel and also conservative with what you eat – avoid take-aways.


Love – In love, much of what is important is implied, there can be subtle games as you both try and seize power or stand your ground – sorry means anything but sorry as you retreat temporarily with every intention of making a comeback and having the last word.

Career – This is a hectic and demanding day when fast decisions need to be made – it is impossible to get everything right today and often being decisive and making what you decide on work is more important than making than so called ‘right’ decision.

Health – Stress now is self inflicted as you tend to overplay things in your head – you have to know how to stop your overactive mind racing often to the least likely scenario.


Love – Opportunities for love are there, but may not be seized upon as you have many competing interests right now and are struggling to juggle it all – Leo will be non-committal in love and prefer a love affair that fills a gap rather than fills your life.

Career – There are many options to explore and new people to meet who can expand your awareness increasing your effectiveness in your current field, but you need to be quite discerning in picking the options that are best to suited to where you are now and where the need to get next.

Health – Headaches and mental fogginess are a result of poor sleep right now – Leo should avoid red meat, high fat food (even if it is a healthy fat) and complex carbohydrates to help improve sleep. It is better to go to bed a little hungry than over full.


Love – Love relationships with bosses or superiors or even a partner who has a more advanced position in a field than you are problematic as there is an air of intellectual snobbery and one upmanship or arrogance that sours the air.

Career – It is vital to have an oasis of calm as you cannot make good decisions in an environment that is disruptive, loud or conflict filled – make sure there is a way you can retreat to a quiet spot to get a perspective and see clear to your next move.

Health – Virgo need balance right now, life is very demanding and you may be eating food in a mad rush. No matter what you eat, make time to create a relaxed aura at dinner and breakfast so that you chew and digest food with no talking or gulping down while you talk on the phone or shout at the kids.


Love – Stop worrying about who is right and who is wrong, does it even matter – there is the tendency to get side tracked by what is totally trivial in the big scheme of things.

Career – Libra are extremely impatient about details right now, you just want to bounce over what looks like the dull and ordinary so that you can get to what you feel matters, so you need to delegate the details or make a note to do them later, but do not ignore them or wish them away.

Health – A false sense of optimism can lead you into situations where you could be put on the spot and have to make a choice that you know you will be stuck with for some time. Read the signs better and know when to walk away.


Love – Scorpio should not dip in the friendship pool to find lovers right now especially the friends with benefits style friends – clearly demarcate the friendzone from the erogenouse zone.

Career – Do not a borrower or lender be, avoid financial dealings with friends and also family as there are strings attached no matter what they say. You should also be careful of taking money advice from people – ask yourself what is in it for them?

Health – Be careful what you say to who as gossip can be cruel and hurtful – secrets right now are destructive and so do not keep secrets for others or be secretive yourself.


Love – This is a time when you need to inject humour into your love life; problems are best made fun of. Take a serious situation and send it up, there is nothing to be gained from being gloomy, having a laugh even about a serious problem could just be like that little bit of salt that makes even a crummy meal palatable.

Career – Long term decisions play on your mind and even if you are not ready to make any big life defining moves, you cannot help thinking that you should at least start planning as something is telling you there are moves in the pipeline and you need to be ready.

Health – Sagittarians need to increase the amount of green leafy vegetables you eat and so start with adding young spinach leaves, rocket, watercress and coleslaw to salads.


Love – Trying to know what you should be able to feel and trying to understand what you should be able to intuit can cause more obstacles in love than it alleviates.

Career – Decisions are a challenge right now, situations may demand tough choices, and often fear is your reason for making a selection, especially if there is great uncertainty.

Health – The key now is to slow down, slow down your thinking, slow down your pace, often speed is the biggest problem not the solution it appears to be.


Love – Aquarians are very expressive in love, you want to say how you feel and go with the spontaneous flow of emotion and yet that can get you into some trouble quite unexpectedly. Watch out for teasing a new partner who may take it the wrong way.

Career – You have to step carefully when dealing with people who have a past or who may have connections with the underworld or nasty elements and so it is not so much taking people at the face value it is knowing the baggage they come with.

Health – Aquarians can learn a great deal right now and yet some of those lessons involve facing your greatest deficiencies, especially thought processes based on fear and yet without facing those tough areas you cannot get into the depths where the greatest gold can be discovered.


Love – Pisces enjoy it when a partner takes the lead, you are impressed by knight in shining armour gestures today – right now Pisces put more store in bold actions that represent a degree of personal or professional risk, you want your partner to stick their neck out for you.

Career – With Saturn square your 7th house ruler, those you work closely with or rely on for input can challenge your patience and your tolerance, and you may be reluctant to stand up for yourself in case you make things worse.

Health – Pisces can be too quick to defend a stance you have taken even when you know that it is wrong – saving face tends to matter more that doing what is right. It can be highly self-defeating when being right is more important than being happy.

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