March 31 Daily Horoscope, 2018

Love – You are very sensitive to criticism or even comments and you need some time alone as much of what your partner does will annoy you even if it is innocuous or innocent.

Career – SCorpio are obsessing about aspects of your work – the collection of 4 in your 6th calls for detail and attention to specifics but often you do not know when you have done enough and you go over and over stuff unproductively. You can get held back by perfectionist tendencies.

Health – You need to pace yourself in all your exercise and to avoid any extreme sports that could result in injuries to bones ie skiing or climbing or ab sailing. Fitness may be high on your agenda, but it must be measured and combined with highly nutritious food.

Love – A good time to dust off the Romance CD’s and introduce some passion into relationships – or why not make the move on the one who has caught you eye.

Career – The biggest problem in your creative and management work is just too many choices and you feel torn between possibilities. Virgos are finishers but right now you jump from thing to thing possibly not completing. It is hard to prioritise.

Health – Self-confidence for Sagittraius is intrinsically linked to leadership and creativity, and you need some place in your life where these elements, so vital to you, are given an outlet. A great time to get pregnant.


Love – You are more open-minded about relationships right now, and while your expectations will be high and you will want things to move fast, you will tend to regard the inevitable ups and downs more as a chance to understand your new partner than a cause for upset.

Career – Events at home can overshadow everything – you may have works ongoing or major family events, but your focus is drawn to the most personal matters in connection with home and family. You are forced to reconsider many plans and aims you are pursuing – are they the best use of your time and energy?

Health – Hard physical work can do you a great deal of good and so throw yourself into anything which is all consuming from exercise to a DIY project. Get stuck in wholey and souly and feel renewed.


Love – You can be rather critical and impatient with your loved one at a time when you actually need to be more compassionate. Maybe you are looking at things from your own point of view exclusively, and you may actually be picking up the wrong signals or drawing the wrong conclusions.

Career – You have to be careful that you do not over analyse something to the extent that the opportunity passes by why you are there doing all the sums. AQuarians have poor timing as you do not know when one phase is over and you need to jump right into the next phase, know when you have done enough and move on.

Health – Overwork can lower your immune system. You need variety in activity and you should chose to walk or drive rather than take crowded public transport where you can pick up illnesses.


Love – You are in a very giving mood and will find it natural to be helpful and caring, in many cases forsaking your own needs, but you need to be careful that this mood of self-sacrifice does not swing into one of martyrdom where you feel a little underappreciated and used.

Career – Pisces have many choices facing you right now, get advice from a partner, a financial consultant or accountant –do not get so wrapped up in managing your own possessions and finances that these things rule your life.

Health – This can be a very stressful and demanding time when emotionally and mentally you have to give far more to get by – you need more sleep and better nutrition and so take a good supplement with potassium, manganese, vitamin B and Calcium.


Love – You will tend to romance with people you have only just met and who know nothing at all about you, so that you almost have a blank canvas to reshape and redefine your image – you can be a new and different person with this new lover.

Career – It is vital to work with others right now to balance you energy and help you get a perspective – you are bursting with ideas and yet you need a strong foil who can assist you is seeing what matters and where to focus.

Health – Use your intuition, but do not let your faith in your destiny or some overriding plan make you neglect dealing with details.

Love – You are a little insecure in love right now and thus can react to small things with quite a bit of venom, especially if you sense a slight or an attack.

Career – Not a time to be a hermit or work alone. Even if you have no real work, Taurs need to get outside of yourself and involve yourself with useful service to other people or you can become quite neurotic!

Health – This is a time to avoid aggressive or toxic people. You are very impressionable now and can easily absorb negative emotions and so you are best avoiding people who emit these as they often seek to make their problems yours.

Love – Positive new associations can take the pressure off existing relationships, you are fulfilling inner needs in many new ways, and that means your world is expanding, making the old issues and problems seem smaller in this new context.

Career – While being with others stimulates you and gives you energy it can result in you losing the plot and going along with the herd forgetting what you priorities are.

Health – Mentally this is a very draining time and you should supplement with tryptophan, magnesium, zinc and vitamin B6. Iron is also important and so eat your spinach, chicken liver pate, oysters, clams, beef and sardines.

Love – You have to watch out for perceived double standards in love; your partner may feel that you act in ways that appear to contradict your stated values and beliefs. It may not be contradictory at all and you may have to explain that.

Career – With 5 planets in your 10th career is demanding, emotional, dynamic and filled with variety – it demands you leave it all on the field, take your chances and make those opportunities pop.

Health – There could be intense relations with one or both parents and this can have a knock on effect on your home and family life as it throws off your balance and affects your ability to make clear decisions.


Love – Pontificating about life and relationships can keep you from living in the real world and making decisions that will help you thrive emotionally – stop thinking and planning and start doing.

Career – Leo are the ponderers –you are mentally oriented and can easily hide in a world of philosophy and theory. Teach and share what you know – then allow others to draw their own conclusions.

Health – You can be obsessive about your beliefs: you need to work on tolerance and walk away from hearted debate. Do not be offended when people ask for advice but do not follow it or ignore it.


Love – Stop taking control obsessively in relationships allow things to just happen – walk away or let your partner walk away, take a chance and see what happens. There can be problems connected to a conflict between sexuality and spirituality.

Career – With 5 planets in your 8th house things beyond your control keep arising and creating upheaval – karma is everywhere and so work with it and learn from it. Go with the flow and stay open to the knowledge coming at you in subtle ways.

Health – Aches and pains tend to play up and any persistent health issue will be more troubling and so avoid triggers, do not indulge in anything you know has a bad effect on you and employ balance in your diet. Warm up carefully before exercise.


Love – Sometime the closer you get to the problem the more you cannot see the wood from the trees; a little distance from you partner can be the solution rather than just hammering on trying to analyse and solve problems.

Career – Intense negotiations that carry on through the weekend can drain your energy. Work is all about using every one of your people skills and also being an emotional contortionist in order to keep everyone satisfied and catered for.

Health – You may be getting a little run down and so today you should pop a multi vitamin or a good tonic to get a general vitamin and mineral boost. A green smoothie could also do the trick.

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