April 2 Daily Horoscope 2018


Love – Nothing can be taken as read in love, you have to keep putting in the effort and so no resting on your laurels, grab some roses, get a favourite meal on the table and keep love burning bright with thoughtfulness and extra input.
Career – You may have heavier outgoings in the next few weeks and so this is a time to review finances and think ahead to what you will have to fork out, especially in business and for client entertaining.
Health – With your ruler conjunct Saturn, health cannot be take fore granted and while you have sustained energy release you must have routine and get enough sleep and eat proper food not just filling food packed with rubbish


Love – With Venus entering Taurus this is a fruitful time for love to blossom and for all relationships, new and old, to grow and prosper
Career – With malefic Mars on your ninth house ruler this is not a great time to book long haul travel for business or trade or to publish a book or a paper and so hold back for a few days
Health – Positive thinking is quite a battle right now as Taureans are in a rather passive mood, you are inclined to take what comes and do what you have to do, shying away from the bigger challenges which could propel you forward as you are a little lazy mentally and spiritually right now.


Love – Sexually you are more reserved and this is not the day for a new sexual liaison, you should hold back and think about what you want in terms of intimacy rather than just going through the motions in an unsatisfying treadmill
Career – Rather make a dash than splash the cash, do not let others around you lure you into spending which is unwise or which you cannot afford right now
Health – Social activities are usually your tonic, but right now you need to be discerning in who you chose to hang out with, as certain people are more effort than they are worth and you should keep your distance.

Love – You are the hostess with the mostess, Cancer love to host events right now both social and with a business element and you can use these events to enhance your profile in terms of being available romantically.
Career – A time when you cannot work with bossy, aggressive types – chose carefully who you work with right now and if you do have a choice, steer clear of those who are clearly out to feather their own nests and look after their own ambitious needs.
Health – You should be careful of setting too high a bar in terms of a health or diet – too high, too far, too soon – take it in bitesize chunks or you may feel demoralised

Love – Work or worry about your work load can make Leo a dull boy or girl, you tend to be preoccupied and a little austere when it comes to love, while this will pass soon, it is still worth explaining to your partner that you have a lot on your mind instead of expecting them to guess
Career – A great time to schmooze the boss; be on your best behaviour and give it your diplomatic best shot – it pays to play the game right now rather than look to lock horns or be controversial.
Health – Headaches and neck or back pain may bother you and so be sure to stretch and get up after long hours sitting for some posture exercises. Drink more water was you are very dehydrated.


Love – Love can be hard work and less is more, you may keep feeling that you have to do more and more to keep romance exciting or loving, but maybe what you really need is to walk away and let your partner miss your input
Career – With the ruler of your money house entering your 9th house, Virgo want to spend money on aspirational purchases and so you may look to set money aside for an exciting holiday or spend on a promotion for a pet project or a course to boost your self esteem.
Health – This is not the time to start a dispute over money or resources even if you are in the right as the ramifications can be very anger inducing and health damaging and so pursue dialogue for as long as possible,


Love – Sexual expression is vital for Libra right now and you need to be in touch with yourself as a sexual animal. So even if your relationship is stale or you are single, no reason why you cannot buy sexy underwear, get your favourite music on, eat some more chocolate (if any is left after Easter) and reawaken the sex kitten or panther within.
Career – As your ruler enters your 8th house, personal progress is linked to your ability to access the resources or talents of others and so you need to headhunt people with complimentary abilities and you must also work hard to improve relations with people like bank managers, bureaucrats or government officials who have decision making power over your or your business
Health – Get a massage or some other form of relaxing hands on treatment from a facial to a head massage, Libra benefit from touch especially when combined with fragrant oils today.


Love – It is pretty easy for you to bring the best out in people right now and so even if no one else can get on with person X, Scorpio may well be the little bit of magic dust to bring this person out of themselves and a lasting bond can be formed.
Career – You have a talent right now for recognising potential in others and so this is a good time to spot a professional ie accountant or lawyer or a new partner who can complement you and who you can have a productive working relationship with.
Health – Scorpio have a powerful worth ethic right now and when to come to work and also personal chores, you are exacting and you can push yourself to unreasonable limits and watch out for that and know when to quit.


Love – With Venus ruling your 11th and entering your 6th, friendships you have with work colleagues may soon turn into romances and so what out for that fated encounter at the coffee machine.
Career – Coping with self doubt is a problem and so you have to steel yourself and give yourself a thorough pep talk – nothing can be gained now with modesty you have to know what your strengths are and act to make the most of them.
Health – Sagittarians are entering a phase where dieting will be much harder as you have a sweet tooth that demands to be satisfied and so plan to increase physical activity from today to compensate.


Love – Romance gets a boost as Venus enters your 5th house, offering more opportunity for fun and for spontaneous self expression in the next few weeks and so get planning excursions, theatre trips or day trips for you and a partner or alone with a view to giving Cupid ample chance to strike.
Career – You goats are more daring than usual and your work rate and pace of success improves as you see results, you must watch out for wastefulness as increased profits can be offset by added costs you did not notice stacking up.
Health – Take extra care when doing DIY and carpentry, especially odd jobs about the home as accidents are more likely right now.


Love – You have to be more careful n your choice of words in love as you are inclined to be blunt and can come over as insensitive or uncaring – take more time to show your sympathetic side.
Career – This is not the best time to deal with the press or to present any information to others that is controversial – know your audience and know your market and do not push them out of their comfort zones,
Health – You need to take supplements to increase the flexibility of joints and also to reduce inflammation. Look into glucosamine sulphate for joints and Omega oils with turmeric for inflammation.


Love – A very good time for Pisces who are with Librans and Taureans, romance and also communication are just perfect and good times roll. In general Pisces do better in relationships which are flexible and dynamic with both of you looking for new ways to live life rather than ways to stifle each other.
Career – Group leadership is not favoured and so even if you are being pressured to take a leadership or high profile role in a group or community related venture, resist for now as you may not know what you are in for.
Health – Discipline is not your strongest point today and for the next few days and so you have to work hard at being focused, prioritising and sticking to what you have tasked yourself to do in terms of diet and regular exercise.

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