March 27 Daily Horoscope, 2018


Love – Jealousy cannot be underestimated, and yet it is within your power to control the effects and the power it had over you – jealousy is one of the most powerful and destructive emotions, and it can cause havoc in relationships.

Career – Aries are known for always throwing themselves full throttle into activities, and you have a great deal of drive; what you often lack, however, is focus and also a long-term strategy.

Health – Aries are closer to the bone, more in tune with the vibe, and you have just that little extra intuitive power to draw meaning out of both everyday events and also wider social affairs.


Love – Single Taureans can be quite satisfied with single life – it is almost as if you can give yourself exactly what you need and be your own best friend, making you quite self-sufficient and happy to do your own thing.

Career – Not such a good time for politics or for ideas that are very radical and off the beaten track. It is a good time to be mainstream and cooperative.

Health – Oral health is of the essence, rinsing with bicarbonate of soda mixed with warm water is a cheap and convenient effective way to reduce inflammation and gingivitis.


Love – While you may feel less like having deep conversations as you grapple with some deeply buried issues, you can experience great togetherness via affection and sex that needs no words.

Career – Gemini may have some problems with details, and you need to make extra effort to keep track of names and dates as you can easily get them confused

Health – Gemini are more likely to be influenced by emotion and also by culture, conditioning, and the beliefs you developed in childhood. In some cases, you hold on to views even when changes in the information coming at you indicate it is time for a re-evaluation of whether these beliefs hold up.


Love – While married Cancerians are taking responsibility seriously, single Cancerians will shun it in favour of seizing the day in love without an eye on a bigger prize – it is about the moment rather than a pathway to an altar.

Career – You can feel the energy of other people and situations more keenly and accurately, and this enables you to react, to tailor your responses and have your guard up.

Health – There are some frustrations in terms of fitness goals, and you will have to proceed more cautiously and a little conservatively. It is a good time for firming up your approach and laying solid building blocks.


Love – You may actually be surprised at what you can get away with, this may inure you to through your weight around in love, but at what cost long term?

Career – Make sure you spend time rallying others to your side and explaining yourself better as this can pave the way forward more effectively than going ahead with a proud or apparent arrogance.

Health – Get into a routine where you eat and sleep at regular times. All this can help you maintain calm and preserve energy.


Love – Friends with benefits situations can also work for you right now – somehow intimacy within a marriage is problematic, and you want to withdraw, but casual arrangements tend to work and feel fun.

Career – Virgo have a cool head and a strong sense of purpose – you can control passions and direct that energy in a productive way. Whatever emotions are bubbling away, you can harness that energy and use it with maturity and ingenuity.

Health – Virgo are quite serious when it comes to your interactions with others; you have a wall up, and you are careful not to let anyone get too close, but this can cut you off from valuable emotional support and encouragement.


Love – Arguments with extended family may arise, and so resist the temptation to invite family over to stay or visit.

Career – . It is an opportune time to build relationships with business partners and look for peers with whom to collaborate. Benefits can come via your male acquaintances – they may have timely advice or can put you in touch with a useful contact.

Health – Good diet is not about limitation, more about substitution, which ensures that you enjoy food but with less of the negative impact.


Love – You not take well to be teased or criticised. You can, however, be very critical especially when it comes to the way your partner dresses or behaves in public.

Career – Men play a more important role in your life especially brothers, and in some cases, they can rush to your defence or help give you more certainty on a matter.

Health – Impatience can lead you into trouble as you just do not sit back and plan the job or the exercise properly.


Love – Romance and affection return, and there is greater comradery and mutual support given. Old hurts and grievances tend to heal, and while you may not be turning a new page as such, you are reconciling differences.

Career – It is now time to make peace with anyone you crossed in the past, even if it was their fault, there is no harm in you making the first steps to smooth it over as this may just be vital to your 2018 career plan.

Health – Humour is a great healer and relaxer and so time to laugh your heart out and to seek out comedy, get tickled or do something stupid to start yourself laughing.


Love – This is a good time for negotiations or discussion in love, especially informal ones that start over dinner parties, cocktail parties or after a good night out.

Career – Your work must have broad-based appeal, do not focus great effort on anything too specific or niche.

Health – Currently intense solar storms, are releasing copious amount of luminous energy and Capricorn may notice your energy—and that of people around you—feels super intense, like everyone is extra irritable, emotional, anxious, fatigued, spacey, or stressed.


Love – In new relationships Aquarians are a little passive; you want your partner to open up to you, and you are taking a step back and waiting to see how they come forward.

Career – A time to exchange ideas and to go seeking opposing ideas; you cannot work in isolation. You need to immerse yourself in debate for a period and then withdraw in order to make sense of it all.

Health – Avoid the Facebook pages of people who love to boast about the conspicuous spending, as they can spark a sense of inadequacy within you that you may want to quell with something unhealthy like retail therapy or heading for the fridge.


Love – Don’t forget about old promises and commitments just because newer ones have come along – look back at things you promised your partner and make sure you deliver. Showing you remember, shows you care.

Career – You will look for more risk, not physical risk, but intellectual risk. You want to go places and have experiences where others jolt you out of complacency and where you face some pressure.

Health – Just like when you plant a new shrub in a pot, you should get rid of the soil or any roots of old plants that may have died and put in some brand new compost to give the new shrub the best start. So, when you embark on thought patterns that you hope will change your life, you must first prepare the soil and rid yourself of old regressive and negative habits that can impair the growth of this positive plant or seedling.

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