March 26 Daily Horoscope, 2018


Love – Love and romance can be a mine field where whatever you do you seem to run into a brick wall of misunderstanding and frustration and so no better time for a good romance novel and a quite night with a hot chocolate. Love your own company.

Career – This is a blood sweat and tears time in career and so you have to knuckle down put in the hard work and show grit and determination, no Aries impatience now, draw on your inner steel and grit your teeth.

Health – Aries have to be careful of your health right now as you may be run down and so boost your health with some fresh smoothies or take a singular iron supplement with vitamin C.


Love – Events at home are very demanding and family matters or issues to do with home alterations or repairs can make you anxious and can also cause disagreements and discord in love.

Career – You may struggle right now with choosing a priority, you feel as if your dreams are just there, just hovering and yet you cannot find the mental strength to just do that little bit extra that you know can be the difference between success and failure. Be patient, the mental energy will return. Cancer_Horoscope_2018

Health – Goals for self improvement may hit a set back and Taurus have to deal with some demoralisation – you need a good rest and then you will begin to feel the inspiration return.


Love – Sex life is at a low ebb, there does not seem to be much time or even energy for intimacy and so not a bad time to withdraw and take you foot off the gas until the mojo comes back and it will just like a ball bounces back.

Career – Things are slow when it comes to feedback from your communication efforts, you may find footfall weaker and it is a struggle to get the message out. It is a good time to rework wording on ads and find new keywords as the old message and keyword may not be hacking it.

Health – Gemini tend to feel insecure on a very deep level and you may not even want to share your fears with those closest to you and so those nagging fears and anxieties can undermine your best efforts, so focus on these and put a positive spin on them.


Love – You have to be really cautious in love right now, this is not a good time to get engaged or have any engagement celebrations – be slow to commit in fact, be a commitment phoebe why not, it’s the best options right now.

Career – Negotiations tend to go slowly, meetings are frustrating and often unproductive and so cut them short and devote time to something more productive.

Health – It is a good time to do your own thing and work off your own initiative; working with others, even those you trust and love can be draining and you can have more satisfaction on solo projects and also if you get some exercise in an anonymous or remote location.


Love – You have to work at relationships, the grass is not greener and if you are dating jumping from one relationship into another will be like jumping from the frying pan into the fire.Leo_Horoscope_2018

Career – You may not be enjoying your work right now but you are committed to it and you feel an odd satisfaction in drudging through. A good time to deal with a large volume of necessary but not inspiring work.

Health – Leo are very tenacious right now, you are able to put on a brave face, take on extra responsibility and absorb pressure – make sure you are conservative about what you eat, stick to plain food and avoid strong spices and sauces.


Love – You cannot go faster than you are going, trying to get to that next stage in love won’t happen right now as you still have lessons to learn from your current position and so take note and ask why before you ask what next.

Career – It is all about technique and so if Virgo are struggling in terms of your management decisions or coming up with creative inspiration, get back to basics, look to theory and look to formulae and use these building blocks to come up with 90% of the plan and then just add the cherry on top.

Health – Time to get a cholesterol check or a blood pressure check. If you are younger make sure you switch to healthy fats now like coconut oil or extra virgin olive oil.


Love – Right now Libra must look to the past in terms of your relationship, not to wallow or indulge, but to see it through more mature eyes and to review what happened with the tools you now have at your disposal to understand.

Career – You will be looked upon by others to give advice as they sense somehow that you have the answers, and in fact, you do.

Health – The foundation is critical to any building, and when it is not solid, that building is always shaky and vulnerable to attack, that means that your plans for self improvement in health, fitness or mentally must be rooted in a philosophy or a system of belief that can sustain you in the toughest times.


Love – Scorpio need to be free-spirited and independent and that means you have to give your partner more freedom too. New relationships which place undue pressure or demand are quickly discarded.

Career – Shyness can be a problem today and you prefer to retreat and work in the background, this is not the most confident day for public speaking or dealing with people en masse

Health – You cleanse yourself psychologically, you will experience many health benefits from more energy to faster recuperation or even total recovery from long-term complaints/ailments; however, it is not all one-way traffic, you can also support psychological healing by eating well. Virgo_Horoscope_2018


Love – You will not allow things to drift, and you will devise new ways to make your marriage or relationship more enjoyable, more conducive to romance, and more sexually exciting.

Career – While Sagittrians can get by with less of the material, you will seek more regarding your interactions with other people, and you want those interactions to be more productive and so you look to cultivate loyalty in your business contacts.

Health – Daydreaming becomes a vital part of life and escapism into your fantasy world where nothing has to make sense and where everything flows along at a happy pace is essential for relaxation and your general well-being.


Love – Feelings of self-doubt and problems with self-esteem will be worked through – one person you cannot hide from now is yourself, and you are going to be there in the mirror, in the rear-view mirror, in your dreams and on your shoulder demanding love, understanding, nurture, and attention.

Career – It is not just about being patient, it is about using that waiting time and those passing storms to prepare better, analyse your maps and to get that boat into perfect nick before you can set sail once again.

Health – Polyphenols which can be found in strawberries, blackberries, plums, spinach, artichokes, cocoa, and cloves are excellent micronutrients which can help issues like stamina, osteoporosis, weight management, and cardiovascular health.


Love – Marriage is all about changing and adapting to each other, you lose parts of your old life to build a new life together, it is a very forward thinking time when you are likely to feel optimistic and make far-reaching plans.

Career – You may be spotted by someone with power who sees a spark in you which they want to nurture and work with.

Health – Nothing can be taken for granted, but at the same time, the changes should not be seen as a threat; you are entering a time when some comfort zones need to be shattered, so they do not hold you back as you embark on new adventures.


Love – You demand freedom in relationships, but you almost enjoy it when a partner is a little possessive and sets down some boundaries – but you will never admit that.

Career – You may find you no longer fit in with certain types of people; you are more discerning when it comes to associates and will gravitate away from people who do you or your reputation no good.

Health – Positive new outlets for emotional expression, be they creative or based around charitable pursuits can serve as an escape. Events now can catapult you into a new arena of life, causing a sudden release of responsibility or obligation.

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