March 22, Daily Horoscope 2018


Love – Aries are rather self-centred right now and that is a good thing as as your sun enters your 1st house the universe demands that you review and refocus on your purpose in life, which makes you look at your needs rather that how you operate in a partnership.

Career – You tend to come across far more confident than you feel which can lead you to becoming entrusted with roles that initially feel quite overwhelming and you may wonder what you have got yourself into and so step up.

Health – Aries of any age should think about heart health and you should swap to oil like coconut and extra virgin olive or nut oils, rather than using butter or animal fats to cooks.


Love – Pluto square your ruler compels Taurus to experience a romantic partner for who they are, both the best and the worst qualities that they have to offer

Career – You may have to eliminate something from your work life or a business activity and this may be hard as it may be an activity or function you actually enjoy but which you need to face up to, is no longer working or contributing.

Health – Taurus have staying power today, meaning you can achieve more than you thought you would at work and in fitness aims but you hate to let others down once you’ve made a promise and so you will spend extra energy helping others rather than on your own goals. Aries_Horoscope_2018


Love – Gemini often value friendship in love about sex and affection and that need is key now. In new love affairs, you are quick to bond, you could also be equally quick to separate from a relationship when it does not often you enough variety and excitement.

Career – A great time to rework you networks, you should take the lead in setting up events of facebook groups to keep the mood alive and the exchanges going – if you network or peers lack direction it I up t you to provide that spark for more communication.

Health – Energy is dissipated socially and you may not have much fuel in the tank for any physical pursuits and so get an early night with the phone turned off to get a proper restorative sleep.


Love – Cancerians may meet a partner right now who can not only act as a mentor but also as a person who by virtue of a social position can help you attain your goals, not only in career by in terms or personal development.

Career – The Sun entering your tenth house and Pluto’s square to Venus the ruler of your 11th arouse you ambition and you are suddenly very anxious about how life is mapping out and how you can get closer to you dreams rather than just muddling along and so this coming month will see many new ventures and new strategies.

Health – This is an excellent time for your health and you can get more from yourself physically and mentally, you are resistant to illnesses and bugs.


Love – Getting enough sexual satisfaction can be the difference between feeling stressed or relaxed. Even if sex does not fulfil you or is not available you should pursue activities which give you a thrill as you need that excitement right now.

Career – Leo are totally willing to fight for your concerns, as Mars squares your sun, you are unafraid of a challenge, you may even provoke others by a refusal to back down. You are strong on ideals and principles and may argue about future visions or politics with colleagues.

Health – You need to keep your hair on, you can easily get carried away with enthusiasm and also anger and while you have greater courage you can be reckless and so take care.


Love – Virgo will recognize a compelling need for constant change to promote your spiritual growth ad this can make you somewhat difficult in love and may cause your partner to feel nervous or insecure as you are undergoing this change and rejecting the familiar where it is unhelpful.

Career – Your ambitions and your budget are rather out of sync and yet Virgo are doing some strenuous calculations to squeeze the very last drop out of every penny.

Health – You may feel buffeted by the winds of karma; what you do right now may not have much effect as things beyond your control tend to influence you. You need to look at how you can work with the forces not against them.


Love – Contacts with others, both current and former partners or potential partners are more relevant, more extreme and possibly more stressful, but there is a change for greater understanding that you can use to your advantage.

Career – You will attract people who have a profound influence upon you, However compelling they are, this may not not always in your best interests and so be careful.

Health – You can go to much greater lengths to get what you want or indeed to do what you feel you must do to get approval and so examine your motivations carefully. Taurus_Horoscope_2018


Love – Agreements made right now may leave you feeling that you sacrificed more than your partner and so do not sign on the bottom line figuratively or literally right now as you may regret it later.

Career – You are driven to plough energy into your work and service to others or above what is required. Scorpio relish hard work and find it strangely satisfying.

Health – Cravings are deep and yet they can be wide ranging – Scorpio cannot get enough as satisfaction is hard to come by and whatever you enjoy or brings you pleasure you will do more and more of it, often to excess.


Love – Love is about pleasure and amusement as you seek freedom of expression and yearn to throw off routines and norms that have become stifling.

Career – You already have an eye on the weekend and the little deals may not make much of an impression on you as you are somehow glossing over and doing what needs to be done as you watch for 5 o clock.

Health – A good day for a day off where you do things that are totally different, a little outrageous and moreover fun! Whatever you do today make sure you live just a little and dare to indulge a passion.


Love – Things in love are a little disappointing, but you should not read too much into it as is it not what you think and so do not assume rejection, you may be looking at it to selfishly.

Career – With Mars squre your 8th house ruler you have the ability to influence a situation via your knowledge of the deeper issues at play and your ability to apply that knowledge and create pressure with it.

Health – This is a time to consolidate and restore – you need to stop doing things over and above what is necessary and you need to get some quite time, rest and a safe space away from anything which is currently stressing you out.


Love – You can work very well with your marriage partner to achieve joint goals, whether it be to do with home improvements, making arrangements for care of family members, making major decisions about your future.

Career – While you get off to a fast start as you may be more competent than others, you need to watch you back as others can catch up fast and start vying for your position.

Health – Make sure to eat protein packed foods like omelettes, hemp seed or tofu salads, green smoothies with wheat grass powder or moringa powder are excellent for you as well a boosting protein. Gemini_Horoscope_2018


Love – Dilemmas in love are then theme today and you may have to compromise principles to avoid having to lecture your partner – you cannot control them and nor should you; they are free agents and you would not love them otherwise.

Career – A good time to increase your earning power to set some goals and to go seriously after any targets or bonuses available.

Health – Pisces have to work hard at their ability to switch off and decompress – right now you are just ‘on’ all the time and you need to find that cut out switch when you check out mentally and emotionally.

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