Daily Horoscope March 21, 2018


Love – If the relationship has been going badly, or if your partner has been draining you emotionally or being difficult, this is the time to turn that around, and it is up to you to take the initiative.

Career – Self-doubt is self-defeating right now; be who you really are, the driven, energetic go getting, entrepreneurial Arian, who never gets down for long.
Health – It is also vital right now that you recognise your weaknesses and learn how to manage and minimise the way in which they hold you back.


Love – The Taureans’ desire to nurture and protect is brought to the fore in love. Recent karma in your ability to let things go and be more tolerant comes back to reward.

Career – Fairness will be an issue in all your day-to-day decisions, and it will be hard to balance the needs and priorities of people and work.

Health – Many times in life we can cut ourselves off from what we do not want to accept or deal with – it can be a case of see no evil, hear no evil, but where is that getting your Taurus? Taurus_Horoscope_2018


Love – Not taking risks means getting into ruts, which can be both boring and self-defeating – break the mould and do something romantically or sexually that you would not usually do.

Career – You role right now may be more community orientated as you are compelled to look at the wider consequences of any decision you may for your business. There may be a consultation period where you meet with various groups – this may make you impatient but it is essential.

Health – There is a conflict between work and health as sudden events and commitments at work may interfere with your stated routines and intentions in connection with health.


Love – There can be some conflict with authority figures, and you will have to fight hard to keep off competition and prove yourself – you should enjoy this challenge and will make a formidable competitor.

Career – You may begin to acknowledge that your beliefs, and these are not just religious beliefs, but your general beliefs about people and life, are changing. These changes mean that your needs and ambitions are changing as well.

Health – What is in the past should be resolved, with counselling if needed and put to bed, and if situations are ongoing, you need to be the one to grow out of that situation by playing it differently and moving away from its influence psychologically if not physically too.


Love – If your sex life has become mechanical and unfulfilling, this is a cue for Leo to get more creative, take it on yourself to turn that around and reignite a spark and some excitement

Career – There may be an injection of cash into your business from an outside source. It is a good time to apply for sponsorship, a scholarship or a grant. Money will be available, especially if you are busy with a new venture or project.


Now on amazon

Health – Right now Leo can herald in revealing phase in your life, where you analyse what really does matter deep down and where you are not prepared to compromise.


Love – In love many short messages can be more effective than long drawn out conversations, so keep it short and sweet!

Career – Virgo may look to change banks, swap between long and short term finance or get a bridging loan. You are urged to rearrange your debt so that you have more flexibility in your business.

Health – It is only when you put yourself out there and compete with people on the higher rung that you improve. So no sitting there being semi-satisfied and thinking it’s good enough – it can be better.


Love – You are feeling healthy and vibrant this month and have far more energy than usual, and that bodes well for your love life as you have more zest for both sex and giving your partner more moral and practical support.

Career – Events will help boost your confidence, and you are likely to attract people who can be of help to you in the new plans you are making.

Health – Life and other people can really take it out of you and so support your mental health and reduce stress by supplementing with vitamin B complex, calcium, magnesium and zinc. Get more fresh air and take moderate exercise.


Love – Love is about chatting have fun and revelling in the silly little things that make you laugh and so be a little immature in love and just let yourself cast of the garb of adulthood and chill.

Career – You have to be very careful about how your approach communications; you need to very, very careful with information and how you use it. Be diplomatic and hold back.

Health – Scorpio need to be cautious about health – new diets can be very successful however doing the bad stuff ie eating fatty food, over indulging in alcohol can lead to longer recovery periods and unpleasant problems.


Love – New romances get a wake up call as you suddenly encounter things about your new partner that you may not like or which may make you uncomfortable, time to think about how much you are prepared to tolerate.

Career – Sagittarians need to be conservative on money matters right now, in personal and business spending, put it off if you can. Do not get drawn into vanity expenditure or conspicuous spending.

Health – There is much self-questioning and a little dip in your self esteem, Sagittarians need to focus on who you are and what you stand for to bolster your sense of identity right now and to know that you are important and you matter. Sagittarius_Horoscope_2018


Love – Love is all about putting your money where your mouth is – Capricorn demand support, consistency and action not just words.

Career – Knowing what you want is key, as you are able to harness considerable force to attain what your desire. But lack of a goal can mean that you struggle to get much done, and promising avenues often turn out as dead-ends

Health – A problem right now is slow bun anger, you are disinclined to tackle an issue head on, but the more you delay in dealing with it the more toxic emotions fester.


Love – This is not a great time for important discussions in love or making decisions about your immediate future as Aquarius are inclined to be a little glass half full and you may make a choice based on pessimism not reality.

Career – A time of strong feelings and yet you do not always trust those feelings, you may want to supress or deny them as right now you just do not deal with intuition and emotion and prefer to deal in facts.

Health – This is time where you brush many issues under the carpet and that can help you cope, Aquarians feel that if you start getting emotional it just wont stop and so you will distract yourself and not get too deep.


Love – Single Pisces may blow hot and cold in love, one moment being up for it and the next feeling decidedly disenchanted with the same person you could not stop thinking about five minutes back.

Career – You need to be cautious in your networking – the whole arena of networks are filled with dead end streets and pitfalls right now and so focus on what you can do for yourself and do not look for outside support to avoid disappointment.

Health – Pisces need much more sleep than usual right now and so get an early night and go to bed with positive soothing influences, do not go to bed on a thriller or after saturating yourself with the negativity of the new.

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