Daily Horoscope March 16, 2018


Love – Single Arians may well be attracted to someone due a chemistry which is so strong that factors like age, distance, culture etc. can have no bearing on the feelings which develop.

Career – You can feel very confused at times today – the facts and what others are saying does not tally with what your intuition is telling you. It is one of those periods where you can still be right even if you are in a minority of one.

Health – Diet and fitness can have an effect on your mental health and so if you are feeling blue and somewhat unmotivated you need to look closely at your diet – natural fresh food, sun and some exercise can have a profound effect on your mental outlook and your ability to see things in perspective.


Love – Your partner may feel a little insecure right now; this may partly be due to the time you are spending with friends. Dealing with other people’s insecurity and the way that insecurity makes them react, can try your patience.

Career – Often we lose track of who we are, and we neglect those dreams and ambitions that make us feel alive, from today you will see a renewal of your zest for pursuing those activities related to dreams close to your heart.

Health – Friends are fundamental to your life and well-being right now, and you may actually feel lonely when you are by yourself.


Love – You and your partner may be working at cross-purposes – it may be that you are more ambivalent about where either the relationship is at or about where you both are heading. It may be that you feel a strong need to say “STOP, I need to have my say.”

Career – You should take advantage of all opportunities (even small ones or rather obscure ones) that arise within your workplace, and if you are not employed, you should take on anything offered as even part-time or volunteer work can pay dividends later on in terms of jobs opening up.

Health – There is a very strong urge right now to open new doors for yourself and start doing things differently to change your life for the better; sometimes, however, those decisions you make will take you out of your comfort zone, causing you some insecurity, but you should not look back.


Love – Tact and cooperation are essential – it’s not what you say but how you say it. Being pressed for time, you may choose the wrong words and may cause offense or hurt without even realising it.

Career – You will have little patience with those who do not pull their weight, and you will not bite your tongue if you perceive some colleagues or employees to be skiving.

Health – You will not want to commit to anything right now, and you should take as much time to make up your mind as you need – do not yield to others who may try to sway you.


Love – Control and power issues will also arise in all relationships, both new and old, and you need to find different ways of dealing with them – more maturity and understanding of the core psychology is needed.

Career – You are extremely competitive today, which will give you a boost in all situations where you need to act decisively, fast and with self-confidence.

Health – Something, i.e. a cold, a technical breakdown, severe weather, etc., may stop you in your tracks. This can be a valuable thing, as while you wait for the cold/weather situation to pass, you may get a new perspective you have totally missed before, which will help you to be more effective when you get started again.


Love – If things have been tough in your marriage this month, there can be a sudden improvement now and a change of fortunes. In any event, there is a fresh new feel to relationships with added spark and a renewed sense of love and compromise.

Career – You may identify very strongly with your ideas and see any challenge to them as an affront, but you need to step away from that attitude and see what you can take onboard and how you can improve in response to advice or constructive criticism.

Health – Your motivation is very high today as Mars trines Virgo from Capricorn, and you have more mental energy and your thoughts have more power and so you can think yourself into a good pro active mood.


Love – You may withdraw in relationships now partly due to your own doubts – it may well be that you are exaggerating problems, and yet you cannot be hurried, you can only work through things in your own time.

Career – Work-life balance cannot be ignored right now – if you are continually under stress at work, and this is having a negative impact on your health; this is the time when you have the power to change that, it all starts with knowing what has to stop.

Health – Lifestyle choices are in focus right now, and you need to be more aware of how these affect your long-term health. It is not just about diet; although you can indeed look at reducing how much processed meat you eat, you may also look beyond diet to the amount of time you spend in the sun; exposure to noise pollution or back strain, etc.


Love – This is a time to be carefree in love, so be spontaneous and see what happens. Your love life is ripe with potential, and Cupid is just waiting for a chance to strike

Career – You will have a renewed zest for creative projects and for anything that has lost steam and has become a little sterile and dull; this coming phase will see more impetus and ideas flowing that will revitalise your creative and social projects.

Health – You will enjoy freedom of expression and the chance to step out of the shadows – it’s a day of throwing away doubts and reeling in the opportunities as you flow with the energy and feel your own power to embrace and create change.


Love – If you want your relationships to be more mutually supportive and loving, and you want your partner to be more responsive to your needs, then you need to understand your needs better and also your triggers.

Career – Those involved in real estate and building will see an increase in sellers and buyers and a general upturn. It can be a good time to invest in the improvement of your business premises or the facilities you offer.

Health – Mars moving into your second house where it will encounter Pluto, marks a time when you can deal with emotional baggage – you will gain new perspectives that will help you understand past issues and attach relevance to them no matter how painful.


Love – You are impatient, and may thus choose the wrong times to make a move. Your partner may not appreciate being rushed, and it may seem that you do not have time for the finer, more sensual part of lovemaking.

Career – This is a time to get working on all the practical aspects of your plans and projects – you have a great deal of mental energy and the capacity to outthink and outwit your opponents. No slacking as it’s Friday, take advantage of the energy you feel.

Health – You have so much energy that you can become a little hyper, you love to multitask and can generate a large amount of work; you tend to rush about and you may need to take a long walk at lunch time to just burn off that energy so that you can return to work and take on things in a more relaxed and measured mode.


Love – Your senses are keenly attuned now, and so you can enjoy sex like never before as you can appreciate even the smallest touch or sexual nuance.

Career – You have great power to create change via cooperation and the consideration of a variety of factors. Diplomacy can lead to a greater social acceptance of your ideas and more opportunities for you to advance your cause.

Health – True friendships last storms, and if they do not last, they were not true – you never really know if someone is your friend until you face a tough decision where they must nail their colours to the mast, and such situations may occur right now.


Love – Today Pisces are extremely attractive and quite enchanting – many may fall under your spell, and you should be careful not to break hearts as you may inadvertently lead others on.

Career – Good information is vital now, and before you accept anything you hear, you need to ask yourself: who is providing this information, what is their motive and what do they have to gain?

Health – There is this tendency you have right now to look for quick fixes and the desire to believe in miracle cures – these can lead you astray, waste your money and throw you off course.

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