Daily Horoscope March 14, 2018


Love – Communication about emotional and sexual matters is important; you need to make it clear to your partner what you like, what turns you on sexually, what you would like to try, and what is no longer working.

Career – Scenario building is vital; it is not enough to make budgets and forecasts; you should make several of these using best/worst outcome and changing the variables.

Health – Aries have a need to monopolise others’ emotions; you crave a one to one exclusivity with others, and you want to be the object of their affection without competition – this can increase sibling rivalry and add to family tension.


Love – The spiritual side of relationships is very important to you, and so deeper connection matters more than traditional compatibility. Thus ‘odd couple’ relationships that are unconventional can do very well right now as external things matter less.

Career – Sagittarius are very good at recognising patterns whether these be patterns of behaviour, consumer trends or mathematical patterns, and you can use this to advantage in business or your personal life.

Health – This is a time when you can be very successful in achieving personal goals and influencing others as long as the goals are not ego driven, but driven from the perspective of creating awareness and positive externalities for all.


Love – Doing creative projects can add spice to your love life, i.e., redecorating during the holidays or even making major purchases for the home, i.e., hot tub, swimming pool, pool table.

Career – It may be that you get some form of specialised help from a friend (technical or digital) that can advance you aims and help you to get closer to realising your ambitions.

Health – All round, you feel you know yourself better; you know your triggers, and you understand why you regress into self-sacrificing behaviour – being aware of this has allowed you to control your reactions to situations and take a more positive and pro-active approach.


Love – Unforeseen circumstances may mean you and your partner spend quite a bit of time running in opposite directions. Work and family commitments that arise suddenly may result in you spending time apart.

Career – You may go through quite an eccentric phase from today; you are feeling rather creative and inspired and at the same time quite radical – make sure that any decisions you make do not rub your superiors or parents up the wrong way.

Health – There is a feeling that you are seizing back the initiative and redrawing boundaries in your life to establish some new norms – there is a desire to set the record straight and put people in their place.


Love – You may indeed meet someone new via your career; this person may well be from a very different background, and you should not judge the book by the cover as quite deep feelings could develop given a chance.

Career – Group action or pressure can be very useful now. Do not go it alone; look for allies and pool your intellectual and creative resources to force change in your workplace or industry.

Health – Power issues are important right now, and you need to re-seize the reins of power in your life. Where do you have power and where do you not have enough power? How can you change this? Do not be bullied or gaslighted.


Love – There is much left unsaid, and it can be much like a Mexican standoff, where none of you wants to back down as you do not want to set a dangerous precedent for the future.

Career – Be more aware of your rights as an employee, and make sure that you are treated fairly – at this time of year, staff are often exploited and overworked to make holiday season sales and deadlines, do not be a porn in their game.

Health – You will take stock of how much you have grown psychologically throughout the year and how much better you know yourself. There is an inner strength within you too, which is creating a greater confidence and a sense that you are a survivor who can face anything and come through it.


Love – Virgo who are single are in another zone, where enduring, intense and passionate relationships can begin. Strength of character and accomplishment are what turns you on.

Career – Any promotions, discounts for regulars, client hospitality or extended credit can go a long way to increasing sales and your reputation for being flexible and customer driven.

Health – Quiet reflection is very cathartic, and you will need time to be alone, and you may even want to write about, document or collate images from your year, which can help you to put everything in place in your mind and plan ahead.


Love – You need to listen more to the valid points that you partner is making; you may be a little pig-headed about activities that you place value on, and you may not be able to see that perhaps they are not the best use of you time or money.

Career – You are also able to engineer circumstances that will open opportunities for you to express your ideas or draw more attention to your work.

Health – The desire within you burns hot – you will do anything to get what you want, and sometimes you can even be obsessive and can lack common sense and moderation.


Love – In new relationships, chemistry is vital, i.e. that immediate and almost indescribable energy to draw you to someone and give them an immediate hold over you.

Career – You should not be stressed if you see plans crumbling, as you are just being challenged to be adaptable and to acknowledge that there is more than one way to skin a cat.

Health – You are feeling more vibrant, resolute and in control, and while some parts of your life (especially those involving others close to you) remain confusing and uncertain at times, you have a greater reserve of strength to deal with it.


Love – Single Aquarius are exuding a vibe that is certain to attract potential partners – you are not in chase mode, however; you want them to make you feel special and to run after you. Yes, you may play hard to get just to see how much effort your new mate is prepared to put in.

Career – Aquarius do not have the mind to deal with details and you may want to throw your hands up in the air and let it be. It can take willpower to keep concentration and focus on what you need to do.

Health – Doing puzzles and playing games is a great release. Aquarius can get quite captivated by online gaming or other forms of games especially where quick mental responses are required.


Love -. Your fantasy world is powerful and you may even prefer fantasy to reality. Indeed, you will try and make your fantasies a reality in romance. A time where music and literature transport you to another place and get you in the mood.

Career – The ability to visualise images in time and space is enhanced. Your ability to work with images and music is heightened – this is ideal for cinematography, film editing, graphic design, website design, cyber game creation and any other career where you need to visualise an end product and then use materials or tools to create it.

Health – Time to relax; you will have to remind yourself many a time this month to relax and just let things go. Do not try and micromanage all the details as somethings will be, no matter what you do.

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