Daily Horoscope March 4, 2018


Love – Not a great time to make promises, a better time to indulge yourself and look to meet your own needs rather than to make sacrifices for a relationship. Look after your self, compromise right now backfires as you heart is not in it.

Career – Say it like it is, be honest and authentic – a time to pull the plug out of what you have lost the feel for. A time to be full on Aries and not like the water and earth signs.

Health – Restraint can only cause headaches and ever set off fevers – bad health now is often trigged by a need to escape something or break out of a trap you have fallen into.


Love – You are highly sociable today and so whether you are married or single it is good to look up friends and organise events as you need get out and benefit from the support, humour and camaraderie of friendship groups

Career – A time to work with others and harmonise and so when thinking of your week ahead, check on how everyone is feeling and what the vibe is, and look to work in tandem with the mood and the general flow. Not a good time to going contra the prevailing mood

Health – A time when a lingering sore throat may be hard to shift and you must avoid dairy products and gluten to ensure you get well fast. Eat more spinach as you may be low on iron.


Love – You and your partner have very different motivations and that makes you view problems from angles that tend to be so bizarrely different that making decisions, especially medium term, one is impossible.

Career – People in authority or even your manager can really test you right now – they are inclined to have a ‘my way or the highway’ approach and you will have to bid your time to prove them wrong

Health – Know your limits and pick your battles as energy can be wasted if you allow yourself to be drawn into conflicts or activities with a very low percentage of success.


Love – A great time in love with other water or earth signs as things flow harmoniously and you can both agree on what goals to set for the next few months and it can be quite invigorating to set targets

Career – You are doing better than you think and so you need a quick recap on all the positives and how you can start to double down on those positives – this is not the time to let anything slow your momentum.

Health – A good day to get physically active and you will find that the day snowballs with you achieving far more than you expected with both fitness and healthy eating goals.


Love – Leo enjoy it when their partner injects some get up and go; you need a little injection of energy from your partner as you own energy has sagged somewhat. If Leo have become a little reclusive or shy, an outgoing new partner or date can be what you need to relaunch your social life.

Career – Time to regroup before Monday; your head is filled with ideas and yet you need to settle on one objective so that you can build something around that, as right now you are rather scattered in terms of the overall picture.

Health – While you are physically quite fit, psychologically you are a little drained as emotionally things are a little confused and there is turmoil within that may not settle until the next week.


Love – Do not get drawn into conflicts of your partner; his/her battles are his/her battles and you should not invest in them emotionally more than you should.

Career – While your energy is rather high, you can go for overkill and so you have to pace yourself and stop the urge to grab at things – bide your time.

Health – Events now can throw a light on aspects of yourself or your thinking that are usually obscure – not only is you character tested, but you have to confront aspects of yourself that you do not like.

Love – Librans are rather selfless today and nothing is too much trouble to do for your loved one – for Libra giving really is better than receiving.

Career – If you have to present a debate or give a presentation, you can give a rousing barnstorming, emotive address which can rally others to your cause; so a good time to record a youtube address or write a speech.

Health – Librans should focus on heart health from today – you need to gently up your rate of physical activity so that your heart gets a proper workout. You may have been more sedentary in winter or the heat of February in the South and so you need to get back to more ambitious fitness targets.


Love – There is a serious side to Scorpio, and you do not take well to be teased or criticised. You can, however, be very critical especially when it comes to the way your partner dresses or behaves in public.

Career – You may ponder long and hard changes or opportunities at work or a new job offer could mean that you start thinking about moving home to be closer to the new job or in some cases so that you can have a home office as you plan to do more work from home.

Health – Scorpio are beating themselves black and blue with self criticism, so much so that you can forget the good you are doing and totally lose perspective.


Love – There is a fine line between trying to impress someone and being a know it all. Sagittarians can allow a certain over zealousness in new or indeed established relationships to come across as competitive and one upmanship-ish.

Career – It is now time to make peace with anyone you crossed in the past, even if it was their fault, there is no harm in you making the first steps to smooth it over as this may just be vital to your 2018 career plan.

Health – All work with children is pretty stimulating, and you can learn as much from them as they can from you. You may have more time to do fun, educational activities with your children or to take them to places like museums or exhibitions.


Love – If you do plan to do any internet dating via a dating site or app, be very careful and read the reviews and also terms and conditions – make sure the site you use has plenty of legitimate users and is not just a site for flirting and bored married people looking for trouble.

Career – A terrific time for new inventions or innovations, even seemingly impossible plans can begin to take shape, powered by your unshakeable vision in them.

Health – Old habits are hard to break and today it can be easy to regress into habits which make you feel safe or secure or which are a back stop when you feel uncertain.


Love – Individuality is reclaimed, personal identity is remoulded and Aquarians remake themselves in your own image, rather than continuing to play a role.

Career – You are more attracted to unusual ideas and are scientifically quite curious, and so if your work or hobbies involve science and technology, you are going to be very distracted as you delve through all the ins and outs.

Health – This a serious day time when you have to put in the grind and concentrate. It is a great period for detail work and also for being highly critical – you can work long hours, often alone and can achieve a great deal as you are mentally tenacious.


Love – Your deeper needs are often satisfied via intellectual and spiritual conversations and connections with others and the love and relationship sector of life is where you look for some certainty, some down to earth practicality and even some reliable and comforting boredom.

Career – Positive new outlets for emotional expression, be they creative or based around charitable pursuits can serve as an escape. Events now can catapult you into a new arena of life, causing a sudden release of responsibility or obligation.

Health – Faith in a unique or even divine purpose and a higher calling eases stress and opens doors for you.

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