Daily Horoscope February 24, 2018


Love – You feel somewhat adrift in love, like you have no real direction – you want to go with the flow and yet that is vaguely unsatisfying.

Career – An excellent day to take time to work on some ambitious and long range plans for your business or at side-line activity that you want to turn into a business or major venture.

Health – Aries have large stores of energy that you can rely on to give you a boost in sports and any situation that need a combative energy.


Love – You are very compromising today, you are willing to put your needs second and just go along with what your partner wants as harmony is paramount rather than selfish aims. Pleasing others makes you happy, but this should only be a short term motivation, not an excuse to let your own development stagnate.

Career – Today is not an ambitions or driven time, it is day when you want to relax and chill and just take the easy way out – you will go out of your way to avoid work.

Health – A time to eat well, but there is no excuse to eat badly, enjoy your food and yet make wise choices that are nutritious and filled with natural ingredients.


Love – There can be conflict in love and yet you embrace this as you want to stir stuff up and get things off your chest to clear the air. Boredom and routine are passion killers and you will push for changes and fresh activities to pursue romantically.

Career – A great time to arrange a work related party or social – you are less inspired about admin and nuts and bolts detail work, but you are motivated to improve team work and cooperation and into this you will plough energy.

Health – Increase your intake of carbohydrates today – this is not a day for salads and fish or chicken, go for potatoes, pumpkin, stews and pies as you need wholesome and satisfying foods.


Love – You are the centre of attention when it comes to parties and events and so it is well worth you going out if invited or even trying a blind date or singles event. Married Cancer are just as happy with a book as with affection and sex as you are very relaxed and enjoy anything as long as it is not hard work.

Career – Cancerians have the ability thanks to Sun sextile your 7th rules to accept people for what they are, which allows you not to force things. As you slow down, you can recognize where you need to exercise more pressure and where you need more diplomacy and nuance.

Health – You look for others to provide an anchor right now and you are more reliant on either parents or a partner to keep your down to earth and focused on what is real.


Love – Leo are able to reflect on what you want to communicate to your partner and you are focused on what is most fundamental to the relationship with little time for anything trivial – it is all about what matters most and how to root out persistent problems.

Career – You have more resolve to take on things that demand responsibly as you can see how extra work is totally related to extra reward right now.

Health – You are systematic and methodical now and so organise your priorities today to save time when you are less inclined to such technicalities. You are true to yourself right now in a quiet and reserved, rather private way that makes you feel on top on things and stronger within.


Love – Love can be very expensive right now and so you need to be careful that you are not inured into spending vast amount just to impress someone or to keep up with your partner.

Career – A time for more talk, for more discussion and more reflection rather than rushing for the GO button or the accelerator.

Health – Virgo are very reactionary now, especially when you are bossed around or told wat to do – you will be drawn into conflict if your independence and freedom to just go with your own flow today are questioned.


Love – Everything in love is a little vague and fuzzy right now and trust is called into question – if you have a good degree of trust you can navigate the fog in love right now. Trust can actually be developed or destroyed right now and so act carefully.

Career – Expose yourself to anything that will stimulate your imagination, even if you are not into art as such you can get new perspectives from observing and asking questions about thing that are perhaps art on the outside but which contain a wider message you need to hear.

Health – A small deception right now can spiral out of control and so avoid even white lies and be clear and straightforward.


Love – Scorpio really enjoy gift giving and spoiling their partner beit it with tangible gifts or attention like massages and thoughtful deeds.

Career – Success now depends on clear, fair and accurate representations by you and by those you deal with, it can be hard to find the truth in a sea of confusion and so always have a caveat or an admission that you may change you stance if new info comes to light.
Health – Scorpio are craving sweet things, but did you know that the moment sugar hits your tongue, it triggers a rush of feel-good endorphins that lasts several minutes and so have a small taste and get the rush and wait for ten minutes before having more and you may find you have moved onto a new activity before the 10 mins are up.


Love – Whoever attracts your attention will know all about it, as you believe that happiness comes from doing something about your love like rather than being passive and waiting for Cupid.

Career – No one can be indifferent to you as you are demanding attention right now, in fact you are down right demanding and you will stand up for what you think is right and true no matter what.

Health – You are gung ho about any sporting activity and respond with enthusiasm to challenges and dares – you have a strong desire to win and great chance of winning in any competitive sport or mental test.


Love – You are all about working on relationships and are happy to take more responsibility over what is going on as a way to show that when it comes to making things work you are happy to do more than your fair share.

Career – If you have a commitment to something, you will double down on it with added guile. If you don’t have a key direction, you need to find one now or you could feel a sense of purposelessness and despondency.

Health – Hard work makes you feel good psychologically, right now being lazy has few dividends and is not ever enjoyable.


Love – You are playful, helpful and enthusiastic and you are able to draw out the extrovert in your partner and create an atmosphere condusive to good sex.

Career – You believe in fair play and yet you are not willing to do enough to enforce it as sometimes your views are not well thought through enough and you thus cannot defend them adequately.

Health – You are quite disciplined today and can use impulses in a positive way to motivate and reward yourself. Use carrot and stick to set targets and rewards!


Love – You are more brusque and impatient in matters of the heart – you are the one who tells your partner to act their age and get over it.

Career – A great day for group events and also for researching creative ideas upon which you can work – you may not necessarily come up with unique ideas, but you are simply great at spotting good ideas and knowing how to develop them.

Health – This may be the time of year when Pisces start thinking about your beach body and developing some strategies. You may find getting a fake tan or new outfit, helps inspires you to attend gym.

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