Daily Horoscope February 23, 2018


Love – If you are happy in love you are totally accepting and non judgmental right now, but if you are unhappy you will be vague and distant.

Career – With so many planets transiting your 12th house, Aries are leaning towards the impractical and you become restless when you cannot use your creativity, so duties and obligations demanding detail and concentration are not for you today.

Health – Avoid cream, yogurt and ice cream today and opt for soy or coconut milk as dairy can increase mucous and make colds and flu or general seasonal congestion worse.


Love – You are very friendly and also responsive to others emotionally but you remain aloof as you are not into sacrificing any freedom right now.

Career – Taurus can find it tough to take orders, you prefer to work without someone breathing down your neck, using your own ideas. Taurus freelancers really enjoy their work as you want autonomy and the ability to act on your ideas right away.

Health – Use of a TENS machine may be very helpful in addressing pain as Taureans are responsive to electrical nerve stimulation more than usual right now.


Love – Gemini are not into romance as much as they are after consistency and certainly, you value what is solid in love right now and are not into anything silly or immature romantically.

Career – You are very career minded right now and you are serious about progress, your ambition is palpable and you project as reliable, hard-working and quite conservative.

Health – Gemini should increase vitamin A, vital for the skin and proper protein metabolism in the liver and Vitamin B-2 (riboflavin). Eat more omelettes or poached eggs with oily fish for breakfast.


Love – You are quick to make promises and yet when it comes to it you may find any excuse not to follow through as you priorities tend to change fast and so hold back from making any promises.

Career – Cancer learn quickly and are hungry for mental challenges, have great respect for knowledge and you are able to understand things on many levels setting you apart.

Health – You need challenge and activity right now and that will mean that you look to quit work early and get cracking on an adventurous weekend, anything sedentary or routine will only promote dissatisfaction and restlessness.


Love – There is a desire for sex and yet it can be a means to a physical ends rather than stemming from a desire to unite spiritually to increase intimacy psychologically.

Career – Leo are skilled at delving deep for clues and leads or new perspectives, you are looking deeper than others, then pulling at strands to see what you can unravel. Leo may look to reinvent to old and discarded ideas of others.

Health – Time to tackle constipation and cleanse the bowels. Leo should not only increase fibre but perhaps consider natural and gentle solutions like lemon squeezed into water – make sure you leave the bits of lemon floating and drink them down.


Love – ‘Manner’s maketh man’ – Virgo are very strict about manners and demeanour in public and if your date or partner are rude and loud that can be a total deal breaker.

Career – Virgo are skilled in dealing with groups and pleasing people, you can pour oil on troubled waters and encourage or better communication. There is a desire to get stuck right in and not wait for others to get their act together.

Health – Virgo may have bad reactions to anything fermented or smoked and so avoid exotic cheeses, crème fraise, yogurt, pickled foods or liqueurs in particular. Do not get botox right now.


Love – You look to console your partner and provide a safe space, your protective side is aroused right now and you want to do all you can you bring about calm based on reason.

Career – Libra have a precise and discriminating mindset where you can immediately see what is wrong with ideas, projects or processes and that makes you ideally placed to find solutions.

Health – Libra tend to conserve energy by being economical with emotion, you keep the emotional side of life in check and that helps you focus on what is important and contain any upsetting feelings that could overwhelm you if you indulged them.


Love – Scorpio are very open minded sexually, you are also sentimentally romantic, but a little manipulative as deep down you are quite needy despite the confident exterior you are projecting.

Career – Scorpio are thinking big, you communicate and relate really well to the opposite sex. You are competing strongly, eyeing up who you think are the key actors and mimicking what they do well but also looking for their vulnerabilities.

Health – Scorpio need to focus in cleansing the blood; Goji berries are not only a powerful antioxidant they also alkalize the blood quickly, promoting proper red and white blood cell functioning.


Love – Sagittarians want to be spoiled and you can be woo’ed by tangible gifts epecially luxury one. No date should arrive empty handed or they are in for some frigidity.

Career – Sagittarians are politically savvy right now and you can use that in business or to trade stocks – your intuition on trends is very strong now.

Health – Sagittarians may be wishing to brighten a dull skin and you can do that from the inside with sarsaparilla, a diuretic that flushes the kidneys and helps treat and improve skin conditions.


Love – You are generous with your time in love and yet you can give out mixed signals. You are in a mood when everything new fascinates and yet you lose interest quite fast which makes life with you a fun fair day trip rather than a walk in the park.

Career – Resist the desire to interrupt, interject or throw your penny’s worth in, as more can be gained by listening intently, observing and focusing on both what people say and what their bodies and eyes say.

Health – Capricorn should try fenugreek leaves are loaded with minerals like calcium, iron and potassium. They are also rich in Vitamin C and K, and contain good dietary fiber as well.


Love – What is simple works for you in love right now, your resist complications and also drama, you just do not have patience for it. You have a big appetite sexually and will pour on the charm to get what you need.

Career – You are willing to work hard and keep at difficult tasks with great tenacity. You are in it for the long haul and are not deterred by what seems like an uphill battle or even a losing battle.

Health – A day where you crave fine foods from wine to speciality chocolates, you enjoy fancy food and you can, but stick to quality stuff with natural ingredients.


Love – You can assume that your partner is on the same page, when they may be giving you subtle signs that they are not so keen on your agenda, Pisces require bluntness now as you are less responsive to hints and innuendo.

Career – Time to take ideas off the drawing board and test them, even if they fail, it’s great as you can bin them or adjust them, but if you do not try things out now you can waste time on things that are impracticable.

Health – As you head to the fridge, ask yourself if you should be eating more or getting more sleep in order to tackle that craving you have.

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