Daily Horoscope February 22, 2018


Love – Aries are known as being an open book, you are frank and open especially in love, but right now you are revelling in being more private and even secretive and keep stuff under your hat.

Career – You are able to work well within frameworks right now, even if you resent authority or a hierarchy you can still work within it quite effectively.

Health – You may have to deal more with institutions in connection with getting your needs met health wise – health often has a lot to do with playing the system.


Love – A time to refocus on quality communication, you need to find those common strands that get you both excited and motivated and also the things which make you laugh – you are perhaps focusing too much on the negatives.

Career – You have to be careful of not caving in to the herd, it can be easier to just go with the pack, but you should not forget who you are and what you really believe.

Health – Hearing about other people’s accomplishments can make you doubt yourself and right now it is challenge to refocus on your goals and believe in your unique talents, but you must regroup for an new onslaught on your bucket list.


Love – New love affairs with people at work or who work in a related field will be off to a cracking start. Work commonalities fuel desire and even if you are extremely time pressured there is always time for sex.

Career – A time of embracing chances and feeling that things are going to go for you no matter what. Right now you cannot lose and while the outcome may not be 100% what you expected, you will move foreward.

Health – A very intense period of relations with your parents and while these can be stressful they can also be productive in perhaps renewing some of your perspectives.


Love – It is almost impossible for you to be satisfied in love as your expectations are very high and you can almost lose your perspective by getting too immersed in your imagine ideals.

Career – If you have been following a path that was not really valid just because you were stubborn, a crisis will now force you to reassess and the quicker you adapt the better.

Health – Be careful in sports as you are prone to torn ligaments. Watch out for excess calorie consumption as well, so avoid smoothies if you are also having a filling carbo loaded meal.


Love – You are optimistic about relationships and Leo are eager to increase intimacy and improve sexual relations and in that cause you are happy to be more adventurous and push your own boundaries.

Career – In cases where you are jointly in control of money or resources make sure that you know what your partner or partner are doing as what they do can impact on you.

Health – It is all about knowing what you cannot control and either letting the emotions tied up in that go, or avoiding situations which bring you face to face with that or those things.


Love – There are so many emotions, needs, attitudes, egotistical stances on both sides that your sphere of relationships are a mine field than can be impossible to navigate without some explosions.

Career – Discussions and negotiation can be very productive in terms of the exchanges and yet there may be far more questions than answers at the moment and you will have to leave many issues for another day.

Health – A good time to flush out your kidneys and detoxify your urinary system and you could use golden rod, horse tail or celery root as these are powerful herbs for this purpose.


Love – Nothing is simple for Librans and you tend to treat relationship problems like a mortician or pathologist treats a body – you are respectful but highly probing and often after answers that are concealed.

Career – You may have to deal with many new people in the work place – there can be a greater amount of coming and going meaning you have to train, control and also adjust to the newcomers, some of whom may be temporary.

Health – Librans have a myriad of conflicting health issues right now and yet often they stem from dehydration and poor digestion and a day long fast or day of fruit only may help reset your body.


Love – Love is a very complicated business – love makes demands and also asks some questions that perhaps you are not ready to answer. Scorpio may be looking at some relationships and wondering if they are ready.

Career – Too many cooks spoil the broth and often too many ideas can lead to a creative process that is congested with terrific notions but short on direction and key aims and so look to know where you are headed so you can chose the right ideas to proceed with.

Health – Scorpio should look to eat protein, less starch or sugar, but more lecithin The mineral most needed this coming week is magnesium phosphate found in foods like almonds, walnuts, rye bread, eggs, apples, barley, blueberries, cabbage, cucumbers, lemons and onions.


Love – You are very big on weighing pros and cons in new or potential relationships, but you can be guilty of reducing everything to a logical basis and actually forgetting about chemistry and the je ne sais quoi that really makes romance rock.

Career – Balancing home life and work is especially challenging – many Sagittarians may be in a phase where they are on maternity leave or off work for study and you can miss the buzz of the work world. You may be facing a dilemma about whether to return to work or not.

Health – Sagittarians are prone to swelling or inflammation and you could try using more turmeric in your food as well as reducing peppers, courgettes and tomatoes, especially tomato paste.


Love – Watch out for TMI in love as you can go overboard telling your new lover things about yourself and you may later regret having been so forthcoming.

Career – You have great independence in terms of your thinking and you are in a phase of being more open to new and even radical ideas – you want to know everything from all angles even if you do not yet know what to do with that info. You are almost hording information.

Health – Relaxation is very important as is extra sleep. Eat more food containing thiamine and potassium chloride like apricots, carrots, celery, pineapples, asparagus, cauliflower, and sweet corn.


Love – While you want your partner to be unpredictable you actually can be quite predictable and set in your ways and perhaps you should be the one to embrace a little drama and fire from your end.

Career – You are highly realistic, but that can also make you pessimistic and so you must remember to temper all your factual analysis with the ideal, the dream and that intangible thing that brings magic to the mix.

Health – Foods that can bolster your health at this time of year seafood and other iodine-rich foods like apples, pink Himalayan salt, kelp, green peppers, salmon, turkey, beetroot, radishes and spinach.


Love – You have a raw, passionate go getter mind frame right now that will surprise the partners of those of you in long term relationships, but it is great for your sex life and for getting new relationships fast off the ground.

Career – Goals right now could be open ended and you need to make them more specific with time frames built in as well as non abstract benchmarks.

Health – Pisces should be eating more fresh salads, especially romaine lettuce, watercress and spinach. Elderflower juice with apple is good as long as it is naturally flavoured. Take extra potassium if you are feeling lethargic.

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