Daily Horoscope February 21, 2018


Love – Your idealistic nature and also your desire to work with your partner to pool your talent and align energies mean you can take joint aims foreward.

Career – Together we are stronger is the theme, and Aries are a uniting and inspiring force who can bring together those with diverse ideas and opinions to act for a common purpose.

Health – You may find yourself involved in some complex issues to do with your mother’s extended family, and these may become quite tricky emotionally as nothing is what it seems.


Love – Taurus need to be very careful how they handle joint funds which you have responsibility over – keep all receipts, and be methodical and cautious about how you spend for the sake of trust and harmony in love.

Career – Some secrecy may be required over a delicate issue – but you must reveal the secret before it is revealed for you; your sense of timing and mood must be spot on.

Health – Friends may not have your back as they are secretly jealous or resentful of you and so be careful who you rely on and where you look for support.


Love – It can be quite an effort for you to just switch off and be content with a cuddle on the sofa and a peaceful meal in with your partner.

Career – You may have to rely on someone’s help to do something, and this can mean you have to put your pride on the shelf for a while, but do not let your ego stop you from getting this assistance as it can add energy and momentum to your projects.

Health – The frenzied pace and erratic, changeable nature of right now suit single Gemini who are looking to cast the net far and wide and have as many new experiences as possible.


Love – You may begin to sense some tacit limits or restrictions imposed by a partner, and suddenly you have the desire to test these limits; are they real or imagined? This can mean you are les agreeable.

Career – Stay flexible, and do not shoot from the hip this month; be considered and strategic in your actions.

Health – It is very easy to waste energy on things which later have to be destroyed or canned and also to arouse opposition which will take a while to heal.


Love – Intimacy can be intensified from today, and while not all conversations are comfortable, you are able to initiate healing and enter a deeper phase in your relationship

Career – This is an ambitious time and also a financially successful one. Money tends to come your way, and you can expand your business, your clients, or get a promotion and so keep your foot on the pedal.

Health – Look deep within for strength, and you will find it as you know truth is on your side and you just have to keep communicating and getting your message out there until others get it.


Love – This is a passionate time when Virgo are more aware of the inner beast, the inner minx, and you want your sex life to be vibrant, making you feel alive.

Career – There is quite a degree of tension at work, and there can be pressure with deadlines and targets to be reached. It is very hard to stick to schedules as events tend to have a mind of their own, and new information tends to bring surprises, often welcome in the long run but not in the short run.

Health – Rest and good nutrition are essential right now – more zinc, coenzyme Q10, potassium, and magnesium are essential to combat energy depletion. You also need more space and time alone – that means properly alone with no phone or Wi-Fi nearby.


Love – You may have to reset the boundaries and remodel the way you perceive each other – wires are crossed and too many fixed assumptions are making mountains out of molehills.

Career – Other people may take some of the things you say more personally than you have expected, and in this case, get ready to smooth ruffled feathers for the same goal.

Health – Libran are pretty irritable with anything which feels dull and ordinary, and so you will prioritise activities that bring the most variety and excitement into your life – not a good month for mundane chores or admin.


Love – Scorpio are no pushover, and you will stand your ground, especially on matters of personal concern. Your partner will be wise not to cross you as you have a tiger in the tank.

Career – This is a good day for reaching targets, and Scorpio can shift stock or products quite easily; you are more aggressive about selling, and you are also more audacious about how you plug your qualities and professional attributes.

Health – For many Scorpio, a home move or home transformation may be on the cards, and again this can be a distraction from other goals, so you have to work overtime to keep all objectives in sight and not falling off the edge of the horizon.


Love – You do what you have to do to keep up appearances, but your private thoughts and intended actions will be very different from what you appear to be doing.

Career – Connections and relationships built in the past, i.e., a good relationship with an old boss can now become very useful regarding getting a good reference or providing you with a key contact or bit of information.

Health – You can reduce nerves by using role play with a friend or in front of a mirror to get prepped for important interviews and presentations.


Love – You need to do some preparation to make the sexual experience as terrific as it can be and so cue the music and have that massage oil ready so that you can both get oiled up hands-on and ready for action.

Career – There is a drive to hoard or to stock up to take advantage of bulk buy savings – make sure you are buying what you really need.

Health – A change is as good as a holiday and so keep ringing the changes by going to new shopping malls, different restaurants, taking in a movie (if you rarely do that), finding new routes to walk the dog or perhaps buying a bike and cycling to work. Forget the routine and shake it up.


Love – Sleeping with an ex just because it feels safe is not a good idea; if you are not together anymore, they are not part of your sex life.

Career – Read fine print and make sure you are aware of all rights and obligations. Even if you get financial advice, make damned sure it’s totally impartial.

Health – It is time to think about your weaknesses; you have to be totally honest about what they are, and then you have to think about how to either tackle them or get around them.


Love – You are not always tactful or diplomatic in love, but you are warm-blooded, wholehearted and spirited. You have a great deal of desire, and your sexual energy is totally charged up.

Career – This is a very good time to get organised regarding getting paperwork and documents together for applications, proposals or presentations. You are very good at laying out your case or your proposal with clarity and with excellent references to supporting documents and evidence.

Health – Your mood impacts your health, and so you have to watch out for negative emotions and keep them in check. Do not stress about the little things, instead cut out waste and excess, to streamline your life.

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