Daily Horoscope February 20, 2018


Love – Giving each other a foot massage can be a terrific turn on, especially for the Arian as your feet are fully charged erogenous zones today.

Career – You are prepared to make sacrifices in the now to get what you want in the future and those sacrifices are strategic and you will not want others to know that you even perceive these as a sacrifices.

Health – This is a time of karma, it may not be direct, in fact you may wish to atone or almost need to beat yourself up about something for which you feel guilt. You may punish yourself for a real or imagined transgression against someone else or even yourself.


Love – Even if someone says they love you, unless there is a strong base of friendship you may not take it seriously, you may even dismiss it.

Career – You cannot please everyone all the time, however with some clever communication you can probably buy yourself just enough time to give the impression that you are indeed keeping everyone happy.

Health – In exercise you need to be careful of Achilles tendon injuries. If running or even walking extensively you may need a good foot soak or a bath in some horse chestnut to soothe.


Love – Success can actually harm your chances in love right now as you are either so wrapped up in work that you neglect love or that you seem untouchable and out of reach to potential romantic partners who are too shy to try it on.

Career – You may have quite a few fans of yours higher up ie your boss, your upline and so keep up the good work and keep piling on the impressive attitude.

Health – You can benefit from a personal trainer or even a guru and so consulting with someone or even following a blog online can motivate you, but only if you really respect the advice giver.


Love – You are realising that some of the communication barriers in your relationship are actually self-imposed and by being less stubborn and less attached to dogma these can dissolve.

Career – You are thirsty for answers and your success lies not in accepting what you find on the surface, but in looking much further afield for answers. Do no be scared to ask the unaskable and to look in exotic places for answers.

Health – You need to pursue whatever gives you a sense of freedom and being limitless and so you should not yield to any restrictions, a little rebellion and spontaneity go a long way to making you feel better and more energetic.


Love – The level of possessiveness or irrational behaviour in love is proportional to how insecure you feel and so start with your own levels of trust rather than on analysing your partner’s actions.

Career – If you are going to make any investment decisions or borrow money, you should make that decision today or as soon as possible or perhaps leave it until next month. If you are still unsure about a money decision, perhaps that uncertainty is a bad omen and you should forget it.

Health – Your need for self appraisal and your need to look for more ways to grow can be the cause of a great deal of unease right now. Your moods are linked to a need for some new ground to be sought, you are stale where you are and may need to precipitate some disruption in your life.


Love – You should not let impatience connected to decisions in love lead to hurried actions – take your time and let your heart lead you rather than sticking to any time table conceived in terms of some ill judged logic,

Career – Seek to work with authoritative and even challenging types as right now yes-men or those who are weak and take an easy line can teach you nothing.

Health – Affection and bodily contact with others is vital to you health both physical and mental right now and so you need a good hug or to snuggle with your partner or even your pets on the sofa. Relax by nestling with someone or something you care about.


Love – You will go to great lengths to fulfil a promise or obligation, in love it really matters to you that you follow through even if your partner is cool and says it is OK, you still feel compelled to do it!

Career – It is not just about doing something, today you need to do it with style and panache and so do not be bland, be creative with the way you express or present ideas.

Health – You have a carving for sweet things right now and so stock up on dried fruit and nuts as handy snacks. Drink fruit juice like mango or tropical as it is more filling and satisfies that sweet craving.


Love – The romantic in you is alive and well right now and you are very playful and spontaneous in suggesting fun activities which are out of the normal routine and which are aimed at bucking the current norms in your life and letting your hair down.

Career – An excellent time for all performance related roles and that does not even have to be exclusively creative careers, in whatever career you are in showing more flair, originality and allowing yourself to sparkle is the way to get noticed and have an impact.

Health – Scorpio are enjoying life more right now and that means you are giving yourself permission to do things that you would normally shy away from and that freedom you have pays dividends in terms of vitality and also opening you up to new experiences.


Love – A time when you wish to introduce more luxury into your love life – remember the role of sensation, it can take something as simple as a silk scarf drawn across the skin, to a feather, to ice cubes to stimulate sensitive areas and create new ways to arouse.

Career – Do not take anything fore granted, you should take time to focus on everything that is essential to your daily function and make sure there are back ups and substitutes.

Health – Taking the easy line can set up problems for later and so any decision you avoid today will only get harder.


Love – You may paint things with too broad a brush and in that way you can miss what is the truth about any situation – take more time to get to what is at the heart of your relationship issues.

Career – No matter how tactful and diplomatic you are, you may still not succeed as there is more going on than meets the eye and you cannot just take a superficial view.

Health – You are keen to seek out enjoyment and some social stimulation – a time when no matter what is at stake you still find time for pleasure and for instant gratification. Indulge yourself.


Love – Single Aquarians look for security and consistency in relationships. In marriage you will be upset by a partner who is erratic and who cannot offer you this certainly you crave.

Career – You take a great pride in what you do and you have immense energy to put into your business or perhaps a side line interest you hope will grow into something significant,

Health – A time to look after number one, you need to focus on your own goals and well being and not subcontract out your future to others who you cannot guarantee will act in your interest always.


Love – Pisces have a terrific appetite for love and you plough a great deal of effort and also imagination into your sex lives, often spicing things up with new outfits or toys.

Career – Pisces are highly enterprising during this phase, and have a capability for grabbing opportunities, kicking away any obstacles with greater resolve.

Health – You will not let anything get you down, you are inclined to be positive, optimistic and you succeed as you feel deserving of success and are more likely to be more demanding in order to get your needs met.

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