Daily Horoscope February 18, 2018


Love – You should keep important promises, but if you feel cornered and as if you have been forced into something that does not feel right, just say NO.

Career – This is not a good time to do anything technical or systematic and you are rather scatty and distracted and are better suited to creative and intuitive work than practical endeavours.

Health – A day for some time off and putting your feet up, you may even feel a cold or flu coming on and you should rest and take on plenty of fluids and vitamin C just in case.


Love – You can get your own way with some clever and timely points made, you are hard to argue with as you are armed with facts and know how to use them. You can talk your partner into activities that suit you.

Career – A good day for sparring or taking on the ideas of others, dismantling them and putting your own ideas forward. A good day to draft a memo or proposal or fill in forms in connection with tax or bureaucracy.

Health – You have to be very careful with friends as your mixed feeling towards them or indeed your own turbulent emotions can be projected onto them in a way that damages friendships causing you both anger and pain.


Love – You are saying one thing and yet your body language is saying something else, perhaps your body is more in tune with your sub conscious – this makes you hard to know and yet you think you are being totally opaque.

Career – You need to be very careful in career decisions right now, you must make careful calculations and think everything through as while Venus brings opportunity and the chance for success, Mars is there waiting to compromise you if you move too fast.

Health – Input from parents can be demoralising and perhaps even self-serving and so be wary of anything that comes from parent or authority figures, take it with a pinch of salt. Wear extra ankle protection for sports and protect the Achilles tendon.


Love – You are very expansive and yet that can put you at odds with your partner in terms of value judgements – your partner seems to back more conservative thinking and wants to stick with what they know.

Career – You will seek out stimulating company and look at arrange meet ups and get togethers possibly with colleagues. A good time to improve relationships with colleagues via social interactions.

Health – Cancerians must be careful with taking risks especially physical risks, as while the great outdoors calls you may come a cropper if you are too gung ho.


Love – Ego conflicts are possible in love, especially over a possession that matters to you or any issue close to your heart, feelings are closer to the surface and angers bubble up as it is hard to supress and you may just want to give your partner a piece of your mind.

Career – You try and be as clear as possible in fact you go out of your way to be direct and to explain yourself and it is very frustrating when people still cannot get the message.

Health – Anger is a big problem right now and you need to release anger in small appropriate bursts by saying what needs to be said, or just getting away from that situation and working off the anger with exercise.


Love – This is not a great time to make radical decisions in love or relationships as you do not have enough information and what you do know you may be misinterpreted.

Career – You enjoy debating issues just for the sake of it and you find that playing devil’s advocate is rather exciting – try not to wind people up.

Health – Keep a close eye on your enemies and do not underestimate them, you do so at your peril. Right now you are vulnerable to stress and also anxiety stemming from attacks by others, not physical but emotional.


Love – Libra need to be as clear and specific as possible in love as vague comments or criticism can lead to an escalation in misunderstanding.

Career – Not a good time to outsource or take on new staff, if you want a job done properly, do it yourself.

Health – Libra must take extra care of their health as you are more vulnerable to colds and flu in the next 2 weeks. Take extra Vitamin C, Vitamin D and zinc. If you feel something coming on try turmeric in honey with a little black pepper.


Love – A very confusing time in romance and there are mixed messages. You may both have different perspective which make having fun a complex issue fraught with challenges.

Career – While you feel highly creative you are not quite sure what you are trying to achieve – spend more time defining your objectives and know what you are looking for or else you can waste energy.

Health – Your energy comes and goes and so commit only to short bursts of activity rather than nailing yourself down to anything longwinded.


Love – Your partner may be working away forcing you to deal with some loneliness and having to make decisions especially about the children alone. This is a time when it all comes down to you and you need to develop or extend self reliance.

Career – It can be very hard to coordinate groups today especially if events centre on your home – it is best to focus on your part in things and leave others to their own devices.

Health – You are easily distracted and also annoyed and so the more time you spend alone or pursuing solo fitness activities preferably in the great outdoors the better.


Love – You are hard to keep up with and you tend to express yourself half-heartedly as no sooner have you articulated one thought, you are already onto the next one. You can tire your partner out with your chatter and this is not a great time for those with Sagittarius and Virgo.

Career – You are driven by work right now; it is on your mind and even on a Sunday you are keen to work on ideas and develop some new strategies. You should perhaps keep things closer to your chest, not a good time to go public with plans or ideas.

Health – Not a good day for travelling locally – better to stay at home or in your local vicinity, avoid cycling.


Love – A difference in values can make for a serious breakdown in communications – a time to veer away from issues on which you have strongly entrenched or emotionally charged views.

Career – A day to hold off on major financial decisions as you are not thinking clearly and can easily be led in the wrong direction with information that sounds very certain on the surface but which is all but certain.

Health – For the next few days avoid grains, sugars, and other highly processed and starchy foods to ensure that your immunity is not compromised.


Love – There is a twinkle in your eye and a sense of fun, you are the one who wants to initiate love, romance and also sex. You are more than happy to start conversations with new potential lovers.

Career – You will find you are under scrutiny and have to keep up high standards with someone breathing down your neck and watching your every move.

Health – This is a time to stay away from coffee and food that is high in additives ie sauces or dressings. Take time to make your own salad dressings and buy natural flavourings to sex up dishes.

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