Daily Horoscope February 17, 2018


Love – You tend to joke about today and yet often there is some truth in what comes over as zest and you will look to conceal a jibe in what appear to be banter. Do not try to be too clever as your innuendo may not go down well.

Career – Contracts involving hospitals, care homes, social services, and other medical institutions may lose you money or have unexpected outcomes and so be careful in your dealings with these.

Health – Avoid giving friends free advice, especially if you are a professional and if the advice will be used for family purposes.


Love – This can be a tricky time for platonic friends, and Taurus may not want to put trust or faith in friends or casual lovers over any important matter especially money as they may let you down.

Career – Personal finances can be rearranged with ease and budgeting and forecasts are useful and accurate. This is also a good time for travelling to trade fairs, import and export or currency transactions.

Health – While sacrifices must be made for family, it can also become a bone of contention how much or little family support your life ambitions.


Love – Even when you think you are being rational, prejudices, past experiences, and preconception can play a large role in obscuring your judgement in love and so take a step back and delay important decisions.

Career – With mercury conjunct sun at the time of the new moon this is an excellent time for communications, spreading ideas and putting forward your plans with confidence. You have a great deal of power intellectually and in terms of influencing others via your teachings or insights into problems.

Health – Gemini are firing mentally and can enhance their brain power using Bacopa Herb Extract which is traditionally used as a brain tonic and cognitive enhancer in Ayruvedic medicine.


Love – This is a time when love, hate, jealousy, and passion are all closer to the surface and likely to disrupt relationships and the normal flow of your life.

Career – You may not yet get the upper hand, but the main aim is greater awareness of how you are controlled and where in your life you are thwarted by the actions and demands of others.

Health – It is very hard for you to switch off and you can benefit from doing a crossword or sudoko or perhaps reading a complex thriller to tear your mind from more personal matters which you can overanalyse.


Love – Communication and friendship are vital right now in love and so relationships based on shared interests and goals fair well and those where you tend to go your own way most of the time can feel quite lonely.

Career – Your priorities in terms of what you think is most important to achieve this year are changing fast and that can mean you jump for thing to thing not achieving anything much, but getting a better feel for where you want to be.

Health – You need to consolidate right now – a time to access where you are in terms of health and decide what your most immediate health problems are so you can work on them. Tackle the toughest issues first and foremost.


Love – This is a good time to have an engagement party, get engaged or go public with your relationship. Relationship decisions are favoured now including investing together.

Career – A good time to apply for a grant or subsidy or to get in involved with a private public partnership. You should research new directions for your business that may qualify you for tax breaks.

Health – A great time to start a new exercise regime or to begin a course of treatment to resolve a health issue. A great time to start physio therapy or chiro or osteo to relieve pain and get you in better shape.


Love – In love there is a trade off between what you really want and need now versus consideration for your partner – while you can indeed get your own way today, you may forgo that for a greater prize further down the line.

Career – A very good time to take out an ad or do promotion. Business trips pertaining to international trade that start now will be very successful. A time to think big, plan ahead and not to be restrained by too much caution.

Health – Swap to Extra Virgin Olive oil or coconut oil; use a natural sweetener like stevia or add dates to puddings for sweetness; snack on seeds and nuts rather than crisps. You have an appetite, but with some simple substitutions you need not be too unhealthy.


Love – Your energy is high and you can attract quite a bit of interest, but you tend to not get to know anyone very deeply right now – you are skimming the surface with personalities and making snap judgements. You are attracted to what is superficially racy but which may not have the depth to sustain you in the longer term.

Career – You work better alone as you are not keen to sit about waiting for others to get their act together or for permission and so you are often to be found working away on your own initiative or on a self-styled project.

Health – Alternate health methods work very well right now especially yoga and other mind-body therapies. You feel quite highly strung and so frenetic exercise that gets endorphins really flowing is less beneficial than a more calming, measured style of exercise.


Love – It is you who need to make decisions right now, you cannot wait for a partner to either get motivated or come to a conclusion, you may just have to take the plunge and assume responsibility for important decisions.

Career – You are entering a powerful phase for career advancement and making an impression on your boss and so you can use this weekend to prepare pitches and proposals or think more about what you want next in your career and how to develop strategies to get there.

Health – Your life tends to revolve around others and so time alone is vital so that you have a mental breather and time to fully develop thoughts without interruptions which can create a build up in tension and indigestion.


Love – Your sense of humour is pretty strong right now, and you can bring a laugh to many situations – a great asset in love!

Career – When placed on the horns of a dilemma, you can come face to face with who and what you really are and what you actually believe rather than what you pay lip service to, and you could well be surprised.

Health – A day to have a taste of adventure in your life and so jump out of the routine and look to the possibilities rather than looking at what restricts you and what obligations you have.


Love – It is a time when you must cut ex-partners adrift for good – what are they still doing on your Facebook page anyway, do you really need to see their pictures?

Career – Working with a partner, a business partner or creative one who does not have the same mental blocks as you do can be a way to release those chains and discover that those weaknesses have become obsessions, which blocked the ability to tackle them.

Health – The key is ‘do it now’ why are you putting it off – what change if made today could really snowball by this time next year.


Love – It is not only about fixing what is going wrong, it is about nipping problems in the bud and getting love life back on track.

Career – Pisces are more psychic and perceptive than usual and so expect epiphanies and cathartic events that others may not even notice but which make a great deal of sense to you on an intuitive level.

Health – B vitamins are very important this month from today as are potassium, magnesium and phosphorus along with sodium and so add some ground sea salt to food – a little extra if you love your salty flavours.

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