Daily Horoscope February 16, 2018


Love – You find it hard to share and you can be quite evasive with your partner as you do not understand enough about your emotions to explain them in any helpful way.

Career – While you may be very sympathetic with the problems of others ie your clients or customers there may be very little you can do in practice other than offer your sympathy.

Health – You are more sensitive today both emotionally and also in terms of reaction to allergens and so protect yourself from both things that aggravate your sinuses to people who rub you up the wrong way.


Love – Just being alone with your partner will not be enough and you will encourage contact with friends and family and participation in group events.

Career -It is hard for you to focus fully on your work as emotional matters tend to interfere with both your concentration and your ability to see what is important and what matters.

Health – You are highly conscious of which friends support you and which friends are antagonistic to your ideas and ideals. You are less likely to hang out with friends who challenge your ideas as you get wound up quite quickly and cannot let it go.


Love – You want to be king pin and you will put your emotional side on full display to ensure you get the attention of your partner. If you are not listened to, you will become volatile looking to disrupt the peace until communication becomes affective again.

Career – You have to ensure that the emotional momentum does not build behind an idea to the extent that you forget all about facts, figures and warning signs as you rush headlong into something ill thought out.

Health – You tend to put everything on hold in order to satisfy a desire for pleasure and change and so not a day for routines or being strict on dietary regimes.


Love – A desire for better communication and also a desire to dare to make outrageous suggestions which can both shock and arouse your partner. Time to stir things up in love and see the results.

Career – A good day to look at your PR and publicity campaigns with a fresh set of eyes and make some changes; you can now be honest about what is not working and cull it.

Health – This is a very restless time when you feel quite irritable as you crave adventure and feel confined by what is ordinary; avoid alcohol as is can make you throw caution to the wind.


Love – While you really would desire closeness and affection, you find it hard to trust right now and also hard to connect with others emotionally. It may be easier for you to be with by yourself than to force emotions reactions to suit a situation.

Career – A time when rivalries at work get more intense and it can be hard to keep emotions in check – do not let competitiveness lead you to make a fast and yet unwise decision.

Health – While you can keep your emotions secret from others you should confront them yourself head on with total self honesty as this is the only way to understand yourself.


Love – If you have recently met someone, it may be a little too early to say; this is it! Take more time in new relationships and keep emotions in check.

Career – A new colleague or association in your work or business life can energise you and boost your enthusiasm again. This is a time to be open about working with others and perhaps even sharing your hopes and ideals to see how they can add value or give you some pointers.

Health – A time when you need to surround yourself with your most trusted friends and draw support from them, feel free to confide and garner advice and support. The more open you are, the more you get back.


Love – Actions speak louder than words and that is what you believe today and that inclines you to do practical and helpful things in love.

Career – You are very sympathetic today and are reaching out to others; your focus today is more on the soft side, the people or emotional side of your work rather than the financial.

Health – You may take longer to fall asleep and so if you are working tomorrow get an early night. Avoid heavy meals before bedtime, as sleep can be more troubled tonight.


Love – You have a great need to talk about emotional experiences, especially those in the distant past, with your partner in order to work through them, however ask you self, “How many more times do I have to rehash this?”

Career – You have a vivid imagination and creatively you are really on fire and yet a distaste for any criticism can hinder the proper development of these great ideas.

Health – You may take risks for the hell of it, but are you being irresponsible and are you thinking about the well being of yourself and of those you care about.


Love – This is time when emotions are very private and you resist openness, you prefer to reflect internally rather than talking things through and your partner may feel as if you are in a bunker, but you need that distance right now to work things out.

Career – Home life demands your attention and children especially can be difficult, almost as if they want to say, “Hey where do I fit into your priorities.”

Health – Time by yourself should be grabbed where necessary and you need a place in your home where you can go and hang out and get away from pressure and questions or even judgement.


Love – You have to try to not take thing personally, you can see helpful criticism and advice as an attack when it may just be a casual observation aimed at helping you.

Career – You tend to go with your gut today and once you have made a decision you are reluctant to go back and change it as you develop a strong emotional momentum in that direction.

Health – Watch out for food that are excessively acidic – avoid tomato based sauces, ketchup and chilli laded foods.


Love – You can be very stubborn today, you tend to be more invested in your opinions which you insist must prevail and that makes you very hard to have a productive discussion with.

Career – A good day for investing, you are able to get a good deal on assets or even stocks or foreign currency. You may also buy a new asset for your business.

Health – It can be best to avoid dairy today or beer; you are inclined to develop excess mucous and so stick to food without creamy sauces and chose humus over cheese.


Love – You are emotional and also very changeable which makes you hard to predict and hard to understand which is part of your appeal; you have this sexy mystery about you.

Career – You are very open and tend to relate with spontaneous sympathy to others. You may however let your emotions overpower your reasoning and logic, and this may lead to some bias.

Health – When Pisces supress their feelings and don’t express anger or angst, the moon’s influence in your first house can lead to indigestion and acid-reflux.

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