Daily Horoscope February 15, 2018


Love – Pisces are slap bang in an excellent patch for relationships, both established and new – you just need to slow down one notch and not to come on so strong.

Career – Too much advice or information from others can be overwhelming and let’s be honest Pisces, you are going to switch off from the facts, you are going to go with your gut come what may.

Health – Jupiter squaring the moon which rules your 5th house piles on the “feel-good” factor, but you may be feeling so powerful and optimistic that you ignore warning signs from others or boundaries.


Love – Love relationships have changed recently due to changes within and you may notice that some love affairs have cooled off – could your needs have altered or did you just run out of steam with that person. If you want things to get back on track you will have to take the initiative.

Career – In careers which involve selling products or ideas or in terms of selling yourself (ie via CV or resume) Cancer need a radical overhaul in their thinking and strategies. Be braver and be smarter.

Health – Turning your life about starts in the head with changing attitudes and at no time has that ever been truer Cancer; you limit yourself by what you believe you can and cannot do.


Love – A certain insecurity in love (new love) may mean you overcompensate by trying too hard to show the characteristics you think are desirable instead of relaxing and being yourself. Even in established relationships trying too hard can create tension and not the desired improvement in romance.

Career – Staying within the remit and giving what is required is what you should do – no less and no more as extra effort may not be worthwhile.

Health – It can be all or nothing for Leo with energy and inspiration coming in bursts rather than in a constant stream and so do not take on anything overly ambitious as you may not be able to complete it.


Love – It can be hard to know which are the real problems and what is just noise; when you analyse the core issues you will find they are not that complex and can be tackled harmoniously.

Career – The universe is bringing energy to assist you in terms of goals that will expand your awareness and your knowledge and also the power to get relationships (business and personal) working better for you and for overall goals. Family issues must go on the back burner.

Health – Virgo have a full plate right now with personal goals, relationships dynamics, aspirational and educational goals and family life all demanding attention and focus. You cannot do it all at once and other adults must also step up and step in.


Love – Ego conflicts are possible in relationships – pride and unproductive stubbornness and unwillingness to let things lie causes problems.

Career – Getting colleagues to play ball and go along with your plans can be hard and can create a temporary stumbling block to your ambitions – you need to work harder and smarter to get their cooperation.

Health – Anger and frustration often with yourself not others need to be more constructively channelled rather than engaging in self-recriminations and obsessing over or exaggerating the negatives.


Love – Love affairs which have started recently can have a compulsive all consuming effect where little else matters and where love is indeed an exquisite pain.

Career – Communication today may have more far reaching effects than you imagine and so be careful about what you say, email or tweet etc and also how you say it as delivery is just as important as the words.

Health – It is important to practice what you preach as your own habits can have an effect on your children perceptions which will impact their lives for many years.


Love – Sagittarius are a little needy now; which is very unusual for you and that can be a reason you are not responding correctly to situations that arise in love – be passive in love rather than pro active as you may react to the wrong things.

Career – The challenge in work is dealing with some self doubt and also some dispiriting developments and maintaining focus and determination to push through.

Health – Sagittarius can be plagued by people or problems, especially health ones, which just will not go away – this is you cue to make more far reaching goals to tackle these problems than looking for quick fixes.


Love – Capricorn are more sociable right now; both at work and within your clubs and organisations and this can result in many new romantic opportunities as your life expands – it may be a time of flirting with a view to date.

Career – This is a very good day for starting a new business venture as you are rapidly able to digest information, make decisions and get the various aspects of the operation in working order.

Health – The fast pace of life means you are probably eating on the go and grabbing whatever comes you way; you should burn off any extra calories are you are more mobile and busy than usual.


Love – Differences in the values that underlie your decisions mean that you and your partner can find it hard to find middle ground and this makes leads to deadlock, but Aquarians could be quite happy to sit it out until the deadlock annoys your partner into compromise.

Career – Property matters demand your attention; this could be your home office and how well it works for you or your work premises and how it gives a good or bad impression of you. Either way you need to attend to your work domain and address issues that make you less efficient.

Health – Aquarians are discovering a very dogged and determined side and this can be a valuable ally in keeping you on track with important emotional goals ie not allowing others issues to get the better of you.


Love – Aries are fiercely protective of family and that can mean that you take a family member’s side over your spouse; this may seem like the right decision but being impartial is better for the long run.

Career – Acting both impulsively and also compulsively makes for trouble; so make sure you are being logical and not acting from an emotional perspective.

Health – Changes that happen right now can be a surprise but if you are honest with yourself you will realise the things were on the cards and they are for the best.


Love – Love can be very unpredictable and that may reflect your own rather up and down and often aloof behaviour which is generating these reactions.

Career – There are so exciting mental challenges coming your way at work and you will relish the challenge especially as you may be able to prove others wrong

Health – You need to keep mobile and keep stretching as stiffness can creep into joints and so make sure you warm up and warm down after exercise and do as your grandmother would do and ‘wear a cardigan’.


Love – Gemini can be influenced to a great degree by their partner and that is fine as long as you realise this; the danger however is that you are absorbing bother positive and negative responses from them and radiating them out even though they come not from you, but from them.

Career – You need to be extra clear about the details in all negotiations as although you may be spelling it out, you need to check if the message has been received loud and clear, as people often hear what they want to rather than what is said.

Health – If you visit a psychic or clairvoyant you may have better results than usual as your aura is vibrant and you are almost wearing your psychic heart on your sleeve making you easier to read.

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