Horoscope February 12, 2018


Love – It is all about communication in love and you have to watch out that you are not being high handed in terms of placing your opinions and ideas on a pedestal where they have to take precedence.

Career – While you may not pay much attention to details, you may even wilfully gloss over, them you can still arrive at the right conclusion as you can make that jump needed to go right to the heart of the matter.

Health – You are quick to offer advice to others and you can see their problems so clearly and yet when it comes to your own, you lack clarity and are too eager to see what you want to see, obscured by your own moral and emotional inertia.


Love – Sexually charged conversations or even innuendo laden messages exchanged electronically can be fun and can also get you into the mood for taking the fun talk to the bedroom.

Career – You have to watch out for obsession today as when you get the bit between your teeth you either hunt for more info are try your best to get your point across, know when you need to let it go.

Health – Try preparing meals with asparagus, bananas honey, almonds, basil and figs which can get you in the mood for sex and help get blood flowing in the nether regions.


Love – While analysing relationships right now can give you some exciting insights as well as insights that put you mind at rest, you have to be careful not to look for stuff that is not there, and make too dramatic conclusions from limited information.

Career – You love an audience and you raise you game whether you have to explain your theories or justify yourself.

Health – Jupiter square your ruler brings you a boost of energy and yet you can forget your limits and you may go over board and tax yourself mentally and physically.


Love – A good time to talk through problems as you have increased wisdom and understanding and you are not at all emotional, you will not allow regressive emotions or grudges to destroy a new fledgling direction.

Career – You are a workaholic right now and that means you have enough on your plate without having to help other people out and so know where to draw the line and stick to your own priorities, do not have your priorities changes by others to suit them.

Health – An excellent time to step up your exercise routines and really go for it. Try experimenting with new foods, new teas, new supplements and natural remedies.


Love – An insatiable curiosity can make you go much further with a new person than you would usually and you become intrigued even if this person is not what or who you usually go for.

Career – A great day for presenting, you are highly entertaining and have a message which excites and gets a buzz going in the room.

Health – You are highly motivated and yet not all that focused and so this may be a good time to try out new regimes or just keep active doing what you enjoy anyway rather the forcing yourself to do structured exercise.


Love – You can overcome problems in existing relationships and develop positive new relationships right now as long as you ask questions and listen to and digest the answers never dismissing anything, even what seems irrational.

Career – A good time to lock yourself away and nail yourself down to some serious work or research – you can get a vast amount done now but you need privacy.

Health – You are rather resistant to new ideas, this is a time to stick with what you know and be conservative and reject risk.


Love – You have to watch out for jumping to conclusions about things in the relationship, you can be eager to jump to the most obvious conclusion and not the correct one.

Career -A fabulous time for gathering information, but not a good time to collate or analyse that information, so keep reading and stay open and in receiver mode.

Health – Get moving and engage in exercise that involves the whole body rather than just tackling one area. Even if you are not that mobile or cannot exercise you should do what you can to get your heart arte up.


Love – You are quite good at cutting through the bull and crystallising the main problems – you are not given to long involved debates as you can see what the real issues are and how to tackle them.

Career – A great time for analysing financial data and getting to grips with the underlying trends. This may also be a great time to start finding about Bitcoin or other crypto currencies.

Health – Scorpio need to ensure you get enough Vitamin B-12, or cobalamin, which is a nutrient you need to covert food in glucose as you are very social today and communications with others take it out of you.


Love – You are very hard to pin down today, you keep changing your mind and even if you do commit to something you may forget or pull out last minute.

Career – Work related travel and the spreading of ideas is very successful today. Even if you do not travel reach out beyond your usual circles.

Health – Your ability to adapt and to cope with sudden changes means that you are stimulated rather than stressed out by even highly challenging situations.


Love – An excellent time to renew or restore relations with the in laws and so make the first move and create a better atmosphere.

Career – You are going to keep quite even though thoughts and ideas are abounding in your head as somehow, although you have much to say you think there is more value in staying mum for the moment.

Health – Dreams are more vivid and even beautiful and there is value in interpreting the symbols you remember from dreams as clues to unconscious drives and needs.


Love – It is all about fairness and you are conscious of being very fair in love and you will jump down the throat of your partner if they are trying to manipulate or get an unfair advantage.

Career – A good time to complete documentation or review loan terms or conditions – you must pay attention to small print as there may be more nuances in what you are getting involved with than you expect.

Health – To be healthy you need to circulate and hear new ideas and be exposed to a variety of people, being stuck with a select group and going over all ground will give you a massive headache.


Love – New ideas and fresh approaches mean that you will welcome anything that shakes up the routine or the mores of your relationship especially in terms of what has become stale.

Career – You are required to put your money where your mouth is and whatever you have been preaching, you will now have to show how it works in practice – moments of truth to come.

Health – You are open to anything that offers a sudden break even if there is risk involved – you will not dither when you have a chance to speak your truth as getting things off your chest is great for relieving tention.

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