Daily Horoscope February 14, 2018


Love – Pisces often love innuendo however the abstract is hard for you to deal with today ; Pisces want definite answers in relationships and that makes you very open and forthcoming in order to encourage your partner to be as open as possible in terms of affection and emotion on Valentine’s Day

Career – This is an excellent day for reviewing new money-making ideas: you should analyse cash flow, income, and earning power. You are far more pragmatic and rational in your approach to money now.

Health – Pisces need to watch out for sinus infections and anything which starts as a small earache or scratchy throat and then becomes more troublesome – gargle with a pinch salt and bicarbonate of soda mixed in warm water to ease infections.

Love – Love on Valentine’s Day means being a good friend, a loyal friend and being patiently supportive. Love is for better or for worse and today is one of those days where you deposit rather than withdraw from the relationship bank.

Career – This is not the time to lend money or borrow money from friends as the outcome can be frosty relations and the feeling that one party did more of a good deed than they really did.

Health – Aries must be careful of over indulgence especially with alcohol right now. You need to drink water, especially water with a little lemon and do more to alkalise your system. Cranberry juice can also be helpful as long as it is sugar free.

Love – This Valentine’s Day is a ideal time for formalising relationships – you may want to express your feelings and be the one who makes a move to take things to the next phase. Taurus need more certainty from relationships and will not shy away from showing your devotion in concrete ways.

Career – In business and in your dealings with colleagues, it is time to proceed with caution and patience, do not rush in where angels fear to tread, this is not a good time for risks or making controversial opinions known. Solid well made decisions pay off.

Health – A time for some spring cleaning in terms of the people you associate with; if anyone in your life has become toxic you should support them, but if they do not respond perhaps you should withdraw least that toxicity spreads.


Love – Love and sex with all other star signs are enhanced this Valentines’ Day by your passionate and vibrant emotional responses, apart from Aquarians, Pisces and Capricorns who may find your fire power disconcerting. You are not easy to handle, a partner needs to get with the program and go with your flow.

Career – Gemini are very restless and quite impulsive today and you will not let much stand in your way; if you make waves today you may still be feeling the tidal swell for some time and so be careful of what you set in motion.

Health – Vigorous physical activity and challenging sporting events suit Gemini who want challenge and crave excitement. You may even try and stir things up to create excitement and draw out the true emotions of people.


Love – Emotionally you may feel quite frustrated as if you are not getting what you need from your partner and you are struggling to make him/her understand your feelings – is your partner responsible for ALL your needs? Try not explaining yourself, forget words and use body language, your eyes and also timing – do not be too eager, make yoru partner sweat.

Career – Today is perfect for honing skills and working with specialised equipment connected to either hobbies or your main line of work. Cancer are able to work long and hard at fine detail work which although laborious can be strangely satisfying.

Health – As long as you can express yourself creatively and use a little of that Cancerian imagination today you should be fine, if stifled or limited you may feel very angry and that anger is not productive or healthy.


Love – Leo have a strong and vibrant energy which is very attractive; you are more expansive in your thinking and single Leo will be attracting new and interesting people into their lives from well beyond your usual circle tonight.

Career – All systems go! A very important day for new projects – make sure your renew impetus, keep applying pressure and keep the momentum going. If you have been holding back on anything, today you should find some time to address this.

Health – Decisions today should be made to better your life – so make positive changes even if it means being a little selfish and think big.


Love – As in your work, honesty is a strong impulse right now however that has to be balanced by your need to maintain harmony and keep the energy going – you have no way of anticipating how ‘honesty’ will be received, should you risk it, especially today?

Career – You may be cast in a role where you have to criticise, analyse or appraise a colleagues work as it can be a fine line between doing this properly and maintaining good relations.

Health – While your health is rather good right now, you lack consistency in the way you eat, exercise or in what you eat and you may need to stop this hit and miss approach.


Love – Today is an excellent one for love and also a safe one – Libra in established long term relationships fare best and single Libra are quite satisfied with life as it is and may enjoy the evening with no pressure to get hit by Cupid’ arrow.

Career – Even dull, onerous or routine tasks flow today and are conducted with ease. You should be able to finish the less appealing tasks of work and be able to move on to something which is people orientated or creative.

Health – This is a cheerful day with positive energy, a pro-active attitude to health and a general feel good factor about what you are achieving. Ever notice how it is easier to eat well when you are in a good mood?


Love – You are in a no nonsense mood today and you will go straight to the heart of any matter in love unafraid to tackle issues, but always in a practical unemotional way. You are also adventurous in looking to take a friendship to a romantic level.

Career – Your thinking tends to be quite cautious and you are very logical and reasonable in the way your address problems. You are more tenacious mentally, sticking with tough problems or questions.

Health – Scorpio can benefit from exercise which increases mobility and flexibility: yoga, Zumba, dance, pilates etc.


Love – Today is a very romantic one and Sagittarius are sensual, sympathetic and eager to please in love which bodes well for sex life, general understanding and good vibes.

Career – It can be hard not to leap to conclusions or grab and at any information which backs up your viewpoint in your haste to get on with things – more haste less speed Sagittarius, do not jump the gun.

Health – Sagittarius are impatient and also a little over optimistic which is quite typical although that can mean you under estimate obstacles and leave yourself with too little time and too much pressure to complete tasks.


Love – Capricorn have powerful desires and amorous feelings today and these may be stimulated in a variety of ways from your imagination, via music and movies or even perhaps through an enticing interaction or sudden personal encounter.

Career – Today is better for creative and artistic pursuits as Capricorn are working well with aesthetic subject matters and you have good insights about what looks good, sounds good or works visually.

Health – Today is perfect for daydreaming and it can be quite productive if you use it for positive visualisation, problem solving and scenario building.


Love – Aquarius are highly affectionate and tactile today; you will not hold back romantically and today is especially exciting for new relationships where there is a great deal of fun to be had. Existing relationships benefit from an injection of fun and playfulness.

Career – Aquarius are in good frame of mind for haggling – you will drive a hard bargain and make sure you get the best deal. I see you asking questions and pushing for key information that can help you reduce the price or spot a dud product or bogus offer.

Health – A sense of being on top of things contributes to an inner ease fuelled by a growing confidence in yourself mentally.

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