Daily Horoscope February 13, 2018


Love – A day of sudden romances which start in a very spontaneous way and create great excitement. This can also lead to indiscretions and advances, which seem like a great idea but feel like mistakes in the cold light of day.

Career – A very useful time for presenting ideas as you can express yourself logically and pay attention to details, which will show how well thought out your plans are and impress others with your originality.

Health – Sometimes doing something a little wild or even childish releases the spirit of creation.


Love – Single Taurus are more adventurous and open to new experiences in love as they know where they stand – they are single and from that standpoint they can expand.

Career – You may have the chance to do important work on a big project which will affect a large part of society, i.e., research on mental health issues, socio-economic problems and causes or economic policy.

Health – Taurus need to think about what you really want and need for yourself rather than letting your life direction be determined by the expectations of others, so a quick look back at lists you made and important landmarks you are aiming for.


Love – Being thoughtful in love and remembering the little things can go a very long way to aid relations and to make your partner feel special and appreciated.

Career – There is wanderlust and the need to be a free spirit; there is the desire not to be constrained by convention, and you will strike out in original ways.

Health – Eating right and taking regular fluids and attempting to keep a certain routine today can help you maintain some balance and keep your energy constant in a time which can be highly unpredictable.


Love – Tackle problems in your sex life fearlessly, and either do research or get help – if you are stuck, this is an amazing month to use the romance of Valentine’s Day to become unstuck and to improve sexual communication.

Career – Clothing, manners, and attitude, can set you apart; use your ability to increase cooperation and bring sides together rather than using tactics that are aggressive and confrontational.

Health – Your psychological insightfulness is very keen, and you can have flashes about the motivations and intentions of others that are quite profound.


Love – Issues of loyalty and the perception of loyalty can cause tension in relationships. Often what you feel is morally superior, and the ‘right’ thing to do may (to your surprise) be very different to how your partner feels about things.

Career – There can also be eureka moments when things suddenly click mentally and make sense, and this can be very inspiring.

Health – – Well being comes from recognising your latent needs – those important parts of your personality which have become dormant or skills you no longer use but should to increase the richness and wholeness of your life.


Love – It looks very exciting for Valentine’s Day – spontaneous relationships can begin and get off to a start like sprinters reacting to a starting pistol. You may be quite deep into the relationship before you realise what is happening and this can feel exhilarating.

Career – This is one of those times where friends or colleagues seem to be agreeing with you and you go ahead think they are going to back you up, but when it counts they fade away and let you down. Know that this could happen and prepare for it.

Health – You could also be held back by becoming dragged down by other people’s problems – you need to get away from Debbie Downer’s and nay sayers who can cloud your judgement with negativity.


Love – There is a strong urge to relate and to fuse with your partner, and you will enjoy any activity that brings you closer from pooling ideas to do with finances, children or even discussing philosophical issues.

Career – Money matters may cause ethical quandaries – i.e., you could save money with Plan A, but you will end up compromising your concerns for Green issues or perhaps Plan B is great from a creative point of view but does not fit in with marketing strategies.

Health – Respect food more, not only regarding what you eat but how you eat. Your health can improve if you allow times to eat in peace and not while talking, googling or feeling annoyed about work.

Love – Single Scorpio should accept invitations to Valentine’s Day parties or events as this is a good time to meet like-minded people with whom you can have a meaningful connection. This is a very good time to make a good impression.

Career – This is day of careful consideration rather than a surge forward – you will take time to review the options and delay decisions until it feels right.

Health – Organic, natural and home prepared foods are best no matter what they have in them, so the key is to make it yourself and it will still be better than anything you buy pre packed even if it is a pre prepped smoothie or supposedly healthy snack.


Love – Sagittarians who are single will tend to meet new potential lovers via your hobbies and artistic interests and so this is a perfect excuse for spending time and money attending events, openings, theatre trips or sporting events.

Career – This is not the day to be stubborn or dig heels in, you have to keep things moving and resist any emotional or mental attitudes that cause blockages or stand offs.

Health – This is a very exciting time for Sagittarius as you are more decisive than usual and that gives you a sense of power and freedom. This is a very good day for health and the energy you have regenerates and revives.


Love – Acts or omissions cast long shadows and so Capricorns may forgive but will not forget – they are taking the subtle signs and reading more into these to make conclusions which will temper your future reactions.

Career – Your moods and feelings will be more intense right now and you will develop strong opinions on things. Sometimes you will get into heated debates but these can be very stimulating.

Health – You need to be careful when exercising that you do not strain muscles or tendons and so make sure you wear the appropriate shoes or supports an warm up well.


Love – Aquarians are rather insecure and easily hurt; however, you guys are coming across as cool and even rather detached or invincible like you can handle anything that is thrown at you.

Career – As you begin something new, you will not know quite how you are going to do it, but you need to have faith that you can indeed do it, and once you start trying, the methods will begin to unfold before you

Health – Aquarians will look to be more independent, and that will mean being in control of your own health choices and not relying on a doctor, trainer or group support.


Love – It can be very tricky to deal with love issues diplomatically without ruining the rapport and creating awkwardness for your wider cirlce of friends or family, so you need react appropriately and proportionately.

Career – You may be about to start something of importance regarding putting your stamp on a process or project or making your mark on the world, so make sure you get it all perfect from the get go.

Health – Stress can come from children – you may have battles of wills with them or they may disregard your advice. You will just have to remember that they probably were just like you at the same age.

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