February Week 3 Horoscopes


Love – Aries in long-term relationships where there is only a superficial connection can feel both lonely and also empty; if you cannot inject meaning into your relationship and revive the emotional connection, is it worth staying?

Career – After the solar eclipse on the 15th of February, things take off again, and you can use the power of the lunar cycle to begin making plans, finalising agreements and starting new courses of action during the next 15 days.

Health – What you should, however, avoid from Feb 15 are excursions involving the sea or ferries or getting tied up in the money or finances of friends. Moments alone or doing a creative pursuit or even immersing yourself in charity work or something totally contrary to your ego drives can be strangely enlightening.


Love – New partners are often met via unusual situations or during crisis and chaos, and you can be thrust together in a way which only fate in its infinite yet curious wisdom could engineer.

Career – Taurus can use their intuitive powers to sense opportunities and invest – often a sudden idea that comes to you perhaps in a dream, or a coincidence where you switch on the radio and something is being said which is exactly the answer or clue you have been looking for.

Health – The total lunar eclipse brings the work-life balance into sharp focus as your 10th house of career and your 4th of family and home are activated. Some tough decisions and sacrifices are needed, and events can force you to think about priorities and what different aspects of life mean to you and give back to you.


b>Love – Valentine’s Day will be a fun and social event for both married and single Gemini, and while excitement and novelty is guaranteed, it may be more hectic than romantic with you both too tired at the end of the evening to enjoy a deep and meaningful sexual encounter; perhaps it will be more Microwave sex than a hearty casserole of carnal activity.

Career – A good time for meetings and group activities with new sets of associates or interest groups who you do not usually have anything to do with. Important meetings can be held by video link, and webinars can be used more effectively to train people remotely or introduce products.

Health – Sea and air travel are not favoured and may be more turbulent and exhausting than usual, and so have all your anti-nausea and travel coping remedies handy.


Love – Values do matter a great deal in sex, and if in a new relationship the other person’s ideas about sex diverge greatly from what you feel comfortable with, it can be a gap that will never be bridged with eventual resentment, and so in such a case, the relationship may just have received its sell by date.

Career – The moon waxes from the 15th of Feb until the end of the month, making this the most opportune time for new starts, launches, and beginning a new chapter. Any activity to do with communications, local travel, and media is favoured and will receive a boost of energy with good results.

Health – Conflict between your spiritual will and immediate personal desires means that many of your actions will be frustrated as not every part of you is in sync.


Love – February may bring you the opportunity to resolve things with a former love and close that chapter on a positive note. While you never want to linger on old ground, it may be a good time to revisit the past briefly and put a more positive spin on it, and then let it go.

Career – The moon waxes from the 15th of Feb to the 1st of March, making this the green light time for action and decisions. Hiring and firing, outsourcing and meeting new colleagues are all favoured.

Health – Health is influenced strongly by social situations, and so keep your friends close and your enemies as far away as possible.


Love – With Valentine’s Day coming, this happens to be a very good month for new relationships; however, the new relationship may only begin after the 14th, so if nothing much happens on that day, keep hanging in there as it is after the partial solar eclipse on the 15th that Cupid gets his espresso and starts waking up. It is a good month to start with an internet dating site or begin more chatting online with a view to romance.

Career – Avoid recruiting new legal, accounting, or tax advisors, and do not enter a brand new partnership. Get second opinions on everything, and do your own research not totally relying on info others give you.

Health – The solar eclipse in your 6th house makes this month ideal for new nutritional and fitness regimes. However, you can eat as well as you like; if you are letting work-life balance become more about work and less about life, that is a downward spiral. You need to pay attention to undue psychological pressure in the workplace and subtle intimidation which plays on your diligence to get you to do over and above what is needed.


Love – You are very creative in love, which means you abound with new ideas how to make life and sex together better and more exciting. You are in a problem-solving mood, eager to take on any issue no matter how taboo and make it better.

Career – The moon waxes from the 15th of Feb to the 1st of March, and that makes this the most fertile time for planting new seeds regarding finding new premises, looking for new suppliers, working on setting up your new business or starting a work from home or family business.

Health – You should look to increase the amount of fibre you consume along with ensuring you have a balanced intake of omega 3, garlic and sterols and stanols found in nuts and grains or available as supplements, as they absorb cholesterol.


Love – Tension can make good sex difficult even though great sex would do you the world of good regarding relaxing you. Somehow you cannot switch off long enough to get involved. Some spontaneous sex in a new location could be just what you need.

Career – New business ventures to do with games, entertainment or leisure may run into problems and may end up not being viable. Applications for new loans may experience many unforeseen problems and the process can be drawn out.

Health – Scorpio must get enough sleep, and you need to spend an hour or two each night winding down, and that means the devices go off then and not just before sleep. A good book or TV show that grips you is vital to create a cut out at the end of the day where you draw a line between the worries and demands and your restful time.


Love – Sagittarians are ready to make the first move regarding new relationships just in time for Valentine’s Day. You are up for blind dates, double dates, or speed dating, as long as there is an opportunity you will want to grab it and see what happens.

Career – The moon waxes from the 15th or February to the 1st of March meaning this is your fertile ground for planting new seeds and starting projects. Moving home, property deals and major family decisions are not favoured. This is also not a good time to start your own business from home especially if it involves hospitality. This is a good time for budgeting, financial planning and investing your savings. This period is good for negotiating prices for new assets, for auctions or buying collectables and art.

Health – Family matters improve, and you can make progress on any ongoing problems which affect your wider family.


Love – Regarding dating, the quality of relationships or people you attract has a direct bearing on your self-worth and should be seen in that light. You sense of self worth and self-esteem will improve quite noticeable this year, but right now relationships can be a gauge of where you are and how far you need to go still.

Career – The moon waxes from the 15th of February to the 1st of March, making this a green light phase to get the wheels of new plans in motion. The press should be handled with great care, and journalists must be careful to get accurate information; if in doubt do not report.

Health – This is a week when you need sleep and must take care to eat balanced meals with a variety of nutrients. You really do not want to be having too many takeaways or even too many supplements.


Love – If you don’t grab romantic opportunities now, the missed chance can leave you wondering, ‘what if,’ for a long time. Marriages can turn a corner, and a fresh start can be made, promising new love relationships can begin.

Career – The moon waxes from the 15th of February to the 1st of March making this lift-off time for new initiatives and starting a new chapter. Not a good time to invest, make big outlays, replace plant and machinery or buy a car. Not a good time to invest in bitcoin. This is a good time to work with government departments, the police or social services or to get a job in these fields.

Health – A good time for hypnotherapy to help with addictions or phobias. Eat more cruciferous vegetables and get fresh air, but avoid strenuous or repetitive exercise.


Love – Love and relationships get a kickstart as Venus crosses into Pisces just in time for Valentine’s Day. Your Piscean magnetism gets a boost with an added dose of charm, and you become quite the belle of the ball with no shortage of suitors. This is a good time of year to begin a relationship, and yet it is best if you take it slowly.

Career – The moon waxes from the 15th of February to the 1st of March making this a fertile period for planting new seeds and initiating. You should not enter business however with a step-sibling. This is a great time to network and lobbying, or political aims are successful.

Health – This is not the best week for cosmetic surgery, laser eye surgery, facial peels or getting a tattoo. Relations with your parent of the same sex may be more difficult and sressful and so avoid confrontation or limit contact.

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