Daily Horoscope February 10, 2018


Love – Seek the truth and act truthfully in love, leave no room for rumour or misrepresentation – not a time to be dishonest in any way even if it is an innocent white lie.

Career – Avoid taking stupid risks and stay away from important decisions that need a cool head and rational judgement as you are highly emotional now.

Health – While you should enjoy the arts and escape via movies and music you should avoid alcohol as a way of escaping as it will make you overly emotional and even rash.


Love – A great time to be active socially especially if you are mingling with potential dates or sexual partners – you are more at ease in your own skin and you will be authentic and attract people who are good for you and promote fun in your life.

Career – An excellent day to spend some time picking out themes, designs or colours for webpages, book covers, ad campaigns or even an office refit as you have a great eye for what works and what will be effective.

Health – You are able to spoil yourself with little treats without going overboard to the point that you fall off the wagon. Taurus can indulge that sweet tooth in a small way and feel satisfied.


Love – It is not just about judging a book by its cover, you also tend to judge yourself by your own book cover – you may be underestimating your wit, humour and youthful effervescence as a way to impress people.

Career – Being too agreeable can be a problem in terms of career advancement and so make others more uncomfortable if you want to get ahead, stop pleasing the boss and challenge authority.

Health – Problems can come in term of mental and physical health when you try and please everyone and overestimate your ability to do this impossible thing.


Love – You enjoy fun, but spontaneous and are likely to do something on a whim or You may enjoy being eccentric or shocking as a way to get attention or free yourself of stifling patterns.

Career – You find it easy to compliment and support others, you are rather satisfied and at ease and that means you are more generous to your competitors, but are you allowing your enemies to see weakness in you?

Health – Watch out for feeling semi satisfied and taking your foot off the accelerator, you are inclined to be lax today and let good habits slide.


Love – You can alienate others who are trying to be supportive by questioning their motives, Leo can be vulnerable to flattery usually, but not now as you are highly cynical,

Career – An active time in communicating when you may spend time catching up with correspondence or sending out CV’, memos, updates, mail shots or job applications. A good time to begin a business trip.

Health – You are very vulnerable to guilt trips today, people can make you feel responsible for their emotions..,but are you? Ask yourself if the things others are laying at your door are really your problem.


Love – A good time for one on one quality time with your partner, you see the value in companionship and working together on projects and so you will look to foster cooperation and better communication.

Career – Virgo are skilled at finding ways to get around problems and you are good at schmoozing right now – you know how to find someone’s ‘right side’ and get on it.

Health – Your thinking is not as clear as usual and you may be a bit fuzzy which is why you should avoid doing things that require concentration to be at a peak or accidents can happen.


Love – You tend to take the easy line and you put up with more than you should, but you cannot complain later as you are making this decision consciously as it suits you now.

Career – Nothing is as easy as it sounds, even if you wish and will it to be so, you cannot make something easier that is should be.

Health – A day to be with good friend or even alone as superficial contact does not nourish you and can may end up feeling even more alone.


Love – You need affection and crave physical contact (not only sexual) more than usual to feel comforted and also to feel valued – if you do not get affection you may feel less confident or sure of yourself.

Career – Scorpio will seek freedom and independence whatever the cost, and that can make you make rash decisions that you cannot reverse at a later time when you feel more moderate.

Health – Remember to reduce unnecessary use of mobile/cell phone and switch off wi fi at night as the frequency of the radio waves interrupt sleep and normal brain wave patterns.


Love – Issues of trust arise in love as you are forced to question what you had assumed was true – perhaps you and your partner were not as on the same page as you thought.

Career – A day when you can talk yourself out of anything and call up favours, however there is a price to be paid for everything you do and so know that price

Health – You are inclined to push the boundaries, you are compelled to learn from whatever situations you face, as these present an opportunity to understand the importance of the right balance or risk and caution in your life.


Love – Uncertainties in the love sphere may suddenly clearer, and you are more easily about to judge a situation and see things for what they are good and bad.

Career – It is all about facing the unknown and learning to get more comfortable working with less hard and solid information and going by your gut mixed with your experience.

Health – You have to work really hard to keep within the limits you have set yourself as temptation is everywhere and it is hard to resist.


Love – Decisions, decisions, nothing is simply and there are so many trade offs and feelings at stake to consider, delaying may cause you just as much grief and so go ahead and do what needs to be done so you can all deal with it.

Career – Everything you do now has to be carefully weighed up in terms of cost and energy – you may be able to afford a new venture, but can you stick with it emotionally as well?

Health – Avoid chores and anything humdrum – gravitate to what most inspires you and reject conformity. A day to go and keep going, do not get trapped into any one thing with one person.


Love – If you have felt like you were holding back in love and the relationship sphere in general, you can now see how to go forward in a way that maintains a comfort zone but which also moves things on emotionally.

Career – Even if you have many balls to juggle and a lot on your plate, a stroke of luck will mean you can edge out of some commitments and find time to please you self or do what advances your cause.

Health – Pisces have a knack today of knowing what you need to feel emotionally satisfied and at ease and you will go after that with no hesitation and get it.

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