Daily Horoscope February 10, 2018


Love – A time where you need to boost your vitality by focusing on your own needs and not getting drawn into drama or the emotional needs of your partner – you are economical with affection in order to preserve energy and replenish yourself.

Career – A time when you hear rumours and tend to ponder on the more subtle undercurrents, sexual and egotistical, in your work place that may be affecting your own effectiveness or that of the team.

Health – A great time to be lazy and take the pressure off – eat well and enjoy your food but avoid food that stimulates or gives you a false boost ie caffeine, chocolate, cakes, cookies and biscuits. Eat a high protein diet today.


Love – In new love it is your partner’s unique qualities which really turn you on. You are attracted to what is eccentric or outspoken. You are turned off if you partner acts too conventional or conservative.

Career – A great time to plan group events to both improve relationships with co workers or increase the way you cooperate and coordinate with others in similar careers or the same profession. Mix work and pleasure and try and use your Taurean social skills to enhance career prospects.

Health – A time when Taurus need to get out and be among people, friends can be of great emotional benefit and support to you.


Love – You have more admirers than you know, but they are watching from afar and perhaps too shy to approach.

Career – A great need to be recognised is driving you right now and it is making you work harder, but it may be making you too sensitive and too yielding to convention rather where you lose your uniqueness as you tend to play it safe.

Health – Healing relationships with parents goes a long way to ease your mind and so make a call and extend an olive branch to get the ball in their court. Even if you are on good terms use today to be a better listener and strengthen that bond with mom or dad.


Love – Cancerians fall in love with people who have a passion for life and who can awaken the adventurer in you – this is not a time when you look for a lover to be an anchor in your life, you prefer one to be a torch bearer.

Career – A great time for you any promotional or PR work, you can be more bold and more creative with the way you get your message out and so pull out all the stops starting from today.

Health – A great time to be active on the sports field, you are very competitive and competing, even if it is not in a physical way can bring out the tiger in you.


Love – There is a desire to smooth over differences even at personal cost – you may have to bite your lip and hold your breath but you are driven to do what is right in terms of the long run.

Career – You are inclined to push harder and to look that little bit deeper when it comes to understanding the motivations of those you work with – this may make some uncomfortable.

Health – Leo are very passionate right now and you operate at a heightened level of emotion which can be quite draining and so you will need more sleep.


Love – You may feel a little vulnerable in love and you may hold back emotionally not wanting to put all your feelings on the line.

Career – A time to focus on one to one business relationships and on making your closest allies in work feel appreciated.

Health – Hugs and physical contact is very good for your health today and so getting a massage, a facial or just being more tactile with friends and family can increase well being.


Love – This is a time when love must be practical, Libra are not turned on by soft nothings whispered in the ear, you prefer a bit of help with the cooking or bathing the kids.

Career – It is not so much about work right now what is more important is facilitating work by smoothing relations and getting more organised. You may even make purchases of stationary or electronics which can inspire better habits.

Health – A time of short cuts and easy options, you are hearing the call of your body for some rest and you are quite happy to unplug the phone and kick back.


Love – You are full of the charms and today begins the start of a 3 week period in which romantic opportunity abounds and when your sense of fun and desire to have fun make you a bit of a party animal.

Career – While you feel highly creative, you should only get started on projects that have a short term horizon as anything that needs longer term commitment will tend to drift after a few weeks and never get completed.

Health – You tend to prefer activities away from the home; you need to get far from the familiar to get a perspective and recharge batteries.


Love – You are inclined to feel insecure and that makes you smother your partner with affection and compliments in order to garner more of the same back – but is this the best method to feel appreciated.

Career – A good time to look through catalogues and make lists of things you need to order in terms of seasonal stock, new inventory or different on themed decor for the coming Spring/Autumn.

Health – It is vital to declutter and remove excess rubbish from your life – headaches and tiredness can be reduced by being more minimalist in terms of cuisine and also decor. Eat simple basic foods with just one highlight item to make it interesting.


b>Love – You enjoy conversation and are in the mood to invite friends over – you cannot get enough socially right now and that helps liven up your love life as it injects spontaneity into the humdrum of mid month and if you are single helps you check out the new fish in the sea.

Career – A cheerful optimistic side comes to the fore and you seek to lift morale and help waring factions come together for the good of all. A time when you see solutions and can sell those solutions

Health – Your feel good factor is on the up and you are able to see the positive in everything – worries seem further away and you are able to rationalise emotions and put you mind at ease. A good time to put troubling issues to the back of your mind and enjoy life as a priority.


b>Love – Sensually you are aroused by smells and touch and so a night for candles, massage oils and sexual touching to stimulate desire. The more complex and mysterious your partner, the more intrigued you are.

Career – A good time to look at art or collectable catalogues – you can have success with investing in obscure or historic object d’art.

Health – Be careful of any activity that involved stress or force to you neck – avoid any roller coaster type rides or speeding in your car, then slamming on brakes.


b>Love – A great day to throw a party – pleasure means everything and Pisces want to spoil their lovers or partners and create fun and games to bring back the joie de vivre. Sexually you are more aware of the power you have and how to use that alluring Piscean appeal.

Career – A time for soft power and so tread carefully and be uber diplomatic, lay the ground with people carefully and strengthen relationships before you reveal your hand business wise.

Health – Eat more fibre and also treat yourself with some dark chocolate as these both help reduce appetite, as Pisces do have a very big appetite right now and being more social you tend to over eat.

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