Daily Horoscope for February 26, 2018


Love – You are not your usual decisive self and you will defer to your partner in matters especially financial. You look for agreement and will not make decisions alone.

Career – You may suddenly lose faith with what you are doing or with your direction but you will be able to change tack quickly and make the most of an opportunity to tweak things.

Health – You are rather tormented right now as you know what needs to be done and yet you cannot do it – logic is at odds with emotional motivations and this can be quite upsetting, try not overthink, do what you need to do for the short term.


Love – Love relationships are more intense right now and there is greater depth to what is exchanged between the two of you. New relationships that start now are more open and deeply help emotions and secrets tend to gush out.

Career – Do not be scared to compromise as it can be done successfully without making any sacrifice that matters greatly on your part. You can gain more out of any negotiation.

Health – The power of attraction is working for Taureans especially via connections with others and so keep communicating and meeting other people in many different circumstances as you have a powerful influence over others who will want to support or work with you.


Love – You can get frustrated if you are not agreed with – you are in a mood where it’s my way or the highway, as you do not want certain ideas and plans of yours challenged.

Career – A day of successful information gathering and also great variety – take any chance you get to do something out of the routine or get away from the office to run errands or try a new role.

Health – Try mint or chamomile tea today as you tend to become nervy or even over excited as Mercury square your sun heightens your responses to stimuli and also to the environment making you rather jumpy and excitable and so a soothing tea can help you make the most of your energy without getting stressed.


Love – Cancerians are really in a good mood and romance can arise with co workers. Existing relationships are on the up in terms of understanding and the fun element, as you are easy going and suggestable.

Career – A good time to make decisions, make lists and be decisive on any lingering issues – set yourself goals for today and nail them.

Health – One problem today is that you do not always give personal decisions the weight they require, you tend to rush headlong into what appeals to you in the moment, not perhaps taking account of the longer term commitments you could be triggering.


Love – You are more feisty and competitive in love, and you tend to act before you start worrying about the possible ramifications, and in this case, it works in your favour as you do not have time to talk yourself out of what will be positive moves.

Career – You have a good balance between your idealism and optimism or vision for the future and also a realistic sense of what can be achieved, which leads to good business decisions and concrete progress along the trajectory.

Health – Motivation is not a problem, even though acting on whims can sometimes waste your time; however, you almost have to follow impulses to get them out of your system.

Love – Watch out for having your arm twisted, you can be manipulated right now quite easily in love as you perhaps believe what you wish to and what feels comfortable rather than what is true.

Career – Today reading, re reading and carefully editing whatever you write is important – you need to check facts, remove vagueness and also be sensitive as you may come under scrutiny than usual.

Health – Virgo doing strenuous exercise may suffer increased inflammation and oxidative stress in the body, this can place a strain on the immune system. Eat more blueberries as they help counter exercise-induced stresses on the immune system.

Love – Relationships can benefit from some reminiscing – what is in the past can be a kind a treasure, that has become forgotten or buried or tarnished and you need to polish it up and value it again.

Career – You are able to focus with great determination and tenacity at anything you identify as key – you are great at seeing what is important and doubling down on that.

Health – Good health right now is all about elimination and so a great time to cut a certain food group or product out of your diet for good.


Love – In new love relationships, do not give up yet, keep working at it and keep looking deeper and trying to understand not judge.

Career – You are very resourceful and ingenious at solving problems – if in doubt you will not hang about for help to arrive, you will use your wits and roll up your sleeves, get stuck in and sort it out.

Health – Scorpio have a greater willingness to closely examine whatever is missing in your life and you are willing to make the tough decisions in connection with removing obstacle, which may even be people, that stop you from experiencing fulfilment.


Love – Co-operation is the name of your game as you will do your upmost to avoid conflict and keep the good vibes flowing. Having fun trumps matters of principle right now.

Career – Sagittarians can work on and enhance any artistic ability that you possess taking it to the next level as you have increased confidence in your talents can produce with greater originality and also higher quality.

Health – You are in the mood to reach out to people and you really do not need their acceptance or validation in return, you are gratified by knowing that you held the olive branch and you forgave and the ball is now in their court.


Love – Capricorn are more protective of your private romantic life. You are unlikely to want to share details of your intimate life with friends or family. It is a time to keep love life under wraps.

Career – When tempted by an enticing new opportunity ask yourself if it is a good fit with your career plan and vision for you and your businesses future: it is you? If not it may just be an exciting distraction from what is really important.

Health – Avoid public transport and use the internet, zoom, facebook live or other methods to conduct meetings on line. Travelling can be stressful and also wasteful today.


Love – You may misrepresent your views as perhaps you have not quite thought through something and so best to stay off political or highly charged subjects as you can easily be taken the wrong way and give the wrong impression.

Career – Decisions and directions can quickly be abandoned as you realise you do not have the energy or ability to follow them through and so thing often end very differently what you imagined at the start of the day.

Health – This is a powerful time for meditation and any form of psychoanalysis. Emotions are that much closer to the surface and can be probed and investigated.


Love – You are more aware of what is subtle, you pick up on the undercurrents and concealed emotions of you partner and you are very good at pre empting problems and skirting around agressions.

Career – With a clear idea of where you stand on issues and what you are trying to achieve you are the tip of the spear and can be very effective at both communicating and directing the argument.

Health – You are in a hectic phase and you need to increase the amount of B Vitamins in your diet with asparagus, sunflower seeds, fish, avocado, nuts, legumes and shellfish.

Daily Horoscope February 25, 2018


Love – A build-up of sexual tension can mean that relations with your partner become tense usually over some trivial issues. Best thing to do is acknowledge the sexual element of any irritability and address that first.

Career – Your week may start earlier with your having to organise people due to sudden changes ie staff who car ill or problems which mean you have to reallocate different people to jobs.

Health – You may be the object of an inappropriate and unwanted advance – remember to act fast and be decisive, do not linger as you feel guilt, clarity is always better for both parties and so be blunt if necessary.


Love – Taurus are very aggressive in love today, you know what you want and what you do not and that is very helpful as you get closer to what is real and authentic and can fearlessly set the tone for future sex and romance/

Career – This is not a good time to start a new business relationship or partnership or make any changes to an existing partnership – be cautious of close financial dealings with others and in making decisions with others, make sure they really are as on board as they seem.
Health – Your body is highly reactive today and can become more easily irritated and so avoid high fat foods, foods with a high salt or MSG content ( MSG is a popular flavour enhancer which can be addictive and which hides in nearly all processed foods.)


Love – You tend to assume what your partner wants and is saying as you are biased according to past behaviour and actions, but how can anything ever change if you continue to assume that the past is always an accurate indicator of the future?

Career – This is an amazingly creative and imaginative time for Gemini and you should take time to do anything creative and artistic where you can just let loose and take advantage of the muse which is with you.

Health – Gemini can also use their imagination to visualise outcomes and rehearse positive actions be it for sporting events or encounters with others – a very fruitful and powerful time to use positive thinking and so send out your best to the universe.


Love – You are in a mood to keep moving and so you demand your partner keep up with you and respond quickly to the change in tempo – you are not content to hang about on the couch you need to socialise, or visit friends or get out shopping. You must be where the action is.

Career – A great day to take on others mentally, you are quick witted and can think on your feet making great points and helping you influence others.

Health – Think about taking extra Vitamin B12 especially if you are getting more and addicted to coffee. Vegan and vegetarians are more likely to be low in Vitamin B12 and so get a good supplement.


Love – Leo are very practical in love, you know what needs to be done and you can make those tough decision right now easily, knowing that what is right can never be avoided

Career – A time to build and start thinking of your CV, your business, your ambitions and look to build on where you are using what you have and where you stand as a spring board. 2018 is a year of pressing forward and so push hard now.

Health – Your stamina is exceptional right now – both mentally and physically you can take on that little bit extra and nail long hours of concentration or exertion.


Love – You can be vulnerable to illusion in new romance and so if you have only been with someone a short period of time be more cautious and go slowly.

Career – Any contracts Virgo sign now should not be taken lightly as you may end up taking on more than anticipated or outcomes can be far more variable than you think.

Health – Take on extra Vitamin C and also consider Manuka honey as these can be highly beneficial in the fight against allergies and colds which can flare up right now.


Love – A great day for entertaining – Librans are keen to spread the love and you can benefit by all human interaction not only romantic. Love is on tap and you need just lift the phone to get things going.

Career – The coming week will be a busy time for trade, and you may attend trade fairs, expos, and conventions where you can expose yourself to new ideas and concepts. Relax now ahead of things hotting up.

Health – Libra have many aims in your head, however you tend to scatter energy as you find it hard to prioritise and also to say, “No.” So, not a great day for serious progress and you may stray in terms of diet.


Love – Love life is very busy and also draining – stop trying to control and direct everything, just take it minute by minute as plans tend to go by the way side.

Career – Your reasoning powers are very strong now and so a good time to make a case or defend your ideas or actions – things click and you can grasp what is most important and articulate that.

Health – Instead of reaching for the coffee, keep hydrated, get some sunlight and rather than a greasy, cargo loaded snack reach for some fruit or nuts.


Love – Don’t try and be too clever – winning an argument or having the last word can do more harm than good right now.

Career – . Usually long trips have a long preparation time, but right now, you may undertake such a trip on impulse in response to news you did not expect

Health – Sagittarians are quite experimental with health and are eager to embrace way out remedies or potential cures – you will defy convention and not be put off by detractors.


Love – Say it from the heart and say it honestly and it will be accepted even if it is hard for the other person to hear. Do it now and say it now – do not delay the inevitable.

Career – You may not always be the one who sets the rules and you may not really even live some of the rules, but play along for now.

Health – Capricorn have an opportunity to know more about yourselves and you can deepen your self-knowledge if you truly seek answers, however being childlike or stubborn stifles your own progress.


Love – You have greater diplomacy and can broach even tricky subjects with charm and a non-threatening manner which is a great starting point.

Career – You are undeterred by the unfamiliar and anything stereotyped will be rejected. Being flexible and looking to work with team, groups and individuals is key to success.

Health – Your need for drama and escapism can lead you into some rather haphazard actions, in which you often underestimate the scale of effort involved and leave yourself exhausted.


Love – Avoidance is key to the way you deal with things – you will buy more time and look for room to think and allow yourself to imbibe the emotional atmosphere rather than what is actually being said.

Career – Mercury conjunct Neptune and Venus make events of now rather confusing but your intuitive perception and imagination are supercharged. Work creatively and with images rather than logic.
Health – You are highly sensitive emotionally and must avoid anything harsh, negative or stressful – a day to immerse yourself in arts and music.

Daily Horoscope February 24, 2018


Love – You feel somewhat adrift in love, like you have no real direction – you want to go with the flow and yet that is vaguely unsatisfying.

Career – An excellent day to take time to work on some ambitious and long range plans for your business or at side-line activity that you want to turn into a business or major venture.

Health – Aries have large stores of energy that you can rely on to give you a boost in sports and any situation that need a combative energy.


Love – You are very compromising today, you are willing to put your needs second and just go along with what your partner wants as harmony is paramount rather than selfish aims. Pleasing others makes you happy, but this should only be a short term motivation, not an excuse to let your own development stagnate.

Career – Today is not an ambitions or driven time, it is day when you want to relax and chill and just take the easy way out – you will go out of your way to avoid work.

Health – A time to eat well, but there is no excuse to eat badly, enjoy your food and yet make wise choices that are nutritious and filled with natural ingredients.


Love – There can be conflict in love and yet you embrace this as you want to stir stuff up and get things off your chest to clear the air. Boredom and routine are passion killers and you will push for changes and fresh activities to pursue romantically.

Career – A great time to arrange a work related party or social – you are less inspired about admin and nuts and bolts detail work, but you are motivated to improve team work and cooperation and into this you will plough energy.

Health – Increase your intake of carbohydrates today – this is not a day for salads and fish or chicken, go for potatoes, pumpkin, stews and pies as you need wholesome and satisfying foods.


Love – You are the centre of attention when it comes to parties and events and so it is well worth you going out if invited or even trying a blind date or singles event. Married Cancer are just as happy with a book as with affection and sex as you are very relaxed and enjoy anything as long as it is not hard work.

Career – Cancerians have the ability thanks to Sun sextile your 7th rules to accept people for what they are, which allows you not to force things. As you slow down, you can recognize where you need to exercise more pressure and where you need more diplomacy and nuance.

Health – You look for others to provide an anchor right now and you are more reliant on either parents or a partner to keep your down to earth and focused on what is real.


Love – Leo are able to reflect on what you want to communicate to your partner and you are focused on what is most fundamental to the relationship with little time for anything trivial – it is all about what matters most and how to root out persistent problems.

Career – You have more resolve to take on things that demand responsibly as you can see how extra work is totally related to extra reward right now.

Health – You are systematic and methodical now and so organise your priorities today to save time when you are less inclined to such technicalities. You are true to yourself right now in a quiet and reserved, rather private way that makes you feel on top on things and stronger within.


Love – Love can be very expensive right now and so you need to be careful that you are not inured into spending vast amount just to impress someone or to keep up with your partner.

Career – A time for more talk, for more discussion and more reflection rather than rushing for the GO button or the accelerator.

Health – Virgo are very reactionary now, especially when you are bossed around or told wat to do – you will be drawn into conflict if your independence and freedom to just go with your own flow today are questioned.


Love – Everything in love is a little vague and fuzzy right now and trust is called into question – if you have a good degree of trust you can navigate the fog in love right now. Trust can actually be developed or destroyed right now and so act carefully.

Career – Expose yourself to anything that will stimulate your imagination, even if you are not into art as such you can get new perspectives from observing and asking questions about thing that are perhaps art on the outside but which contain a wider message you need to hear.

Health – A small deception right now can spiral out of control and so avoid even white lies and be clear and straightforward.


Love – Scorpio really enjoy gift giving and spoiling their partner beit it with tangible gifts or attention like massages and thoughtful deeds.

Career – Success now depends on clear, fair and accurate representations by you and by those you deal with, it can be hard to find the truth in a sea of confusion and so always have a caveat or an admission that you may change you stance if new info comes to light.
Health – Scorpio are craving sweet things, but did you know that the moment sugar hits your tongue, it triggers a rush of feel-good endorphins that lasts several minutes and so have a small taste and get the rush and wait for ten minutes before having more and you may find you have moved onto a new activity before the 10 mins are up.


Love – Whoever attracts your attention will know all about it, as you believe that happiness comes from doing something about your love like rather than being passive and waiting for Cupid.

Career – No one can be indifferent to you as you are demanding attention right now, in fact you are down right demanding and you will stand up for what you think is right and true no matter what.

Health – You are gung ho about any sporting activity and respond with enthusiasm to challenges and dares – you have a strong desire to win and great chance of winning in any competitive sport or mental test.


Love – You are all about working on relationships and are happy to take more responsibility over what is going on as a way to show that when it comes to making things work you are happy to do more than your fair share.

Career – If you have a commitment to something, you will double down on it with added guile. If you don’t have a key direction, you need to find one now or you could feel a sense of purposelessness and despondency.

Health – Hard work makes you feel good psychologically, right now being lazy has few dividends and is not ever enjoyable.


Love – You are playful, helpful and enthusiastic and you are able to draw out the extrovert in your partner and create an atmosphere condusive to good sex.

Career – You believe in fair play and yet you are not willing to do enough to enforce it as sometimes your views are not well thought through enough and you thus cannot defend them adequately.

Health – You are quite disciplined today and can use impulses in a positive way to motivate and reward yourself. Use carrot and stick to set targets and rewards!


Love – You are more brusque and impatient in matters of the heart – you are the one who tells your partner to act their age and get over it.

Career – A great day for group events and also for researching creative ideas upon which you can work – you may not necessarily come up with unique ideas, but you are simply great at spotting good ideas and knowing how to develop them.

Health – This may be the time of year when Pisces start thinking about your beach body and developing some strategies. You may find getting a fake tan or new outfit, helps inspires you to attend gym.

Daily Horoscope February 23, 2018


Love – If you are happy in love you are totally accepting and non judgmental right now, but if you are unhappy you will be vague and distant.

Career – With so many planets transiting your 12th house, Aries are leaning towards the impractical and you become restless when you cannot use your creativity, so duties and obligations demanding detail and concentration are not for you today.

Health – Avoid cream, yogurt and ice cream today and opt for soy or coconut milk as dairy can increase mucous and make colds and flu or general seasonal congestion worse.


Love – You are very friendly and also responsive to others emotionally but you remain aloof as you are not into sacrificing any freedom right now.

Career – Taurus can find it tough to take orders, you prefer to work without someone breathing down your neck, using your own ideas. Taurus freelancers really enjoy their work as you want autonomy and the ability to act on your ideas right away.

Health – Use of a TENS machine may be very helpful in addressing pain as Taureans are responsive to electrical nerve stimulation more than usual right now.


Love – Gemini are not into romance as much as they are after consistency and certainly, you value what is solid in love right now and are not into anything silly or immature romantically.

Career – You are very career minded right now and you are serious about progress, your ambition is palpable and you project as reliable, hard-working and quite conservative.

Health – Gemini should increase vitamin A, vital for the skin and proper protein metabolism in the liver and Vitamin B-2 (riboflavin). Eat more omelettes or poached eggs with oily fish for breakfast.


Love – You are quick to make promises and yet when it comes to it you may find any excuse not to follow through as you priorities tend to change fast and so hold back from making any promises.

Career – Cancer learn quickly and are hungry for mental challenges, have great respect for knowledge and you are able to understand things on many levels setting you apart.

Health – You need challenge and activity right now and that will mean that you look to quit work early and get cracking on an adventurous weekend, anything sedentary or routine will only promote dissatisfaction and restlessness.


Love – There is a desire for sex and yet it can be a means to a physical ends rather than stemming from a desire to unite spiritually to increase intimacy psychologically.

Career – Leo are skilled at delving deep for clues and leads or new perspectives, you are looking deeper than others, then pulling at strands to see what you can unravel. Leo may look to reinvent to old and discarded ideas of others.

Health – Time to tackle constipation and cleanse the bowels. Leo should not only increase fibre but perhaps consider natural and gentle solutions like lemon squeezed into water – make sure you leave the bits of lemon floating and drink them down.


Love – ‘Manner’s maketh man’ – Virgo are very strict about manners and demeanour in public and if your date or partner are rude and loud that can be a total deal breaker.

Career – Virgo are skilled in dealing with groups and pleasing people, you can pour oil on troubled waters and encourage or better communication. There is a desire to get stuck right in and not wait for others to get their act together.

Health – Virgo may have bad reactions to anything fermented or smoked and so avoid exotic cheeses, crème fraise, yogurt, pickled foods or liqueurs in particular. Do not get botox right now.


Love – You look to console your partner and provide a safe space, your protective side is aroused right now and you want to do all you can you bring about calm based on reason.

Career – Libra have a precise and discriminating mindset where you can immediately see what is wrong with ideas, projects or processes and that makes you ideally placed to find solutions.

Health – Libra tend to conserve energy by being economical with emotion, you keep the emotional side of life in check and that helps you focus on what is important and contain any upsetting feelings that could overwhelm you if you indulged them.


Love – Scorpio are very open minded sexually, you are also sentimentally romantic, but a little manipulative as deep down you are quite needy despite the confident exterior you are projecting.

Career – Scorpio are thinking big, you communicate and relate really well to the opposite sex. You are competing strongly, eyeing up who you think are the key actors and mimicking what they do well but also looking for their vulnerabilities.

Health – Scorpio need to focus in cleansing the blood; Goji berries are not only a powerful antioxidant they also alkalize the blood quickly, promoting proper red and white blood cell functioning.


Love – Sagittarians want to be spoiled and you can be woo’ed by tangible gifts epecially luxury one. No date should arrive empty handed or they are in for some frigidity.

Career – Sagittarians are politically savvy right now and you can use that in business or to trade stocks – your intuition on trends is very strong now.

Health – Sagittarians may be wishing to brighten a dull skin and you can do that from the inside with sarsaparilla, a diuretic that flushes the kidneys and helps treat and improve skin conditions.


Love – You are generous with your time in love and yet you can give out mixed signals. You are in a mood when everything new fascinates and yet you lose interest quite fast which makes life with you a fun fair day trip rather than a walk in the park.

Career – Resist the desire to interrupt, interject or throw your penny’s worth in, as more can be gained by listening intently, observing and focusing on both what people say and what their bodies and eyes say.

Health – Capricorn should try fenugreek leaves are loaded with minerals like calcium, iron and potassium. They are also rich in Vitamin C and K, and contain good dietary fiber as well.


Love – What is simple works for you in love right now, your resist complications and also drama, you just do not have patience for it. You have a big appetite sexually and will pour on the charm to get what you need.

Career – You are willing to work hard and keep at difficult tasks with great tenacity. You are in it for the long haul and are not deterred by what seems like an uphill battle or even a losing battle.

Health – A day where you crave fine foods from wine to speciality chocolates, you enjoy fancy food and you can, but stick to quality stuff with natural ingredients.


Love – You can assume that your partner is on the same page, when they may be giving you subtle signs that they are not so keen on your agenda, Pisces require bluntness now as you are less responsive to hints and innuendo.

Career – Time to take ideas off the drawing board and test them, even if they fail, it’s great as you can bin them or adjust them, but if you do not try things out now you can waste time on things that are impracticable.

Health – As you head to the fridge, ask yourself if you should be eating more or getting more sleep in order to tackle that craving you have.

Daily Horoscope February 22, 2018


Love – Aries are known as being an open book, you are frank and open especially in love, but right now you are revelling in being more private and even secretive and keep stuff under your hat.

Career – You are able to work well within frameworks right now, even if you resent authority or a hierarchy you can still work within it quite effectively.

Health – You may have to deal more with institutions in connection with getting your needs met health wise – health often has a lot to do with playing the system.


Love – A time to refocus on quality communication, you need to find those common strands that get you both excited and motivated and also the things which make you laugh – you are perhaps focusing too much on the negatives.

Career – You have to be careful of not caving in to the herd, it can be easier to just go with the pack, but you should not forget who you are and what you really believe.

Health – Hearing about other people’s accomplishments can make you doubt yourself and right now it is challenge to refocus on your goals and believe in your unique talents, but you must regroup for an new onslaught on your bucket list.


Love – New love affairs with people at work or who work in a related field will be off to a cracking start. Work commonalities fuel desire and even if you are extremely time pressured there is always time for sex.

Career – A time of embracing chances and feeling that things are going to go for you no matter what. Right now you cannot lose and while the outcome may not be 100% what you expected, you will move foreward.

Health – A very intense period of relations with your parents and while these can be stressful they can also be productive in perhaps renewing some of your perspectives.


Love – It is almost impossible for you to be satisfied in love as your expectations are very high and you can almost lose your perspective by getting too immersed in your imagine ideals.

Career – If you have been following a path that was not really valid just because you were stubborn, a crisis will now force you to reassess and the quicker you adapt the better.

Health – Be careful in sports as you are prone to torn ligaments. Watch out for excess calorie consumption as well, so avoid smoothies if you are also having a filling carbo loaded meal.


Love – You are optimistic about relationships and Leo are eager to increase intimacy and improve sexual relations and in that cause you are happy to be more adventurous and push your own boundaries.

Career – In cases where you are jointly in control of money or resources make sure that you know what your partner or partner are doing as what they do can impact on you.

Health – It is all about knowing what you cannot control and either letting the emotions tied up in that go, or avoiding situations which bring you face to face with that or those things.


Love – There are so many emotions, needs, attitudes, egotistical stances on both sides that your sphere of relationships are a mine field than can be impossible to navigate without some explosions.

Career – Discussions and negotiation can be very productive in terms of the exchanges and yet there may be far more questions than answers at the moment and you will have to leave many issues for another day.

Health – A good time to flush out your kidneys and detoxify your urinary system and you could use golden rod, horse tail or celery root as these are powerful herbs for this purpose.


Love – Nothing is simple for Librans and you tend to treat relationship problems like a mortician or pathologist treats a body – you are respectful but highly probing and often after answers that are concealed.

Career – You may have to deal with many new people in the work place – there can be a greater amount of coming and going meaning you have to train, control and also adjust to the newcomers, some of whom may be temporary.

Health – Librans have a myriad of conflicting health issues right now and yet often they stem from dehydration and poor digestion and a day long fast or day of fruit only may help reset your body.


Love – Love is a very complicated business – love makes demands and also asks some questions that perhaps you are not ready to answer. Scorpio may be looking at some relationships and wondering if they are ready.

Career – Too many cooks spoil the broth and often too many ideas can lead to a creative process that is congested with terrific notions but short on direction and key aims and so look to know where you are headed so you can chose the right ideas to proceed with.

Health – Scorpio should look to eat protein, less starch or sugar, but more lecithin The mineral most needed this coming week is magnesium phosphate found in foods like almonds, walnuts, rye bread, eggs, apples, barley, blueberries, cabbage, cucumbers, lemons and onions.


Love – You are very big on weighing pros and cons in new or potential relationships, but you can be guilty of reducing everything to a logical basis and actually forgetting about chemistry and the je ne sais quoi that really makes romance rock.

Career – Balancing home life and work is especially challenging – many Sagittarians may be in a phase where they are on maternity leave or off work for study and you can miss the buzz of the work world. You may be facing a dilemma about whether to return to work or not.

Health – Sagittarians are prone to swelling or inflammation and you could try using more turmeric in your food as well as reducing peppers, courgettes and tomatoes, especially tomato paste.


Love – Watch out for TMI in love as you can go overboard telling your new lover things about yourself and you may later regret having been so forthcoming.

Career – You have great independence in terms of your thinking and you are in a phase of being more open to new and even radical ideas – you want to know everything from all angles even if you do not yet know what to do with that info. You are almost hording information.

Health – Relaxation is very important as is extra sleep. Eat more food containing thiamine and potassium chloride like apricots, carrots, celery, pineapples, asparagus, cauliflower, and sweet corn.


Love – While you want your partner to be unpredictable you actually can be quite predictable and set in your ways and perhaps you should be the one to embrace a little drama and fire from your end.

Career – You are highly realistic, but that can also make you pessimistic and so you must remember to temper all your factual analysis with the ideal, the dream and that intangible thing that brings magic to the mix.

Health – Foods that can bolster your health at this time of year seafood and other iodine-rich foods like apples, pink Himalayan salt, kelp, green peppers, salmon, turkey, beetroot, radishes and spinach.


Love – You have a raw, passionate go getter mind frame right now that will surprise the partners of those of you in long term relationships, but it is great for your sex life and for getting new relationships fast off the ground.

Career – Goals right now could be open ended and you need to make them more specific with time frames built in as well as non abstract benchmarks.

Health – Pisces should be eating more fresh salads, especially romaine lettuce, watercress and spinach. Elderflower juice with apple is good as long as it is naturally flavoured. Take extra potassium if you are feeling lethargic.