99c on JULY 17 and 18 FROZEN LIES



Frozen Lies is the first book in the Jacob Rohn series by R. A. Quinn. In the 49th state, law enforcement faces extreme challenges. Follow Investigator Jacob ‘Jake’ Rohn as he finds himself north of the Arctic Circle in Fort Yukon, Alaska.  He’s facing perhaps the most difficult case of his career and has much more to think about than just solving a gruesome double homicide. Staying alive in the harsh, yet beautiful, wilderness can be tough enough but when it seems there are dangers at every turn of this investigation, that task becomes even tougher. Rohn has a past that haunts him in more ways than he actually knows. R. A. Quinn knows this Arctic world and both his subtle and vivid descriptions provide the reader with a front row seat and a back stage pass to the stunning land known as Alaska. Follow Jacob Rohn as he weaves his…

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