NEW NORDIC DIET – 40 Amazing Recipes

40 Mouth Watering Fish, Seafood and Game Recipes with Desserts

Introducing guilt free healthy eating with the New Nordic Diet

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Created in 2004 by a group of chefs and nutritionists, THE NEW NORDIC DIET is built on concepts that are familiar to the Nordic people – Swedish, Finnish, Norwegians and Danes – and it relies on local, simple and fresh ingredients, rustic flavors and simple ways of cooking the food if not eating it raw. The main focus of this diet is reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease, but it has been proven to boost metabolism and reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes, while having a good impact on weight and general health and energy.

Go ahead, eat like a Viking and lose weight, feel healthier and enjoy delicious new recipes.

These basic components can be incorporated in the American interpretation of the Nordic Diet by visiting local farmer’s markets or becoming a member of a food co-op or Community Supported Agriculture farm. These places give Americans and other Westerners greater access to berries, plants, and wild game. And of course, ants are available anywhere.

Some of the basic principles:

  • Buy local and organic
  • Buy seasonal produce
  • Avoid processed foods
  • Make the bulk of your diet whole grains like rye, barley, oats, and whole wheat
  • Eat lots of nuts, seeds, beans, and food from the wild like wild game and mushrooms
  • Make fish a large part of your diet
  • Reduce the red meat that is commercially produced
  • Eat lean, grass-fed, cage-free, and free-range meat, eggs, and cheese whenever possible

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