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For Cancerians involved in teaching or nursing, your interaction with children will involve you taking more responsibility than usual, and you may have to step into a difficult situation.

This is a good month for a capital purchase or some long-term business investment in a new area.  Even if you run a small business, you may want to invest in either new skills or new equipment so that you can expand into a slightly different field.

Try not to get bogged down or preoccupied with unnecessary detail, you need to keep things flowing, and you may have to decide that certain elements must be glossed over so that the overall progress is not jeopardized.  Prioritizing can mean difficult decisions this month, and you will find these tricky to make – you must act swiftly and decisively and not look back.  Make your mind up and go with it.

Business organization is very much a talent of Cancer, and this month you can use that talent to reshape your own business or the company you work for.  It may take a while for your ideas to gain acceptance, but that should not put you off, you must be persistent and not afraid to voice your ideas.

A strict adherence to a principle or a rule may actually hold you back in your work – be more flexible and cast aside ways of doing things that do not hold up in the current situation.

Do be careful of emails and communications you send out within work and social media – remember once it’s out there you cannot ever erase it.

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