Leo Horoscope November 2014

Picking up where they left off last period this is a pro-active quarter where Leo are determined to make things happen and keep the ball rolling on the initiative they have created.  This can be a time where you create something from nothing or where something you tried years ago and forgot about suddenly pops back into your life and due to the knowledge, confidence or technology you now have, you can now take advantage of it where before you could not.  Involvement with anything new, cutting edge or alternative can prove very successful and also liberating for Leo.  There will be chances to act with more freedom within your personal life and increased income will also give you a new kind leeway in how you chose to live your life.

The opportunity to learn or even learn a new language may open doors and new possibilities.


A new office or a new location for your work should mean a big change in your daily routine in terms of the way you travel and things will take a while to get back to normal.  For those Leo who run their own business: looking for clients in new geographical areas or expanding your sales to new areas could be very lucrative.  Internal communications within your work environment need to be strengthened and updated.  Leos who are employees need to pay more attention to how they communicate with clients and colleagues as some of them may be totally in the dark as to what you are doing and why and they need to be brought on board: if so they will give you full support.

New initiatives at work involving cultural diversity, ethnic inclusivity are likely.  You may have to learn about a new culture in order to do business with or market to a new geographical area.

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