GEMINI HOROSCOPE 2014 – November

Hard work and sacrifices are needed for career advancement this autumn and some of the time you will wonder if it is all worth it.  Much of the energy you put in will not yield immediate results and you may feel despondent as if you are achieving nothing.  This feeling is not to be dwelt on – you are actually doing better than you think.  You may feel the now to impress someone: a boss or maybe a parent and when they fail to react in the way you anticipated it could be quite a blow – the lesson is that whatever you do, do it for yourself primarily, don’t do it out of guilt or misguided loyalty.

The lunar eclipse in October may inspire you to join a new organisation or community driven project – perhaps this can fulfil a need for recognition and leadership you are not experiencing at work.


Concentrating on routine detailed work will be a challenge this quarter and if you are in that position, take frequent breaks for fresh air and liquids.  Do not drink too much coffee as it is dehydrating and you need to keep hydrated.  As I mentioned before a lack of recognition or perhaps being looked over for a promotion, not getting the job or not getting a contract which you were very optimistic about can be very deflating, but do not despair as something better may arise in the next months or perhaps something will still come of the promotion/job you were so hopeful about but in the longer term.

For GEMINI HOROSCOPE 2015 – click here

In paperback as well


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