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 Excerpt from Next of Sin – Psychological thriller on special this Easter on Amazon.




Norfolk Broads, 1987

“You didn’t tell anyone did you?”

“No, ’course not,” she giggled as he began to toy with a stray lock of her hair.


She nodded, grinning. “Told the other guides I felt poorly and wanted to go back to the tent to lie down.”

“What if someone goes to check on you?” he asked, frowning.

“I made a shape in my sleeping bag. They’ll think I dozed off.”

He gave her a heart-melting smile. “Clever girl!” He slipped his hands around her waist. She laughed and drew back as he tried to kiss her. It annoyed him.

“Where are you supposed to be?” she asked suddenly as she slithered out of his embrace.

“It’s our last night. Rest of the Scouts are at McDonald’s in town. I slipped away.”…

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