HOROSCOPE 2014 – Astrologer Lisa Lazuli releases book of horoscopes.

If you would like me to do you a personal horoscope reading based on your day, place and time of birth please get in touch.

Lisa Lazuli Astrology




Are you pleased to see the back of 2013 or does it hold special memories?

However you feel about the past year, one thing is for sure – it’s on its last legs and 2014 is all that counts.

If you love astrology and have an eye on what the future holds, this kindle book is for you:

BBC Radio Astrologer Lisa Lazuli reveals all about 2014 in her book:

HOROSCOPE 2014: Astrology and Numerology Horoscopes

What will those planets be up to?  What are the opportunities at work, in love and for our own development?  How can we use the energies of the universe to turn our lives around?


Lisa Lazuli was a regular astrologer on BBC local radio for many years before turning attention to writing. Her kindle book HOROSCOPE 2014: Astrology and Numerology Horoscopes is available at buy right now on amazon.  



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