Saving me time and money – what more could I want?

I have recently moved to a new house with a large built in freezer. I had a look in there the other day and it is only 25% full – what a waste of space.

So I purchsed: 

Freezer Cookbook: Complete Freezer Meals Cookbook with Illustrated Make Ahead Lunch & Dinner Recipes


I do basic freezing of soups and stews, but I wanted to up my game and really save myself time and pizza bills by freezing more home-cooked meals. The freezing time guidelines table was very helpful to me as I get neurotic about how long is too long to freeze.

I love incorporating herbs and spices like ginger and horseradish into my meals and so knowing how to freeze these was very helpful. Being a rather haphazard person by nature, the tips on how to organise a freezer and which containers to use was really great.

Pumpkin pancakes, cinnamon rolls, carrot cake muffins and cashew cookies were just BRILLIANT to freeze – these things go stale so quickly and having them in the freezer to pop out when I am peckish or have a friend over is a revolution to me.

Overall the recipes are really healthy, which is important to me. There is good variety and a great mix of traditional and modern meals. Plenty of soups as well – YAY!

Excellent recipes and a must buy for anyone who wants to eat fabulous meals and get more value from their freezer space.

One thought on “Saving me time and money – what more could I want?

  1. Hi Lisa,
    Thanks for the heads up about this book. Getting organized with packing meals and general foods in the freezer is always a challenge so this will be helpful.

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